Individualized Nutrition for Hair Health

Ideas about food and supplements and how these relate to hair
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Individualized Nutrition for Hair Health

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Hello everyone,

I have viewed this site for years, am a big fan of the scalp exercises and Tom’s work. I wanted to share with you my perspective or theory on one way to help you to achieve optimum hair health. My belief is understanding the right nutrients for what YOUR body needs as opposed to someone else's, in order to function the way it was intended it to are critical to health and in this case hair health too. I will write upfront that I was a little reluctant to post here as this can be perceived as an advertisement for me. My intent is to share something that I feel passionate about that may help you as it has tremendously helped me and the beauty of the process it is primarily food based and understanding the right foods for you (and on the flip side of what foods are not right for you too).
A little background on me, I am a 52 yo male who started noticing hair loss at a young age of 18 yo and freaked out from the very beginning. My oldest brother was bald by 21yo, I was down and thought that was may be my destiny. The long story short is I did not give up, I was not and am not leading the same lifestyle as my brother, spent a lot of my time attempting to find ways to keep my hair and although I do not have a perfect head of hair, I have managed to keep a lot of it and it has kept most of my original color. I have attached a recent pic from a few weeks ago of my family and me. I will let you draw an impression, I am on the top left of the pic and my brother to my left is 3 years younger than me. We lead different lifestyles. A little more background on me, I recently retired a few months ago as a Colonel from the Army and in addition to serving all over the world. I spent most of my adult life studying and applying human nutrition to attempt to achieve optimum health in myself and others. I have a masters degree in human nutrition, consider myself a lifelong learner and some of the best training I received was not in academic or university settings. I have since started a nutrition consulting business in Santa Cruz CA and loving helping others achieve optimum health.

I have made some errors along the way in the learning process and what I specifically want to write about here is the main error I have found consistently over my life is that there is no "one size fits all solution for nutrition". We are all so different that we each require different nutrients to live optimally. I have read on this site and am specifically asked regularly by people as to what I eat to live optimally and what should they eat. I answer the question about what I eat generally, but immediately caveat it by saying it does not matter what I eat because we are all so different and have such different nutrient requirements. I can also expand to tell them one of my stories in my process of attempting to follow a professional triathlete’s diet of mostly plant based foods when training for an Ironman over 10 years ago resulting in poor performance, injuries, low energy levels…. The bottom line is his foods were not right for me, and as the saying goes “one man’s food is another man’s poison.”

It was a little after this time that I came across Bill Wolcott and his Metabolic Typing system. What I learned from Bill was the ability to determine your type and then a specific process on how to lead life through diet and other lifestyle modifications for me. Metabolic Typing is based on over 35 years of experience in custom designing Metabolic Typing® programs suited to each person's unique Metabolic Type®. They follow a belief that the body is designed to be healthy. That good health is everyone's birthright. That the ability to experience radiant health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in your body. And, that what you need to do in order to reclaim your birthright is to understand what YOUR body needs as opposed to someone else's, in order to function the way it was intended it to. I feel this health applies to hair health as well and really what I wanted to share with you. I feel I have found a way to start to tell you what you should eat. There is a process to follow too, but at the basic level there are ways to show people what foods are right for them and then you fine tune even further for optimum health.

I will stop here to attempt to keep this somewhat short. I can easily go in to a lot more detail if you have any questions/comments. I hope this at least gives someone hope that there are ways to get after hair health out there. You obviously know the scalp exercises, my belief in adding right nutrition for you will take you and your hair to another level.

I will add a few sites you can check out: Here is the link to Healthexcel's Metabolic Typing® website which is the basis of my program and the leading edge in individualized, customized nutrition and ecological lifestyle programs.


