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update on me

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OK I've tried to focus more on styling my hair and not counting the hairs. Here's what's going on. I was doing lots of shedding, over 100. like 150, a dermatologist told me up to 200 was normal. Whatever. . . I had noticed less density in what used to be "lots of hair." Then I noticed a lot less shedding in the shower and stuff, but plenty of little hairs, intermediate, not vellus. I mean shedding of less than 50 :twisted: (I was amazed, but not happy with the little hairs) Then I began doing an oil treatment for hair loss, and taking spironolactone. What I've noticed now lately is that there are less little hairs, (still some, why lie). Now, lately I've been doing some good hair rubs while showering too clean the scalp, not fingernails, just pads of fingers. And then I put in conditioenr, do one comb through but then lots of scrunching with gel, to get my curl defined. Through the washing, comb through and scrunching, there's lots of shed again, daily about 100-120 per day. But they're mostly long hairs now. Is this a step in teh right direction or not? What do you think is going on?? I wanted to share my progress or distinction in patterns to see what your thoughts are on whats going on in ymy scalp. I was doing scalp exercise of yours for teh last months, but lately have slacked off too. One person gave me a website that said shedding between 35-40 per day is normal, so that freaked me out. Do you really think if I'm shedding 100 daily, it's ok??
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Re: update on me

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a dermatologist told me up to 200 was normal.
The consensus among "experts" is that between 50 and 100 shed hairs daily is normal. What really is important, though, is if your hair density is getting thinner or remaining thick. Some people lose many telogen hairs each day but these are replaced by new anagen hairs. This is a healthy scalp. But if you are losing a hundred or more hairs daily and these are not being replaced by new hairs, your hair is going to eventually appear thinner. Some people have seasonal sheds but regain the lost hair in a few months. Your hair in the photo looks healthy and the way you have it arranged is perfect for your face.
Now, lately I've been doing some good hair rubs while showering to clean the scalp.
The roots of the hair (the hair follicles) are vulnerable to any kind of pulling or rubbing when the scalp is wet. I don't think it's wise to rub or massage the hair when you are showering. It might feel good but it's not good for the hair in the long run.
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