Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

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Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by sandwahle »

Alright Alright, I know it already don't be mad with the tittle... Tom, thank you for the registration.

It's very comical to put that we should be punished for our sins, lol here I'm not gonna touch the religion aspect at all. What I said is there might be some connection I'm sure of it. This all happened when I listened to some local singers in the past, some old songs you know, one of them is Bee Gees. I became interested especially in Maurice Gibb shiny head. I remember when he was younger he rather had some luxurious hair and looked very normal compared with his non balding siblings especially until 1967. And when he met Lulu in 1968 and married until 1973 he started to lose his hair badly, coincidence ? Maybe it was.

Ok, here is another example Phil Collins. When he was younger, at most as back as 1973 when he was just started the Genesis project, he had almost no sign of baldness. But when he met his first lover then wife andrea bertorelli around 74-75 his hair deteriorated quickly ! you can depend on google to search for these information, as for me I have watched their clips from time to time and notice ONE important fact, they all began to be a young chrome dome when they were started to have lovers. It means when they were started to ejaculate frequently and regularly they were becoming bald !

Another case of this is sir Bobby Charlton, maybe you know this person very well. He met his future wife in 1959. Before Munich air disaster (which was happened in 1959 too). I think his hair in 56-58 looked very great, why would in hell he started balding VERY badly in the beginning of 60's ? There must be some correlation to all these "coincidences" right ? I can mention many other famous public figures to make up my point but I think it's enough for example.

But, let me tell you one important thing. This kind of common sense can't be applied with the situation we have nowadays. Why I said that ? Well Tom, you know it's because one thing, again one simple thing, it's because of PORN ! Men tend to ejaculate more nowadays and it usually began in the young teenagers as a form of masturbation. In the past, we solely relied on our imagination even when VHS video first came out the amount of porn was not as available as today. Today we don't need the VHS crap, we only need connection to the internet and then BANG ! you've got every women available in the whole world. So then, in my opinion the most genuine test subjects for this kind of claim is by using samples that has not yet being contaminated by the porn when they started to be bald and it's as far as 1970's. This is the bad side of modernization I think it's up to us to use the technology for the best purpose in our life...

Tom, it's not even the half of my content it's just the preface but I'll make my content much shorter next time.
Thank you.

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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by Nonie »

With all due respect, this is the craziest hypothesis I have ever come across. How are you going to form a theory based on the observation of a handful of men who by concidence happen to have been married at the time their hair follicles gave up the ghost? That would be like pulling out all 8 legs of a spider then ordering it to walk, then because it doesn't move, you conclude that without its legs, a spider cannot hear simple instructions as the loss of legs deems it deaf.

How do you know what their sex life is like to be so sure marriage means more ejaculation? How many married men do you know who swear sex increases for them after marriage? And if there were any truth to this, shouldn't all men having sex on a regular basis be bald? Heck, Ron Jeremy, biggest porn star of all time should have the biggest shiny smooth noggin of all considereing he has appeared in about 2000 movies, which you know probably had a few takes before the final cut...not to mention any sex he did off the clock. What about sex addicts? A few celebrities Michael Douglas, Russell Brand, Kanye West come to mind and unless you want to claim they have mastered the art of not ejaculating and living with blue balls, then somehow getting an orgasm has not cost them their hair. And if ejaculation was a cause for hair loss, then balding would start really early in boyhood when wet dreams become commonplace.

You might have scored some points if this were a joke and it went something like "Perhaps being married is the cause of hair loss coz their wives make their lives a living hell. Haha ha!" After all, it is said a man is incomplete until he is married and then he is finished.

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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by sandwahle »

Sorry for the late reply, I was very busy with school and work and family gathering so even in the last Sunday I couldn't reply to you.
Well thank you very much for your reply Nonie, I really appreciate it and I really welcome anyone who want to reply or disagree with my opinion in this thread. And as I said before it's not even the quarter of my theory...

It seems crazy even to me in the first time but with flow of time I began to realize that testosterone especially DHT is the biggest factor contributing in baldness and ejaculation is one important factor that triggers it. People begin to bald, well I can say more than >95 % of man begin to be a chrome dome in age above 12. In age before 12 people didn't produce lot of testosterone there's barely even any of it, not to say DHT which is especially rare.

But there are susceptible and unsusceptible individuals, what makes men susceptible or not is located in their DNA and genetic. There ae many factors involved but we will just say it as a bald gene to make it simple and easy. Ron Jeremy as you mention it before is not susceptible to bald gene at all. Hope it answers your previous question.

