Could genetic baldness be caused by acidity ?

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Could genetic baldness be caused by acidity ?

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Hi Tom,

I wanted to know your opinion on raw food and hair loss, do you think that by impacting the overall alkalinity of the body, one could see a change in hair loss ? Thank you.

Tom Hagerty
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Re: Could genetic baldness be caused by acidity ?

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Certain features like eye and hair color are exclusively determined by one's genes. But other features like height, weight, and hair loss are determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. This combination of genetic and environmental influences is called multifactorial inheritance. If your father and all your uncles have hair loss problems early in their life, you are probably genetically predisposed to hair loss too. This predispostion, though, does not mean certainty of hair loss. "Environmental" factors like good nutrition, good health habits, and perhaps the scalp exercise can moderate the influence of genetic predisposition.

When your pH is too high or too low you don't feel full of energy and might be susceptible to illness. The best pH for human beings is 7.36 or slightly alkaline. The pH, which is how much oxigen your blood can absorb, is measured on a scale that goes from 0 to 14. As you see, 7.36 is right around the middle of the scale.

I don't think that too much acidity in the blood is good for your general hair quality. People who eat a lot of junk and processed foods, tons of sugar and empty carbs tend to be "acidic." Prolonged psychological stress, environmental toxins in the water and the air, and even social isolation (something I just read about) can have a negative influence on our pH.

On the other hand, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, and nutritious real foods in general have an alkilizing impact on the blood - much better for general health and even hair health.

Proper exercise is also beneficial for achieving the right pH blood balance. Jogging, walking, swimming, dancing all contribute to a healthful balance; marathon running, intense weight workouts, fanatically long exercise bouts do not contribute to a healthful balance.

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