Scalp moves in its own track or groove

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Scalp moves in its own track or groove

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What you explained to me was a great help as I do have the idea of how to do the exercise. When I contract from Frontalis muscle my scalp pretty much easily has the movement your scalp does. It jumps forward with ease.

So what I did was I broke it down. I moved my eyebrows up with the frontalis and my scalp jumps forward. Then I just let it relax to see how it goes without contracting the occipitalis muscles.. Like you said to others, the scalp doesn't move back without the occipitalis contraction. It just relaxes.

I did this several times to find the natural movement of the scalp and see how it goes with the movement. I've found something I was doing wrong here. Besides always trying to pull my ears back, I was always just contracting the frontalis muscle and the occipital trying to move my scalp back and trying to strain to do it.

By just lifting the eyebrows and relaxing, I've found that the scalp moves in it's own groove or track. Once I've found the natural movement groove or track, I then started contracting my frontalis and then feeling my scalp start to return and relax for 1 second, then I just let my scalp come back as I just flex the muscles in back of my head the direction and way the scalp is moving back. As I flex the occipitalis the scalp just pulls back and stops in a relaxed thrust backwards.

So,  the scalp is going forward and backward on it's track or groove or in it's natural movement. Trying to explain the best I can to you. Seems to be working really good this way. No strain and the scalp just moves freely back and forth. Seems the ears may be naturally moving back when I do it this way. Wanted to see what you thought! Just hope I explained it right.
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