My story.

Discussions about the most common form of male hair loss - androgenetic alopecia
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Re: My story.

Post by saawan9431 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:09 pm

Yeah you are right tom. Actually I came up with the idea of brahmacharya because I needed hope against hairloss, but now I think there is very little to hope as hairloss always wins. It was actually not my belief but i found some testimonials of people on NO FAP forum who reported hair growth while on abstenance.I am preparing now for an appointment with a dermalogist where I will get me thyroid levels checked and to know whether iam suspectible to MPB or not. I cannot quit physics because it has been one of my hobby since childhood. My greatest role model is Albert Einstein and I just love studying his beautiful equations.

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Re: My story.

Post by Tom Hagerty » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:56 am

hairloss always wins
That statement is not true. There are things that can be done to halt hair loss. Getting your thyroid tested is a starter. Hypothyroidism can cause hair thinning problems. I hope you can reestablish a positive attitude again and show some rational aggression against your thinning hair.

I lived in a country where the general attitude is fatalistic - Qué será será, What's to be will be. If you're in poverty, sickness, or in various stages of hair loss, what's the use in taking some form of action. You're doomed to adversity by the fates. It's a comfortable state of mind. You can just sit back and let the fates rule the day. I don't think you are of this mind set. If you were you would not be looking for an answer in this forum.

Check out Doris Day. She was mindlessly fatalistic till she found out that her husband and his business partner stole all her money.
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Re: My story.

Post by saawan9431 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:28 am

As you said I came to this forum because I needed good hair. Before coming to this forum I tried a lot of snake oils and every oil seemed promising in regaining hair but at last I got only frustration. This built a negative mindset inside me that hairloss is something that I cannot stop.

At last I think that it would be better to adopt positivity than just being negative. I will now try scalp exercise without any second thought in my mind. I will try my best to do SE as long as I can and also avoid junk food. If not hair regrowth, I will try to maintain whatever hair I have for the rest of my life.
I read some where in your forum that stabilizing existing hair is easier than having new hair growth.
Thanks a lot Tom for motivating me.

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