4+ months of SE

Questions and comments about this weird approach to hair loss
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4+ months of SE

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What's up everyone, I hope everyone is doing well,
Just a quick heads up really, 4 months into the SE exercises. I'm contracting muscles at almost any given moment of the day. I'm also able to move my ears more and even alternate between 1 ear to the other and both at the same time. Occip muscles are feeling great. I'm averaging about 3/4 inch total movement front to back. My frontalis muscles are getting stronger and even muscles along the upper sides of my face are getting stronger, lifting my ears up.

In terms of hair growth, I'm notcing slight thickening along the right front crown area. My scalp along the left is feeling more loose, with a freer movement than last time. Side temples are showing small hairs. I'm shaving less regularly and I do notice my scalp itself feels better and less irritable compared to when I were shaving every week. I'm not losing hair or pulling hairs out - so its probably safe to say I've managed to achieve stability.

This month I'm going to start looking into oil massage (olive, coconut, hemp and lavender). Also going to add hemp protein powder and brewers yeast to my daily routine. I hear itching is a good sign? Also brushing regularly is meant to promote hair growth/blood circulation?

Ill keep you posted in a few weeks. Don't give up!

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Re: 4+ months of SE

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I hear itching is a good sign...
I don't think so. Itching of the scalp usually means some form or inflammation or irritation. Some people think that itching is a sign that new hair is forming and making its way through the hair canal. This is probably wishful thinking.
Also brushing regularly is meant to promote hair growth/blood circulation?
Mothers used to tell their kids, especially girls, that vigorous brushing would keep the hair luxurious. Most experts in hair care these days are not so enthusiastic about vigorous brushing. Some say that it could damage the hair follicles. A little brushing is OK but take it easy with those "50 strokes."

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Re: 4+ months of SE

Post by Nonie »

^^Tom I cannot thank you enough for your two responses above. You share my exact sentiments and I cannot tell you how many times on a hair forum I read of people celebrating a tender or itchy scalp. To me that always was a sign that one's follicles were not OK and I felt that massage was a good cause of action to take to improve circulation and hopefully the nourishment of follicles and their purging...as blood brings oxygen and nutrients and takes away toxins.

I think brushes are "da debil". To me all they do is rip at the surface of your strands tearing off the cuticle and leading to mid-strand splits. Using a seamless comb is so much kinder for grooming your hair as one row of smooth teeth goes in between strands separating them. With a brush, you have staggered rows of bristles so that while one row may go between hair strands, the next simply scrapes/rakes over the surface of the strands. *shudder* If you want to improve circulation, then massage with your fingerpads and the scalp exercise are two excellent ways to do that without risking damage to your hair strands.

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