Comments abut vitamins, herbs, incantations - anything helpful to hair
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I have been on this site for awhile and since I am completely sold on the idea of increasing blood supply to the scalp as being a great aid in growing hair, I wanted to run this by you. Have you ever heard of the dermaroller. It is a hand held tool that has needles that people are using as an adjunct to Minoxidil. They run this tool over their scalp and then apply minoxidil. It is supposed to cause minute injuries to the scalp and therefore encourage healing and production of new minute capillaries. I believe it is in line with your theory about hair loss and scalp exercises.
Here is site that explains it: ... es-it-work

Would love to hear your input on this...
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Re: Dermaroller

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I'd like to know what you think about all that's written on the website. Of course for $47 you can download the eBook and find out what the program is really like - and if you are in any way disappointed you can get all your money back. Does the style of the writer give you confidence that this approach to hair loss is the real thing, or does the writer give you the feeling that he's playing you for a sucker?

I read through all the pages of the website and almost all the material has a grain of truth to it. For example, minor injuries can promote healthy tissue, and capillaries do bring nourishment to the base of the hair follicles. But what I would like to know - is this guy laughing at us from his base in the UK. What is your feeling.
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