Accutane hair loss

Telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, hair shaft disorders, etc.
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Accutane hair loss

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Hi Tom,
It's me again.
I went to visit a derm who specilised in hairloss three months ago. He thinks I have TE and he believes I have no net loss??? (my hair is obviously thinning)
I am not sure whether my hair is going through truncated cycles. Im constantly growing thick normal-looking hair and shedding at the same time. I just finished 10 weeks of rogaine and went through dread shed for almost 9 weeks. I am now still shedding pre rogaine amount and only see lots of vellus hair growing in. Not sure whether they will turn into terminal hair.

I have searched a lot of posts online about accutane-hairloss. It seems that majority of the culprits are men. I have two female friends who have taken accutane for 3 months and have no problems of hairloss at all. I sometimes question whether stress is a factor also but i am not too convinced that long-term stress can really cause hairloss. I have been feeling very stressed for more than 2 years because of university and loan. I need to cry on a regular basis to destress (There's really nothing else i can do to make me feel happy and I always have emotional breakdowns).

I am going to visit another derm in two weeks. I'm not sure what to discuss with him.

Does rogaine do work for accutane-induced hairloss and if so, when should I expect to see regrowth?
This has been going on for almost a year and I think I want to do a scalp biopsy. Is a year long enough for this to go on to have a correct biopsy result?

Thank you!
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