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ShampooAnonymous15 09-27-05  12:00 pm
Vitamins in shampoo?Anonymous10 07-13-06  05:25 pm
Nizoral?Anonymous24 07-14-06  06:19 am
The perfect shampoo?Hair Tomorrow17 09-07-06  11:49 am
Tom - What Shampoo do you use and .....Kishore K09-07-06  11:18 am
Skin care Creams on scalpAnonymous05-01-03  02:26 pm
What effect do dyes have on hair?Anonymous16 04-30-03  06:10 pm
Frequency of shampooing + water temperature and type:david pugh08-03-05  04:30 pm
Shampoos for hair lossAnonymous05-25-06  06:39 pm
Anyone else use toppik? Anonymous07-11-06  07:59 pm
Zinconsd08-06-03  01:41 pm
Ginesis? (and non-lathering shampoos)Anonymous06-12-05  05:08 pm
Olivia by Home HealthAnonymous13 07-14-06  05:48 am
1% pyrithione zinc shampoo has positive effect on MPBpallavt sahu03-18-04  06:29 am
Wella's Maxximum TonicAnonymous07-14-06  12:03 am
What type of cosmetics do you use?c02-21-04  09:12 am
Are these ingredients too harsh?Tom Hagerty04-19-05  01:52 pm
Shen Min products?Colm01-14-05  06:12 pm
ToppikAnonymous10-25-05  12:16 pm
Has anybody tried the hairloss kit from Jason Cosmetics?Tom Hagerty08-15-04  09:55 am
Does gel hurt hair?Tom Hagerty05-08-06  03:02 pm
My new shampooAnonymous01-17-05  09:41 pm
BEER for the HAIRJoe08-26-06  04:45 am
Should we be using a conditioner?Colm F12-19-05  07:15 pm
Selsun blue shampoooTom Hagerty04-22-05  08:15 am
Does Nizoral 2% cause shedding?Anonymous12 07-14-06  12:58 am
GREY HAIRColm F07-13-05  12:35 pm
Nisim shampoo???Joanne03-21-08  02:36 am
My situtaion...TOM!!!Colm F09-15-05  12:33 pm
How often should i shampoo and other questionsmixupthemix10-13-05  06:16 pm
Is Head & Shoulders bad for hairloss?KM02-11-09  12:06 pm
This emu-shampoo?Eb11 12-09-05  03:26 am
A mild shampoo?Hair Tomorrow11 07-27-06  02:18 pm
Tom what do you recomend?Tom Hagerty01-11-06  01:47 pm
Anyone on Nizoral for a long time?Richard H04-01-07  02:12 pm
Giovanni Natural Hair ProductsAshley09-05-06  09:33 pm
Progaine Shampoo?Ryan H09-08-06  11:54 pm
Thoughts on "Besan" FlourGautam P12-29-06  03:52 am
Hair Follicle CleansersKiel J P25 01-29-07  06:20 pm
BiosilkRay02-06-07  11:39 am
What kind of success have people seen with Nizoral?John B. James12-27-07  08:11 pm
Green soap.Leonardo C01-07-08  05:55 pm
Nisim?Joanne03-18-08  11:16 pm
ItchingTom Hagerty10-03-08  12:28 pm
Sodium lauryl and/or ammonium lauryl sulfate Tom Hagerty12 01-22-09  09:20 am
To buzz, or not to buzz.Jacob G01-09-09  04:00 am
Hair conditionerKM01-13-09  04:55 pm
Nizoral 1 percent shampooScott F02-09-09  04:32 am
Exfoliation of he scalpTom Hagerty07-08-09  09:10 am
Hair washing during TETom Hagerty12-07-09  07:17 am
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