Bald spots above ears is it alopecia areata?

Telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, hair shaft disorders, etc.
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Bald spots above ears is it alopecia areata?

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Hi guys, I would like to say hello because it's my first post here!

So I found this forum while looking for some ways to stop or maybe even reverse hairloss. Great content thanks! Still I want to ask about one thing that bothers me. Since I remember I had strange hairline above my ears. In normal people hair are growing just above ears but in my case the hairline is at higher point just above ears. It looks like this: ... 1.jpg.html
Just like in the photo I don't have hair growing at this spot both over left and right ear. This looks pretty funny and I can't get short cut on the sides of my head because people comment how strange this looks and tell me that barber screwed my cut. Do you think this might be alopecia areata? Or something different?
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Re: Bald spots above ears is it alopecia areata?

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Hey there Walt,
Its an interesting question, and I noticed I had finer hair in the area you're talking about before starting the SE. I keep my hair longer than shorter generally and this started making certain parts of the sides of my head stick out when I had the longer hair there because I was trying to push the hair forward.

I can't say with any certainty, but I'm gonna guess this is part of the pattern baldness for some men. If you're doing the SE, I would suggest trying to focus on the movement of the ears. THe auricularis muscle movement might be able to breathe life back into the area. I guess I'll let the real pro (Tom) speak to this if he so chooses. The SE sessions where I get solid bilateral auricularis movement are the best. Good luck.
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