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Posted on Friday, July 12, 2002 - 03:04 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

I seem to be balding and nowadays have to wash my hair every day, usually with shampoo due to dandruff and generally messy/oily hair that shows some scalp. After shampooing, my bald spots are not visible, and hair is dandruff free. Until a few years back, I used to only wash my hair once a week, and even that was only to keep it clean rather than manageable. Do balding people find that they have to wash their hair more frequently? Tom, how often do you wash your hair?

My other question is what kind of temperature do you wash your hair in? I have read that washing hair with warm/hot water can rob it of its nutrients. I have never read anything negative about washing hair with cold water. Our ancestors (and most tribes in the Amazon and in other as yet "uncivilized" places) who wash(ed) their hair in the sea/rivers/lakes only had the choice of cold or mildly warm water, so logically, I would think that a natural cold shower is the best for both your hair and body?

Finally, what is the difference between hard water and soft water? I have realtives in other countries who have some type of machine installed in their bathroom that converts hard water to soft water (could be ther other way round since I am not totally sure) because soft water is apparently less harmful to your hair. Is there any truth in this?


Tom Hagerty (Admin)
Posted on Saturday, July 13, 2002 - 09:11 am:   Edit Post Delete Post


"Do balding people find that they have to wash their hair more frequently?"

It seems that they do wash their hair often because of either increased sebaceous gland activity or problem dandruff. I wash my hair every other day with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. I stay in the shower only a few minutes. A friend of mine told me, "It's not a shower if it's not an hour." He takes extremely hot showers but that's OK because he doesn't have any hair to worry about. Long hot showers with harsh shampoos strip away oils from the hair and damage the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair.

"I would think that a natural cold shower is the best for both your hair and body?"

A cold shower in the morning might be the best for hair, body, and mind - but I hate torture. I would dread the thought of getting up if I had to confront a freezing cold shower.

"Finally, what is the difference between hard water and soft water?"

Hard water, the kind you might get from a high mountain spring, has many minerals in it. Soft water has relatively few minerals in it. Some shampoos seem to clean better with hard water and some with soft - at least I have read this. I hope someone who is an expert on this question will post a good response here and enlighten us all.

Samantha Scott
Posted on Sunday, October 20, 2002 - 12:42 am:   Edit Post Delete Post

Does anyone know if spring water or hard water damages the hair? I live in a rural community and have well water. Since it is hard water, we bought a water softener to soften the water, but this has a lot of salt in it. Is this contributing to my damaged and thinning hair or are the minerals in the water helping my hair? Does the temperature of the water matter when washing my hair?

Tom Hagerty (Admin)
Posted on Sunday, October 20, 2002 - 01:59 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

Samantha Scott:

The quality of the water (hardness, softness) won't have any effect on the hair follicles, but it might have an effect on the hair shaft. You'll have to experiment and find a good conditioner that will counteract the hardness in the water.

Supposedly water above a certain temperature will have a negative effect on the follicles. I've not seen any scientific evidence of this however.

david pugh
Posted on Wednesday, August 03, 2005 - 04:30 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post

yes I was going to accuire about the same thing regarding spring water.....I am going to start washing my hair with spring water myself just to see what would the diffrence be!

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