Nigella Sativa oil for TE?

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Nigella Sativa oil for TE?

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Have you heard of using Nigella Sativa to promote hair growth for TE? I came across a study that was done in 2013, 0.5% nigella sativa lotion was given to participants and there was a 70% increase in hair growth (follow-up done 6 months after) using this lotion for telogen effluvium. Of course, it can very well be that the TE resolved on it's own and hair re-growth occurred. I'm tempted to use the oil topically myself to see if it does in fact work. I'd much rather use a natural herb for the hair loss I'm having than minoxidil, which has far too many awful side effects.

Has anyone had positive effects with nigella sativa?
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Re: Nigella Sativa oil for TE?

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I read the article you linked to. Here is an instructive bit of fact about TE from the article:
The acute form is a self-limiting condition lasting for about 3-6 months, but if the triggering event persists, the acute form can evolve in chronic condition. When the shedding lasts more than 6 months, or persistently cycles in and out of periods of increased shedding, it is called a chronic TE. A chronic TE can last for years and it is more often reported in women than men [6]. The accepted causes of this chronic condition are thyroid disorder, profound iron-deficiency anemia, malnutrition, drugs and chronic autoimmune diseases.
Try Nigella Sativa (black cumin seed oil) for a while. It might help with your TE and there would be no nasty side effects. The research for this treatment appears to be legitimate.
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Nigella Sativa from
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