Hair loss after HRT and Partial Hysterectomy

Discussions about the diffuse thinning experienced by women, usually after menopause
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Hair loss after HRT and Partial Hysterectomy

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In February 2012 I was diagnosed with early menopause. My estrogen level was at 16, and FSH was close to 100. I was diagnosed as post-menopausal. I never had any symptoms other than 1 year of missed periods. Nothing else. It was lovely!! In May I had a partial hysterectomy (removed only uterus due to large cysts present). The doctor then put me on the Vivelle Dot patch, concerned that I am too young to go without estrogen (I'm 42). After starting the patch I began to experience mood swings, heart palpitations and weight I stopped wearing it at the end of June. The symptoms went away, but then my hair loss began. 100s of hairs a day, not slowing down.
I do not suffer from other post-menopausal symptoms other than the hair loss, so I'm not sure if it's my estrogen levels causing it. I don't know if it's caused by the putting on and taking off of the estrogen patch, or because of the surgery in May.

Any wisdom would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Tom Hagerty
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Re: Hair loss after HRT and Partial Hysterectomy

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I have no wisdom to impart but Kevin McElwee might have some on his website Check out the Index Page on Effluviums. Click on "Effluviums - hormone associated effluviums" and "Effluviums - contraceptive pill induced effluviums." Kevin is an excellent writer with a deep knowledge of anything related to hair loss. Don't try to reach him on his discussion forum though. He is no longer associated with the site. It is now essentially a place where advertisements are posted.
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