[Log] NW3 Vertex - Started: 17y - Now: 22y

Comments abut vitamins, herbs, incantations - anything helpful to hair
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[Log] NW3 Vertex - Started: 17y - Now: 22y

Post by riodoro »

Hey guys,
I'm also plagued with losing hair. started when i was 17, i noticed i was losing a shitload of hair whenever I'd go through my wet hair in the shower. Now, my Hairline used to receed and I would lose hair every day until last week. This reflexology thing with the fingernails (fingernail rubbing baba ramdev style) is strangely doing something. I'm not losing any Hair currently, especially in the shower. I read the comments on this page: http://baldingblog.com/2009/05/15/balay ... its-magic/ and apparently this is true for the first 2 weeks, after that its a shedding phase for around 3 months. So Im trying this out. I'm giving myself a year, as things like these take time. I try to do the fingernail rubbing 20-40 mins a day. I also use a shampoo that inhibits DHT on my scalp.
Below is the approach i follow on a daily basis: Reflexology, Proper Diet, Regular Workout, Scalp Excercise, Scalp Massage, Alpecin C1 (DHT inhibiting shampoo), Green Tea.

I will be posting a picture after every time i cut my hair. Below is one from today (yes, i cut my hair today):

So people, Please dont hate. I'm experimenting with myself here. I will be logging every day my experience for a year and let u guys know my progress. If u have any questions, feel free to ask. This shit takes time. Wish me luck.

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Re: [Log] NW3 Vertex - Started: 17y - Now: 22y

Post by attallamo »

Hello, how have things went for you?

Tom Hagerty
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Re: [Log] NW3 Vertex - Started: 17y - Now: 22y

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I try to do the fingernail rubbing 20-40 mins a day.
I hope that you're not wasting your time with this fingernail rubbing. You'll have to tell us about your results and perhaps show us some before-and-after photos. I wish you the best of outcomes.

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