At a minimum I highly recommend reading the The Metabolic Typing Diet , published by Doubleday, January 2000, 420 pages, available in bookstores everywhere and online . For the first time, the complete philosophy of Metabolic Typing® is revealed to the public. The book also includes a self-test that allows the reader to identify his or her general Metabolic Type®category in order to follow the appropriate Metabolic Type® dietary recommendations as well as additional self-tests to further customize the diet.
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Re: Individualized Nutrition for Hair Health

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I came across Bill Wolcott and his Metabolic Typing system.
You look good in the photo. Evidently your regimen is working for you. Dr. Mercola also is a believer in what he calls Nutritional Type. He even has a trademark attached to that phrase. It all sounds plausible even though I've never studied that belief system.

The following is an article by an MD who calls himself Professor Keith:
Metabolic Typing Diet: The hype the Nonsense

There is one fatal fundamental flaw in the hype surrounding William Wolcott’s “metabolic typing diet”. It does NOT work for everyone and makes many people ill. It’s just that those who are devoted to it are not telling you the downside.

I’ve been writing since the late 70s that everyone’s perfect diet is unique. Wolcott supposedly acknowledges the fact that we are all different and then naively claims we can all fit into one of only 3 categories – the ones he invented, not the ones Nature invented.
The truth is, I can tell you after dealing with over 10,000 patients first hand, is that there is an almost infinite variety of “metabolic types”. These words are almost meaningless and merely denote the fact that, due to countless biological variable differences, each of us is almost unique in constitution and what we need and what we tolerate. It sounds like science but it isn’t.

Wolcott’s 3 types:

Protein types — Protein types are fast oxidizers of parasympathetic dominant. They tend to be frequently hungry, crave fatty, salty foods, fail with low-calorie diets, and tend towards fatigue, anxiety, and nervousness. They are often lethargic or feel “wired”, “on edge”, with superficial energy while being tired underneath.

Carbo types — Carbo types are slow oxidizers or sympathetic dominant. They generally have relatively weak appetites, a high tolerance for sweets, problems with weight management, “type A” personalities, and are often dependent on caffeine.

Mixed types — Mixed types are neither fast or slow oxidizers, and are neither parasympathetic or sympathetic dominant. They generally have average appetites, cravings for sweets and starchy foods, relatively little trouble with weight control, and tend towards fatigue, anxiety, and nervousness.

What should you eat?
According to the metabolic typing diet, the three metabolic types should eat the following foods:

Protein types should eat diets that are rich in protein, fats and oils, and high-purine proteins such as organ meats, pate, beef liver, chicken liver, and beef. Carbohydrate intake should be low.

Carbo types should eat diets that are high in carbohydrates and low in protein, fats, and oils. They should eat light, low-purine proteins.

Mixed types should eat a mixture of high-fat, high-purine proteins and low-fat, low-purine proteins such as cheese, eggs, yogurt,tofu, nuts. This type requires relatively equal ratios of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
I'm sure the above quotation is an oversimplification of the nutrition program that you advocate. Do you have a website so that we could see exactly what you do advocate.
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Re: Individualized Nutrition for Hair Health

Post by KnightNJ »

Hi Tom! I am not sure of all the facts, but know Dr. Mercola was with Bill Wolcott at one time and then broke away on his own. Bill Wolcott was working MT long before Dr Mercola.

I do not know Dr. Keith, there are many negative people out there. I choose not to associate with them. His descriptions of each type are an oversimplification of the process as it also goes well beyond just nutrition.

Metabolic Typing process also involves a lot more than just identifying the right foods too, at the basic level it involves maximizing the right things for you; which include the right foods, light, air and water as well as other areas to include digestion, absorption, elimination and detoxification while minimizing the wrong things for you in life. Some examples of the wrong things include bad food (non-organic, processed, sports drinks, soft drinks, refined foods), bad air, poor digestion, and stressors such as emotional, structural, environmental and physical stress. Getting these things right will result in optimal health. This process starts with taking an online test, which will determine your metabolic type, and then working with me once a week for 8 weeks to maximize the right things and minimize the wrong things.

I also agree with Dr Keith that some people may feel worse at first in going through the process. Everyone who engages in a nutritional balancing program does so to improve their health and well-being. Naturally, everyone wants to realize any benefits as quickly as possible.

