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Links to Web sites that are full of useful content - Gives unbiased, objective information for men and women with hair loss and other hair care problems. With information on many forms of hair loss from pattern baldness to alopecia areata, this site can help you navigate through the minefield of hair loss diagnoses and treatment options. Active public message forums for hair loss topics complete this comprehensive online hair resource. But this site, although still full of solid information, is now cluttered with ads. 

Androgenetic - A resource for dozens of high-quality articles about all aspects of male and female hair loss. An especially good article is in the Hairloss Biology section titled "Baldness Inflammation." - Provides up-to-date information on hair-loss problems focusing especially on treatment options that are supported by clinical evidence. These are lively pages with content-filled feature articles. - This site has loads of solid information for people with hair loss problems. You can spend many hours navigating through its instructive features.

Hair loss in Women - An attractive website that looks good on all screens, large and small. It's full of informational content that women as well as men can benefit from. It's also easy to navigate through.

Women's Hair Loss Project - This good-looking website is directed mostly toward women but men too can benefit from its resources and forums. The style is funny, charming, and literate - and always informative.

Hair Boutique - A consumer-oriented hair care site with many informative articles by Karen Shelton, a personable writer. If a woman has a bad-hair day or many of them, this is the site to visit.

Cosmetics Cop - After reading Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me, I had to give a link to Paula Begoun's Web site. You'll find critiques here of cosmetics and hair-care products. Go to her Site Index for a list of informative articles.

Alopecia Areata Information - An explanation of the causes, symptoms, and development of this form of hair loss, along with possible treatment options.

Androgenetic Alopecia - Advice and treatment options for this form of hair loss, which is also known as male pattern baldness.

Shape Your Face - A program of facial exercises that will tone up and strengthen all the muscles of the face and neck. Also many suggestions on skin care, hair care, diet, and other issues that contribute to maintaining or regaining a youthful, healthy look.

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