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10 months post TE- regrowth questions

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:32 pm
by HopefulMaMa
Hi Tom!
I'm 10 months out of a nasty post partum TE. I lost about 40% of my hair in 2 months. The shed lasted 8 weeks, and one week before it ended, I started to see regrowth poking up. I still see regrowth- so that's 10 months of consistent regrowth. But I have a few concerns/questions I would love anyone's help with:
1. Before my TE, I had pretty thin and fine hair (since my teen years). My crown was always my worst area. Since my TE and subsequent regrowth, my crown actually looks slightly better than it did for the last few years. Is that possible?
2. But, during the TE, my hardest hit area was the front bangs area, and there is very little regrowth in this spot, and it looks worse than it did pre-TE. I have read that the front bangs area can be the last to recover, but I'm ten months out. Can I still expect more recovery?
3. I've had a few shedding spikes since the big TE ended, but mostly my shedding has stabilized at 40-60 hairs lost per day. For ten months, when I part my hair, I see short hairs anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1 inch long. They do not look miniaturized, at least in my opinion. I don't remember having these short spiky hairs before I had the TE. I have assumed this is regrowth. But my improvement has been painstakingly slow. Could my regrowth not be keeping pace with my daily shed?