scalp exercise

Questions and comments about this weird approach to hair loss
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scalp exercise

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Dear Tom,
I wanted to update you about my situation. I have been on your website for three years now and have done the scalp exercise religiously. I have gained significant improvement on my sides and back however my crown is still to follow. I had very low iron and serum ferritin and am just starting to correct this. My crown is improving, only very slowly. Got to be thankful for any improvement though ;) ;)
I have a question that is concerning me. I do the scalp exercise correct I believe....I move the frontalis and the occipitalis alternatively. However, I don't think my ears really move! I know my scalp is moving because I actually feel and hear my scalp moving- but my ears don't move!!! Can this be possible?!

Tom Hagerty
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Re: scalp exercise

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I don't think my ears really move! Can this be possible?!
I've seen many people who do the scalp exercise correctly. In these people the ears always move. When the frontalis muscles contract, the tips of the ears move upward; when the occipitalis muscles contract, the ears flatten against the skull. But you say that your scalp moves - you can see it and hear it move. I know how the scalp muscles work so it is hard for me to understand this. Do you see any ear movement at all when you contract the frontalis muscles? Look at your ears closely in the mirror.

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