Back to our topic, testosterone is mainly produced in testicle and little of it also being produced in adrenal gland. DHT is a more potent form of testosterone and is being produced mainly (over 90%) in target cell after testosterone being converted to DHT by 5αreductase enzyme, they are both androgen. What makes DHT very annoying is they can clogged our hair follicle and causing miniaturizing in the hair follicle. Before puberty (except if you are having tumor in your testicle that causing hyperplasia) they are barely there. When you entering puberty this is where your susceptible gene to determine whether you are destined to be Captain Picard or George Clooney entering the scene.

So, it’s safe to decide that puberty or late puberty is the age where bald gene wreak havoc. But the question is, what makes people bald earlier than their peers ? Testosterone peaked at around the late 20’s and slowly decreasing after that. So the range of age being questioned is around age 12-40 or somewhere between that. People above 50 who started to be bald is out of question because baldness is not caused by bald gene itself but because of the old age.
So why people being bald earlier than their peers ?
Okay let me tell you first about DHT the accomplice of bald gene who is derived from testosterone.

This is normal Testosterone (C19H28O2)

And this is DHT (C19H30O2)

If you want to say that, “holy shi* that’s just an addition of 2 Hydrogen there”, yeah sadly but that’s true only Hydrogen that’s different in the chemical structure so that’s why it’s being called as dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is the primary androgen and in the same category as steroid hormone and its amount is much higher than other androgen such as DHT and androstenedion. To make T turn to DHT we need certain device which is very important in my theory which is called local receptor. These local receptors are spread within body some of them are located in the adrenal gland, prostate or in hair follicle.

So what makes this very important is DHT won’t affect your hair follicle if you are not doing something that makes the receptor want to bind testosterone and convert it to DHT. And that thing is (after long and hard experiment and study) no other than ejaculation.

What makes me so sure is that there are study that said the level of DHT is indeed increase sharply after ejaculation in the blood but it’s just shortly after that. Then where the heck all those abundant amount of DHT gone ?? There are 2 possibilities that I can come across, it is whether the DHT being converted to other substance or it is being bonded by their receptor so they are disappearing in the bloodstream like a f***** ninja. In this case, I take the 2nd opinion.
The bald bad gene works in two ways, 1st it created way too many receptors in the follicle to bind the DHT and 2nd it is by binding them so hard that normal capillaries blood flow can't flush them away.

There are still many important things that I want to share with you all, my theory is not even completed yet well not to say the treatment. But I have to go and I will continue this shortly.
Please give me feedback and I will try to answer all your question.

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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by sandwahle »

Well it seems the pictures can't be displayed, I'm sorry I wrote this in MS word and copy paste it without checking it. You can all just search for the picture in google lads.

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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by sandwahle »

Well maybe some of you can feel that after ejaculation you will feel the heat in your forehead, why did you felt it ? You know, each metabolism will produce energy by producing ATP in mitochondria, but do you know that the energy is just a mere 10-40% and the rest consists mainly in color ? When you are doing your rigorous masturbating or sex activity you will feel heat in your body, that’s why Ron Jeremy is sweating like a shower in his movies. Well it’s true for sex but for masturbating, I mean you’ll have to be very focused and should be in warm countries like me to feel the exact effect. I don’t know for you who’s masturbating in the US or Europe but for me and my friend we will always sweating when doing our business without air conditioner. Why I know bout my friend detailed habit you ask ? Well, that’s our secret.

Anyway, when you are having sex or masturbating you will produced sweat this is what we called as “maintenance heat” in medical world. And when you are ejaculating I feel almost 100%, each time I masturbate my forehead always feeling hot, well if you are using a death grip to cum for less than 1 minute the heat is colder for sure or barely can be felt at all. From this I can take a conclusion that when you are ejaculating the blood rush towards your head and DHT is being bonded by the receptors located there. The longer or the more frequent the session is the worse the effect will be.

After the binding the DHT will make his home in that follicle and slowly miniaturizing without being flushed away, thanks to your gene mom. And why you ask ? Well for you who are outside of medical world you may not believe it but the blood flow and the blood pressure in the tiny capillary vessels are almost ZERO.
The formula will be like this Q=delta P/R
Which is Q is the blood flow and delta P is the difference between the blood pressure in one vessel to the next one and R is obstruction
(sorry I couldn't find the delta symbol, lol)

So then, why aren't we suffocated or blood viscosity being so high that we might just die ? Well there is a long explanation but one of them is because hematocrit in the capillary has specific mechanism to pass the tiny wall and capillary is very short that blood can be able to just go through it.
Remember this is the scheme of blood flow :
Heart  Aorta  Artery  Arteriole and Capillary  Vena, Venulla and Sinous Venosus  Vena Cava  Heart
The blood pressure becoming lesser and lesser the longer the blood goes from heart is.
So, it’s not a wonder on why susceptible individuals seem to be very hard in flushing the DHT.
There are only two treatments on how to stop being bald and regrow hair.

