Protein powder

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Protein powder

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I have recently started lifting weights and i would like supplement my workouts with a quality Whey Protein powder.

1)What are the effects of Protein powder used especially for body building on hair loss?

2)Can i start having them or should i avoid them? Also whether the brand of protein powder matters? They have different supplements like isolates and stuff..

Thank you.. :)
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Re: Protein powder

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Whey powder is just a supplement; it's not a total replacement for the amino acids you get from real food like lean meat. A good whey powder supplement can replenish your energy after a tough workout. It might be best to wait about 15 minutes after your workout before you use the whey powder, but I can't give you any reason for this delay.

A good whey powder supplement is highly bio-available - the nutrients get into your bloodstream quickly. These nutrients, according to some studies, improve your vascular function and blood flow, help preserve lean body tissue (muscle), and allow the insulin produced in your pancreas to work better - this, in turn, can lower spikes in blood sugar. Those protein bars, on the other hand, can quickly raise your blood sugar. You don't want that.

Whey protein is a by-product of milk and cheese. If I were looking for the best possible whey supplement, I'd want to be sure that the whey is made from the raw milk of grass-fed cows. Miracle Whey Protein Powder and Pro Optimal Whey are probably products to consider.

I just don't know if whey products have any positive effect on hair. I suppose that companies can make claims but are these claims scientifically validated - probably not.
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Grass-fed cows ☺
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