We have seen that when you balance your body chemistry, you may temporarily feel worse before you feel better. We know that the effects of a nutritional balancing program develop over time and are cumulative. We understand how the process of building health is something very different from that of using a drug to suppress a symptom. We have also learned that the time it takes to recover is often related to the length of time you have had your health problems. Having this understanding of what to expect is very important. Without it, you might easily mistake something good (like detoxifying) for something bad (like a worsening of your condition), and in losing faith, discontinue your program.
It is also very important to realize that not every health problem is caused by a nutritional imbalance. There may be other, non-nutritional factors which may slow down or block your progress on your program. These factors include:
ß Candida Albicans overgrowth ß Environmental toxins
ß Food allergies
ß Heavy metal toxicity
ß Prescriptiondrugs
ß Structural stress (cranial-TMJ, spinal, etc.) ß Improper mental and emotional attitude
ß Root canals and mercury fillings
ß Lack of exercise
The presence of any of these conditions may inhibit the effectiveness of your nutritional program. These obstructions usually need to be alleviated before you see lasting, positive results

Here are some sites with some information. I can email you a number of articles with additional information, I tried to attach with no success. Here is the link to Healthexcel's Metabolic Typing® website which is the basis of my program and the leading edge in individualized, customized nutrition and ecological lifestyle programs.

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Re: Individualized Nutrition for Hair Health

Post by KnightNJ »

I also pasted this Roadmap to success doc below that should provide some additional info:

