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Strange tickling when contracting occipitalis but ONLY when hair had been wet a moment before (what?)

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:48 pm
by OhS
Dear scalp trainers,

It's been a while! I've of course kept training my scalp (you can check my other thread to see the results).

Now, there's been something about the SE that has gained my attention ever since the very beginning of the journey, but for some reason I had never thought I should/could ask about it. Also, it's kinda difficult to explain it in words (and in a language which is not my native one). I'll do my best.

IF my hair is wet, either because I shampooed it or because I rinsed it with water, I get a curious tickling sensation across all the scalp if I contract the occipitalis and keep them contracted for a few seconds. This happens maximally after a shampoo, but NOT immediately after, like one hour after. To trigger it, I simply contract the occipitalis and keep them contracted. The time frame is roughly from one hour after the shampoo/rinse to, say, three or four hour. Then it's gone. For example, in this very moment when I'm writing, it has been more than 12 hours since the last rinse, and no matter how hard I contract the muscles, I don't get that kind of tickling. I get different feelings, of course, but not that particular one.

That one in particular feels like someone is microscopically pulling each of your hairs, and it's not that bad actually. It's quite pleasant in fact. Now, I thought that must be a good thing so far, but recently I've become suspicious as to what this is something that's really good or it actually should be avoided instead. I say this because I remember Tom saying that you should avoid doing the advanced exercise when the scalp is wet. Maybe there's some relationship between the two things.

For another thing I think that it could simply actually be the SKIN of my scalp that gets tension and tickle, like any other part of the skin would do. That's true for example for your face as well. Try having a sauna and then stretch some part of your face: it tickles to the point it hurts.

I don't know. Have you experienced that? What do you think?

Re: Strange tickling when contracting occipitalis but ONLY when hair had been wet a moment before (what?)

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:34 pm
by Tom Hagerty
I don't get that tickling or tingling sensation after I take a shower or an hour after the shower. I often do the basic scalp exercise when my hair is wet though - but no tingle. I never do the advanced exercise after a shower. I've read many times that the hair shaft is vulnerable when the scalp is wet. I believe it.

The skin of the scalp is incredibly complex - many layers - so anything is possible. There are even immune cells embedded in the skin, which may be damaged by too much sun exposure.

A complex environment for hair roots
A complex environment for hair roots
Skin of scalp and underlying structures.jpg (10.38 KiB) Viewed 4733 times
I wonder what that sensation you experience means. My instinct is that it's a healthful indication. Something good may be happening in those multiple layers of tissue.