Blow drying

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Blow drying

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does blow drying your hair, with a hair curler brush, damage your hair? I know that heat can damage your hair. But blow drying it with a brush is obviously going to take some hairs out whilst doing it. Is that ok? Or would you say blow drying is a no go?

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Re: Blow drying

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Jay, I'm no expert in blow drying the hair with a regular dryer or with a brush. My girlfriend has three rules when she uses her Vidal Sassoon model.

1. Hold the blow dryer between 8 to 10 inches away from your hair. If you get it closer you might damage your hair (the cuticle) or even burn the skin of your scalp.

2. Use the lowest possible heat setting so that you don't risk damaging your hair.

3. Keep moving the dryer around. You shouldn't leave it in any one spot too long.

These seem like simple but effective rules.
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