MSM benefits and a few other questions

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MSM benefits and a few other questions

Post by sandwahle »

I have been doing the SE for many months and have hair regrowth on both sides of the temple. The only thing that keeps on bothering me is why the heck this process takes such lot of time.

I think some of this is because I have been masturbating on and off for this past year. Also I use too many hair styling lotions to cover up my bald patch. I have stopped porn and masturbation for a while now and also I have shaved my head completely this month. My hair isn't falling heavily like it used to and about 20 vellus hairs have been matured into a complete terminal hairs on my temple and hundreds of them keep getting thickened up. 

You know Tom, I am not imagining things! Maybe it’s only the SE that keeps my hair from getting wiped out completely. This means that vascularization indeed plays an important part in this whole baldness thing.

What I want to ask you - is there any compound or substance that can quicken the hair growth process? I want to know if by any means you know something that can quicken the growth but doesn't make our body become too dependent on that like propecia or minox that in long term causes much further hair loss once stopped?

I have read many things, some BS, some honest but not too convincing, but after all I've seen one thing which's recommended by many people and I see the logic in that. It's the MSM. 

MSM (methylsulfonilmethane) seems to grow hair thicker and longer in individuals but maybe not helping so much in a bald patch. In my mind there seems to be MSM with specific enhancer (DMSO or MAP) that can be applied topically on scalp that can act as the penetration agent. What do you think about this? Is this safe?

Here is one of reviews about the effectiveness of MSM. You know it's somehow even better than minoxidil in some cases and can be an intriguing alternative.

Even when taking orally, MSM combined with vitamin C based on many testimonials from people in internet will really thicken up your hair and nails, and it seems to be a lot safer to many people and the more reasonable option that I can take. Up to date other than allergy, dizziness and nausea for some people MSM isn't causing any side effects when taken orally even it improves the our quality of life. But do you think that taking MSM orally will not bring any side effects once it's stopped ? Or should I stick with SE alone ?

And the very last thing that I want to ask your opinion is about hypertrophy. Actually I'm doing SE for about 20 minutes (oftentimes more) for each session every 8 hours a day and I've seen my frontalis muscle has become quite bulky these past months, actually it has been started since March and it gives me a rather intimidating looks (not too good for charming young girls). Do you have any opinion regarding this? How can we keep on doing SE everyday without having to worry about hypertrophy expanding all across our temple? Is there any specific reps/sets/time that you recommend me to do to avoid this side effect?
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Re: MSM benefits and a few other questions

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I'll answer the questions in the order you asked them in your thought-provoking message.
I have been masturbating on and off for this past year.

Sexual activity, and this includes masturbation, leads to a brief change in testosterone levels after ejaculation. This short-term change in hormonal levels according to multitudinous scientific research has no negative effect on hair loss. But masturbation as a cause of hair loss (and blindness, and hearing loss) is a popular myth that will continue to have the support of an army of true believers. It's part of our religious heritage: if you sin you will suffer. If the myth appeals to some of the readers, I suggest going through the pages of It's nonsense but nonsense sells. Just think of all the people who buy the tabloids when they are checking out at the supermarket.
Woody the philosopher
Woody the philosopher
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This means that vascularization indeed plays an important part in this whole baldness thing.
Many people who read through my website focus on just one aspect of the scalp exercise. This one aspect is usually increased blood flow - vascularization - in the scalp. I know it is easier to focus on just one thing but a broad focus is usually more productive. I give many reasons why the scalp exercise may produce positive results: increased lymphatic drainage, thus getting rid of metabolic waste products; angiogenesis, the proliferation of new capillaries that nourish the hair follicles; scalp laxity which might prevent the scalp skin from thinning; and other reasons too. A narrow focus is often not as productive as a more flexible, broad focus when analyzing a problem.
is there any compound or substance that can quicken the hair growth process?
If you mean can any topical or systemic active ingredient increase the rate of monthly growth, the answer is no. Hair grows about a half inch a month. Nothing can accelerate this process. Bad diet, poor health, and certain medications can slow down the growth rate though. But I think your question might be about the acceleration of growing new hair in thinning areas of the scalp. Finasteride and minoxidil can grow new hair in a good percentage of the people who use these drugs. But these drugs, especially the systemic finasteride, might have negative hormonal side effects. There might also be "resistance" after using these drugs for several years. In other words, the drugs might lose some of their effectiveness. People who previously responded to these drugs no longer respond.
MSM (methylsulfonilmethane) seems to grow hair thicker and longer
I read through the website you linked to and was impressed by the research into this nutrient. I have no experience with the concentrated form of MSM but I think I get sufficient amounts in the food I eat. MSM is found naturally in lean meat, many vegetables and fruits, and fish. (Be careful about eating fish though because of the methyl mercury.) MSM is sensitive to even moderate heat though. So most processed foods have only small amounts. Vitamin C can enhance the benefits of MSM. MSM along with vitamin C might very well be beneficial for your hair.
I want to ask your opinion is about hypertrophy.
I have not seen anyone who has experienced hypertrophy of the scalp muscles. I have been doing the scalp exercise all my life and see no bulging of any of these muscles. I know my occipitalis muscles are larger because I can feel them bunch up when I contract them. But of course I can't see them because they are covered by thick hair. Can you see a noticeable increase in the size of your frontalis muscles? I have not even thought of this problem before.
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