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cases of propecia reversal proves follicles are not damaged?

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:20 pm
by cantbenormal
has anyone else found it interesting that finasteride is able to REVERSE hair loss? opposed to only stabilizing.

This seems to validate the premise behind the SE...that hair loss is REVERSIBLE and sustainable through natural means.

Its not like Fin is a growth stimulant like Minox... its a only loss-inhibitor. I think it might demonstrate that w/e pathway DHT initiates, it does not reprogram or damage the follicle, it simply progressively suppress protein synthesis. Maybe this synthesis is driven by pathway unaffected by DHT.

Does anyone know how MPB progresses after stopping Fin (after the initial shed)? Does it start off where you last left off before Fin and progress at a normal rate? or does it start as if you never took Fin ? (like what happens with minox)