I have managed to slow/halt my hairloss

Comments abut vitamins, herbs, incantations - anything helpful to hair
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I have managed to slow/halt my hairloss

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Re: I have managed to slow/halt my hairloss

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I eat tons of fast food and junkfood, soft drinks, etc. and I also smoke cigarettes as well.

Of course healthy hair is important for a person's image and his feeling of self-confidence. But so is a healthy body. I don't think your lifestyle habits will contribute to this. I understand the point you're making though: If your diet is atrocious and you are still keeping dense hair coverage, this must be attributed to the moon phase cutting of the hair. From the photos you've posted I see that your hair looks more than OK except for a little thinning in the crown. Most people who come to this forum would be glad to have hair like yours.
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