Has anyone had follinex from health advantage?

Comments abut vitamins, herbs, incantations - anything helpful to hair
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Has anyone had follinex from health advantage?

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I was searching for a product and after first reading
a lot about provillus I then found a few posts with
positive comparisons of follinex to that in terms
of quicker effects and cheaper. I was unable to
find any actual reviews though. I wanted to get some
thoughts and feedback on this. Cheers
Tom Hagerty
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Re: Has anyone had follinex from health advantage?

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Many people who don't believe in miracles still rely on them. Follinex is a "miracle in a capsule. You'll see results in two weeks - bald spots begin to cover...finer hair begins to thicken."

Provillus is a miracle-worker too: "Provillus is a product specially formulated to combat hair loss and restore the beauty and health to the new growing hair."

Last night I saw To Kill a Mockingbird again. In the movie Gregory Peck plays a southern lawyer, Atticus Finch, who defends an innocent black man accused of murder. Atticus defines white trash as someone who takes advantage of a vulnerable person. There is no one more vulnerable than a guy who is losing his hair.

So can you believe the testimonials on the websites of the companies that sell these vitamin supplements for hair? I'm not going to answer that question. You'll have to do the study and research yourself. Only after you educate yourself on the biology of hair loss will you be able to evaluate the claims of hair vitamins objectively.
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