Scalp massage and feet massage synergy (serious!... almost)

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Scalp massage and feet massage synergy (serious!... almost)

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Dear all,

this is not necessarily related to hair health, or hair *growth*. It's just a curious and weird phenomenon, that I discovered and wanted to share, which is related to the scalp (and that's why I'm posting it under the "incantation" section). The thing I'm proud of is that I discovered it by myself, the thing I'm ashamed of is that I'm proud of that. :P

ATTENTION: This will sound weird. :o :ugeek:

Are you ready for a... scalp orgasm? :? What? :lol:

Some time ago I got one of these: ... b_1400.jpg

I put it in the bathroom floor, so that I can step on while I shower. It's actually meant to provoke a pressure under the sole of your feet, so you should just step on without moving too much. But here's the thing I discovered: if you rub the sole of your feet over this, quickly and continuously, like you are scratching it, after some 2-3 minutes you'll have a sort of strong (very strong!) itching and electrifying feeling going up through your legs, up to your knees and even above. The feeling is very pleasant indeed, and I'm sure it's part of normal feet massage routine, but... here's the thing! Try massage your scalp while doing that!!! Especially, try to pinch and gently squeeze these (see attached pic, green circled areas) areas of your scalp (No, it's not my scalp! :D) You will feel a similar electrifying sensation spreading all over your scalp.

Don't ask me what it is, or what's really happening, if it's just placebo or anything... Personally (getting serious here) I don't think that it would be THAT improbable that some nerves get triggered by the feet scratch and their impulses eventually reach up the head and the scalp. If this promotes some blood circulation, or something else, I don't know. What I know, however, is that it feels pretty good!

After all it might well be that, as they say, "there's your whole body under your feet"...
Scalp area
Scalp area
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Re: Scalp massage and feet massage synergy (serious!... almo

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The Complete Book of Massage by Clare Maxwell-Hudson is great to look at. Clare's depth of knowledge about the subject, the hundreds of color photos shot by Sandra Lousada, and even the arrangement of text on the page - all contribute to this being the best book on all aspects of massage. On page 121 there is a diagram showing various reflex points. All of the toes, including the big toe, correspond to the head, scalp, and brain. I don't know if I believe in this zone therapy idea in reflexology but it looks kind of neat. Of course I don't believe in that vicious propaganda about the planet Earth being round either.

Here is what Clare says about pulling the hair in her chapter on head massage - page 79:

"Start by simply stroking the hair, then grasp a bunch at the roots and pull it toward you. Though this may sound painful, it will not hurt at all if you grasp the hair right at the roots. Release your grasp and guide your fingers up the hair. Use your hands alternately as you pull and glide up the hair. This movement gives a lovely feeling of pulling away all the tightness in the scalp."
Clare's book
Clare's book
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