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Posted on Monday, July 29, 2002 - 04:31 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Hello Tom...

What's your opinion on shampoos that claim to cleanse the scalp of DHT, or help dissolve "clogged" follicles, etc. I'm trying to get a good regiment going to complement your scalp exercises. So far, I've started taking grapeseed extract, biotin, brewer's yeast...I'm exercising a lot more (I figure a little extra blood flow couldn't hurt)...and eating healthier...the only thing i don't know how to go about is the cleansing. I use Nixoral (I have oily skin, hence an oily scalp) and I'm alternating it with a shampoo called Nioxin...thanks!

Tom Hagerty (Admin)
Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 08:22 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


I think you are going about halting hair loss in the right way. You are hitting the problem on many fronts. I do think the scalp exercises are the most important, but then I'm prejudiced in this direction.

"What's your opinion on shampoos that claim to cleanse the scalp of DHT, or help dissolve "clogged" follicles, etc."

I'm usually skeptical of products that claim to do these things. It's usually hype unsupported by any testing. If there are testimonials, they are almost without exception written by the makers of the products. Nioxin, however, may be different even though this shampoo promises these things too. The following is from the official Nioxin Web site - Nioxin:

"NIOXIN improves the integrity of all hair by cleansing, detoxifying and dissolving away build-up on the scalp skin and opening the nutrient pathways. Treatments provide essential nutrients to feed the hair. The system also restores a proper moisture balance to the scalp increasing cellular activity and giving hair an optimum environment. The NIOXIN system provides all of your hair care needs through proper scalp hygiene and nourishment."

I sounds like hype to me, but I've heard so many good reports about this product that I'd not want to dismiss it before trying it. It's too bad it's so expensive.

"So far, I've started taking grapeseed extract, biotin, brewer's yeast."

Brewer's yeast has all the B-complex including biotin, but the amount of biotin is small. It's a good idea to take extra biotin. I've never used grapeseed extract - "an antioxidant compound that protects cells against free radical damage and improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels." Wow! I hope it delivers.

I hope you continue posting once in a while and tell us how you're doing.

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 02:06 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Just a warning to anyone considering buying thymuskin. It is very expensive, it does nothing and it smells like dentist office. I imagine most of the other shampoos that promise hair regrowht are similar in quality.

Posted on Saturday, December 28, 2002 - 04:51 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Please be very careful with Nioxin. My beautician has said that this product cannot be easily discontinued but must be tapered off for those with mild to servere hair loss......

Posted on Sunday, July 03, 2005 - 10:27 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

I have been using Nixon cleanser ( Shampoo) and Scalp treatment with good results and even better when i combine it with Minoxidil ( Rogaine).

I dont use the third spray bottle cause i feel this one is worthless, but the scalp treatement smells good and you can feel it acting.

Combined with a good diet of flax oil, soy, whey and other proteins, low glycemic carbs you should see good improvement in hair growth and thickness.

Also CUT OUT THE SUGAR AND DAIRY PRODUCTS yes they are bad real bad.

Posted on Sunday, July 03, 2005 - 10:42 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

"I have been using Nixon cleanser"

I have used JFK Shampoo but left my scalp with a "being shot" feel and I immediately quit.

Tom Hagerty
Posted on Sunday, July 03, 2005 - 12:15 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I think Anonymous means "Nioxin" Shampoo. This company makes dozens of products, one even is supposed to get rid of Demodex folliculorum - that little mite that's in the sebaceous glands of most people. It's called Semodex.

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2006 - 10:45 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

What about Revivogen?
My hair looks better after it, but I have no clue about
its efficacy. But my scalp looks less oily.

Is that a problem to use it every day?

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2006 - 06:39 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I used it for 3 years. It didn't work for me.

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