S.E-full movement-how? headaches-why?

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S.E-full movement-how? headaches-why?

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Tom & Hair growers,

Not sure that I have really been able to master the scalp exercise properly yet. I can feel the occ's move, & also the scalp when I contract them, but I can't see the scalp really moving like in some of the videos. Is this sufficient to get results? how can I get the full movement, like in the videos?

I usually get head aches after doing the scalp exercise, which is why I do not do them often now, any idea why I am getting these headaches? has any one else been getting headaches after doing SE's?
Tom Hagerty
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Re: S.E-full movement-how? headaches-why?

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If you are getting even a small contraction of the occipitalis muscles at the back of the head, you will benefit from the scalp exercise. Many people, though, are just contracting the frontalis muscle at the front of the head. This is not the right way to do the exercise because you will not be getting the alternating contraction of both the frontalis and occipitalis muscles. My opinion is that if you are not getting that full contraction of the occipitalis, it's better to not do the exercise at all.

These scalp muscles are usually in an atrophic state (small from not being used). When you first start to contract little used muscles, they will hurt a bit. Eventually the hurt will disappear. But if you have impacted wax in you ears, the hurt will remain till the wax is removed.

To get any benefit (luxuriant hair) from the scalp exercise, you have to do it every day. "I do not do them often now." That statement means that the scalp exercise will not produce results.
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