The overall approach and intent of your metabolic program is to:
-Always seek to balance body chemistry by addressing your individual metabolic type requirements.
-Assist your body in maximizing circulation, thereby bringing increased oxygen, nutrients and immune factors where necessary, as well as to remove and neutralize toxins.
-Support your body's efforts to rebuild, strengthen, and normalize your cells, organs, glands and systems, especially your organs, processes, and channels of digestion, absorption, elimination and detoxification, concentrating particularly on the organs and channels of elimination: the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and bloodstream.
-Eliminate any obstructions to these ends, such as: reactive foods, structural imbalances (including dental and cranial stress), parasites, candida, mercury fillings, adverse environmental influences, undue physical/mental/emotional stress, fatiguing exertion, improper food and food preparation methods, impure water, wrongful beliefs, thoughts, mental habit patterns, emotions, etc.
I-t's recommended that particular attention be paid to supporting your body's efforts to detoxify, especially for the liver, colon, and bloodstream. Experience suggests that this will allow for the most rapid progress towards your goal of good health and well-being.
-Care should be taken to always maximize digestive support as needed. Remember that it all starts with digestion, so use whatever digestive support is necessary to always ensure complete digestion.
-Employ procedures to increase oxygenation of tissues and increase circulation, such as:
-Daily aerobic exercise (brisk walking preferred) to bring on sweating and increase your breathing rate (but not to the point of exhaustion). The blood MUST efficiently bring nutrients, oxygen, and immune factors where they need to go to carry off the toxins. Stretching and especially yoga are also excellent to aid these processes.
-Practice deep breathing 10 minutes, 2X a day, preferably with fresh air, COMPLETELY filling and COMPLETELY emptying your lungs, breathing through both nostrils for the same count on the inward AND outward breath. -Respiration should be easy, not forced.
-Use hot and cold treatments. At the end of your daily shower, alternate hot, then cold, then hot, etc., every 15 seconds for at least 7 cycles. Hot relaxes, while cold stimulates, thus acting as a natural circulatory "turbo pump."
-Maximize daily intake of organic cayenne, FRESH garlic and FRESH ginger (garlic and ginger can be run through a juicer), all of which will help increase circulation and heating elements -- the fire of life -- in your body.
-Maximize daily intake of fresh, organic vegetable juices.
-Consume a minimum of 1 gallon of purified water per day.
-Minimize stress and address emotional/mental well-being. Every cell hears every thought you think! Neuropeptide (brain chemicals created with thoughts and emotions) receptors exist on EVERY immune cell. Negative emotions suppress immune activity, and positive emotions enhance immune activity. Therefore, your thoughts and emotions can increase OR decrease immune function, directly!
-Food IS medicine. Food may be viewed as the most powerful "drug" there is, for you are putting it into your system many times a day, every day of your lifetime! Make YOUR food YOUR medicine. Absolutely, positively, eat ONLY whole, natural, organic foods. Eat as much raw food as is possible and comfortable. Food is your fuel for life -- view it and treat it as such. With every bite, you are empowering your body's LIFE force...or depleting it!
-Accept total responsibility for your health AND for your disease/health challenge. Become a BELIEVER in your own body's power to heal itself and be well. Accept the role you may have played in the creation of your health problem. But, realize you can get rid of it just as readily. No person, no medicine, no program can heal you, but your own body can heal itself, if you give it the chance and all that it needs! Seek understanding of the wisdom of building health over treating disease.
-Your diet, the foods you eat, are more important than your supplements. Your nutritional supplements are to be viewed as "supplements" to your diet. Taking the right supplements and following the wrong diet can be likened to trying to move in 2 different directions at the same time.
-Whenever possible, eat only whole, natural, unprocessed, organic foods. The rule to follow is simple: If your ancestors -- 200 years ago or 10,000 years ago -- didn't eat it, you shouldn't either! Although our brain function, reasoning ability and intelligence have changed, our biochemistry has hardly changed at all. In fact, science believes that there is less than a 1/100,000th of a difference between human metabolisms today as compared to hundreds of thousands of years ago. Nature makes changes through genetic mutation extremely slowly. Slight alterations take thousands of generations to make. Simply put, our metabolisms are not equipped to handle the extreme and dramatic changes in our natural food supply that have taken place within only the last 75 years, with the addition of over 10,000 synthetic chemicals to our food supply, and the creation of adulterated, unnatural food that has been packaged, preserved, synthetically/artificially created, processed, canned, colored, pasteurized, imitated, homogenized, sweetened, fried, bleached, refined, purified, hydrogenated, chemicalized, hybridized, emulsified, denatured, and devitalized. Eat the kind of food that nature intended to be the fuel for life for your body.
-The Healthexcel Program is not a treatment for a specific condition. The intent is entirely toward building health and restoring normal function, not treating disease. Understand that the process of building health takes time. Following this program is not akin to popping an aspirin for a headache, or taking an antihistamine for hay fever. It has taken your lifetime to get to where you are today with your health. Degenerative processes take many years to develop. Likewise, it takes time to undo such trends. Realize that the processes of building health take place on the cellular level...and that the body is composed of over 100 TRILLION CELLS. What a logistical challenge! To put that number into perspective, if you thought in terms of seconds of time, instead of cells of the body, and you started right now marking off seconds until you came to 100 trillion, do you know how much time would have passed by the time you ticked off 100 trillion seconds? . . . 100 trillion seconds=3,170,979 (3.17 million) years!!!!!!! Changes on that level and of that magnitude can take awhile! This is why building health -- normalizing cellular function, balancing body chemistry, improving metabolic efficiency -- takes time.
-Remember, The Healthexcel Program is an ecological lifestyle program. Every element is important and can influence metabolism in a positive or negative manner! Properly following The Healthexcel Program requires regular retesting, and that all recommendations be followed, and that all pertinent areas be addressed. If retests are not done, Healthexcel recommends that the nutritional supplement program be discontinued; otherwise, there may be the possibility of creating new biochemical imbalances.
-So, it's time to roll up your sleeves, grit your teeth, set your jaw with determination and with a smile on your face and a song in your heart and the confidence in your body's ability to heal and generate perfect health, get to work! Set your sights on a goal of nothing less than ideal health. Follow your program closely and expect to see signs of imporvement. But remember, your building health is a PROCESS that will take a little time and sticktoitivenes. Like driving from Seattle to New york, the scenery is constantly changing along with the terrain and the weather. Some days will be clear and sunny and you'll make good time. Other days may be dark and stormy and the road may take you up high hills and down into low valleys. But all the while, no matter what the road or the weather is like, you're getting closer and closer to your goal. If you stay on the right road, surely you'll get there one day.
For good health, yours very truly,
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