Possible AGA?

Discussions about the diffuse thinning experienced by women, usually after menopause
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Possible AGA?

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I've posted a couple of times thinking I might have Telogen Effluvium, but have realized that this is more similar to female pattern baldness. I have a lot of short hairs shedding, making my total hair count more than normal, and some of these hairs are thin. I also shed long thick hairs and medium thick hairs. I had my blood tested, and my ferritin was at 39. Nothing else out of the ordinary. I think this is fairly low ferritin for me, considering it was around that level when I was on a severely restricted diet and had TE in 2011. Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed my hair becoming thinner. At most, this thinning has happened in a month. It is most noticeable on the usual places: top/front of head. My part hasn't widened at all. I'm trying to maintain hope that this is only a mild TE, because I have no family history of female pattern balding and had an ultrasound last year that showed no PCOS. I feel like the thinning process has happened only in this short period of time - the first time I had TE I regrew all my hair and it hasn't thinned since now. I suppose if it were due to testosterone, I could make a connection with having a couple of longer/darker than normal hairs growing on the middle of my neck that I spotted. I also found a singular dark hair on my chest if that is any indication. Only thing is, I've been on the same birth control for years and haven't changed that.

I'm seeing a dermatologist in two days, but just based off of pure speculation, could this be AGA?

Any input is highly appreciated :)
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Re: Possible AGA?

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Olivia, What did the dermatologist have to say? Do you have any regrowth?
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