Ideas about food and supplements and how these relate to hair
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Tom, what sources of meat & also vegatable protein do you recommend ? as I understand protein is important for hair health. Too much red meat appears to be bad for you, poultry appears to be contaminated with drugs,& fish appears to have polutants.
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Re: Protein

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I just saw an entertaining movie about food - The Hundred-foot Journey - with Helen Mirren and a fine Indian cast. I didn't know that food and its preparation could be so dramatic. When I got out of the theater my girlfriend and I were hungry.

But what to eat! Fish used to be the perfect food with lots of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It's no longer a perfect food. I still eat small quantities even though it's probably contaminated with ethyl mercury. And after seeing the documentary, Food, Inc. I'm no longer enthusiastic about eating beef or chicken. So what can a health-minded person do.

I eat small portions of the foods you mention but eat large portions of cooked and uncooked vegetables and hope I'm getting enough nutrients, including complete proteins. I still take brewer's yeast every day and a small amount of cod liver oil for the omega-3 fatty acids. But I'm reluctant about taking supplements. I do take a few though, very few.

Read Dr. William Davis' Wheat Belly or watch one of his YouTube videos. His ideas about food I think are rational. Tell me what you think.
I'm getting hungry
I'm getting hungry
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Re: Protein

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I discovered collagen and put it in smoothies; have been doing this for at least 6 months. Its supposed to calm the gut. However, it doesn't contain all amino acids. That's a good idea to eat small amounts of meat and make up for it with veggies in large quantities. I eat eggs as a result of this and hope the cholesterol isn't too much. I stay physically active despite a demanding stressful job, so that I don't ingest all this cholesterol and just be sedentary. Almost as interesting story as to how as it is trying to find hiding places to get a few SE reps in. Haha
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