Hair restore

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Hair restore

Post by Odin »

Hello Tom,

I noticed you have an ad for a product called Hair Restore on your site now.

Is this something you recommend?

Tom Hagerty
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Re: Hair restore

Post by Tom Hagerty »

The only products that are advertised on my site that I recommend are from Puritan's Pride. I order a few things from them like brewer's yeast powder, citrus bioflavonoids, vitamin D3 softgels, sea kelp, and red krill oil. I don't think Hair Restore will hurt you but I would be a little skeptical about their advertising claims.

So why don't I get rid of all advertising on my website or why don't I send my DVDs and booklets free of charge to everyone who expresses an interest in them? Well, anyway I don't have any advertising on this discussion forum. If I can take home the whole pick-6 pool at Belmont Racetrack some day, all those Google ads will be gone in an instant.
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