Ideas about food and supplements and how these relate to hair
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Hi Tom,

What is your opinion on organic foods ?
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What is your opinion on organic foods ?
I live in Hilliard, Ohio, close to several farmers markets. I get my produce, usually overpriced, at these places. Organic farming is not involved with synthetic inputs like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. And the foods are not processed with solvents or chemical food additives. But aside from the possible health benefits, I like to support the local farmers. They are hard-working, decent people. I enjoy talking to them and eating their multicolored vegetables and fruits.

I think it is much better to get nutrients from these richly colored foods than from supplements (even though I also take a few supplements). Nutritional "isolates" that you get in supplements are not absorbed well if at all. It's really just the sugars, fats, and amino acids that get absorbed into our cells. The vitamins and minerals attached to these just ride along. There are many studies using tracing techniques that demonstrate that concentrated vitamins and minerals in pills go right through the body without being assimilated.
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