1st. Make the blood flows to your shiny head by whatever means necessary, you can do yoga, Tom exercise or whatever.
2nd. Stop or limit ejaculation, or after each ejaculation you do the Tom exercise.

But there is one more thing to do except eating healthy, enough rest and exercise stuff. Don’t sleep after you are doing your business. Because the blood flow is being obstructed by the pillow and the blood flow when you are resting is very minimal that it can barely reach capillary. The heart will play the role as “to just support your tissue is enough” thing without being able to really flush the DHT. Of course this is why I mentioned earlier that chrome dome has becoming a new trend nowadays because porn is becoming more available today. So, what do you all think ? I would be more than glad to hear your thought. Thank you.

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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by Tom Hagerty »

You've put a lot of thought into developing your theory. I'm sure many young guys will agree with your reasoning. I remember someone told me when I was around 15 years old that masturbation would weaken my muscles. I was a bodybuilder at the time and half believed this theory. Probably the idea that masturbation causes hair loss, strength, and sanity has been around since the days of the Old Testament. The theory can't be refuted but it can be questioned.

Woody Allen directed Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask in 1972. In one segment he showed what would happen to a man who engaged in sex and masturbation too much - like 100 times a day. It was kind of scary.
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Hitting it pretty hard
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Re: Baldness and Its Correlation with Ejaculation

Post by Wolverhampton »

Hi sandwahle,

I agree with your theory. There is masses and masses of evidence from various different fields of study proving this hypothesis. This has been buzzing deep within my mind for a number of years before doing any research on it. Make no mistake about it, this IS real.

I think there needs to be a fine balance in any aspect of our lives, not just sexual activity, or ejaculation. I would also like to point out that I did not state the previous sentence exclusively to the males. I have observed women who show signs of baldness due to high levels of testosterone (converted into DHT) through a very, and i mean very, high sexual appetite/life.

Whats my point? Point is this, we are all different. from the very moment we are born we are prone and sensitive to all the elements introduced to us, whether directly or indirectly. The impact of these elements can overlap with others causing a concoction of mess as we get older. Sex, being one of those elements, has proven way before scientific evaluation that it has an impact, both positively and negatively if over indulgence occurs. As with anything, too much is just as bad as a deficit. Our body is likened to a test tube with various chemical reactions going on all at once. 1 fine counterbalance of this chemical concoction and you have disaster which gradually develops over time. The body tries to restore balance through healing, however its the impact of our conscious (and i think in this modern day and age subconscious) choices we make that can tip the scales from healing to a downward regression, one of which would be hair loss. We have to determine for ourselves what is healthy and what isn't, and what is the healthy amount of indulgence, in order to live to our best. Men who recklessly over indulge in sexual pleasures are indeed setting themselves up for a fall, just as those who don't have any sex at all. What am I saying? Balance. Pornography is a phase. Personally, i don't believe its the right or natural way of sexual expression, whether watching or being watched. But people do it. For those that do, they should make themselves aware of the physiological effects it has years after that 1 night of an ejaculatory spree. For those who don't, kudos. You're on the right track in terms of sexual health. For those who choose to repress their urges, it also causes problems. Again these are chemical and hormonal. Its all about balance and doing things RIGHT. And that concludes the point on sex, or ejaculation. There are other elements we are exposed to, diet, lifestyle, fitness level, mental processing of challenges, stress management, emotional stability, spiritual stability, as well as your mentioned point on the sexual aspects of our lives. We all have to take responsibility in understanding that our bodies cannot be misused just because something is readily available, whether it turns out to be comfort eating, nymphomania, self consciousness of ones image, etc etc. Once we grasp the understanding of how EVERY aspect of our lives impacts our physical health (which by the way our body is a great gauge on determining our overall health, external manifestations such as hair loss points to internal problems) we can begin to make the journey toward a healthier life overall, including our beloved hair.

Finally, anybody who strongly disagrees with this "hypothesis" needn't not worry. You are most likely projecting an over indulgence in sexual activity through pornography or other unnatural forms. By strongly disagreeing some indirectly admit their involvement and ignorance to the harm it can cause. Note i said OVER indulgence.

Hope this helps.

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