efficacy for 40+ men

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efficacy for 40+ men

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Tom -

Curious if you have any reason to believe that the scalp exercise may not work for older guys losing their hair in 40s and 50s. I know there's one testimonial from a 50 yo male on your site that says it wasn't working for him...but wondering if you have noticed any age relation for those of us starting later.

I'm 44 and a Norwood 4/5 basically right now, though I'm able to style my hair ok for now to still look decent.
Tom Hagerty
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Re: efficacy for 40+ men

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The majority of men in their 20s and 30s who are doing the scalp exercise right see stabilization or improvement in their hair. These are the people who are enthusiastic about the program and stay with it. I don't get many emails from older men who are doing the scalp exercise so I can't tell if they are progressing or not. You are 44 years old. I would encourage you to stay with the program, do the exercise correctly, and do it often. You will probably like the results you see: stabilization, perhaps a new growth of hair, and toned-up muscles around the eyes.

If you were 60 years old, I would still encourage you to stay with the program because muscles in the upper face would be toned-up, and perhaps there would be some stabilization. But skin, hair, and muscle cells are not as likely to respond to exercise as are younger cells.

But at your age, give yourself time. Don't quit after three months if you don't see positive results. Stay with the scalp exercise. You might like the results you see in the mirror.
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