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The scalp exercises: general comment 1 Tom Hagerty148 10-25-02  12:56 pm
The scalp exercises: general comment 2Tom Hagerty110 03-10-03  02:55 pm
The scalp exercises: general comment 3Tom Hagerty110 09-05-03  12:32 pm
The scalp exercises: general comment 4Tom Hagerty98 08-26-04  05:53 pm
Why am i loosing hair?Tom Hagerty46 05-05-04  03:04 pm
Why does it take so long?dally D42 04-01-07  04:20 pm
About the technique of the exercisesdally D55 04-03-07  03:46 pm
What about forehead wrinkles?Tom Hagerty50 06-12-09  09:18 am
Blood supply to the scalp?Guia49 09-19-09  12:49 pm
Quartet - four questions in one e-mailGeoff Francis11-01-02  07:18 am
Not sure if I'm doing it rightTom Hagerty37 09-08-10  10:21 am
Thank You TomBryan J10 01-08-07  08:50 am
Dandruff and scalp exercisesAnonymous07-14-06  12:10 am
Scalp exercise success rate?Tom Hagerty121 04-14-04  09:22 am
Is the scalp exercise free?Anonymous10 02-21-06  06:55 pm
BiofenAnonymous07-14-06  06:56 am
Believe me, I'm not crazydaver12 07-11-03  09:05 am
Tingling scalp!?!Tom Hagerty15 11-03-08  01:24 pm
Two questions - blood flow & geneticsTom Hagerty01-04-06  08:12 am
Preliminary results for meMikhail 24 11-02-10  02:55 pm
Questions about your scalp exercise CDJames M27 07-29-04  12:42 pm
A good scientist would do this to his theorytm10 08-01-02  02:16 am
Stopping the actual lossAnagen11 11-21-05  01:27 pm
ForeheadTom Hagerty02-01-05  04:08 pm
Wiggling EarsAnonymous14 10-20-05  08:54 am
Scalp exercises for TEAnonymous07-13-06  11:45 pm
The correct way?Ear Wiggler02-24-04  09:41 am
Eye soreness + gen questionTom Hagerty09-26-02  08:54 am
Shave head + scalp excercisesAnonymous01-09-03  11:13 pm
Tingling templesTom Hagerty11 12-11-02  07:57 am
Signs of Improvements ?Bon15 05-08-05  09:13 am
Circulation flow restriction parametersTom Hagerty11-22-02  08:30 am
Can the exercise be done isometrically?Anonymous12-05-02  02:30 pm
Why the Pattern in the Male Pattern BaldnessFreddie02-11-03  12:50 am
Am I doing it right?Tom Hagerty10 10-29-03  01:55 pm
Movement of the scalp?arutha23 02-10-03  10:41 pm
Tom I have a question about the exerciseTom Hagerty10 02-07-03  08:46 am
Even if all the remedies don't work?Tom Hagerty01-25-03  03:17 pm
To Tom Hagerty. Passive gymAnonymous07-14-06  12:52 am
Signs of Doing It Right...Anonymous11 03-13-06  12:04 pm
The scalp excercises work great, but...Tom Hagerty15 06-03-04  02:50 pm
Temporalis vs. Occipitalis MuscleTom Hagerty02-26-06  10:32 am
Dandruff and hairlosssonia19 03-27-06  06:32 pm
Skilled relaxationAnonymous07-14-06  06:38 am
Balding-head revisitedTom Hagerty17 04-22-04  01:18 pm
Some Possible Success.....Tom Hagerty26 05-04-05  01:36 pm
Interesting articleTom Hagerty01-24-03  05:10 pm
Countering the genetic aspect of AGARG01-25-03  05:00 pm
Stop the greaseAnonymous12 07-02-04  10:20 pm
Success so far!!!!Tom Hagerty10 09-11-05  10:23 am
My resultsTom Hagerty21 11-27-06  07:10 am
SidesTom Hagerty01-03-05  10:30 am
Do the excerices work on women too?Tom Hagerty02-28-03  02:34 pm
SoundBon08-13-05  02:33 pm
Tight scalpRicardo G13 08-18-08  06:00 pm
ConfusedRyan B18 02-17-08  12:36 am
Hairline, How do you know where yours is?Tom Hagerty06-24-03  09:28 am
Tom can you post a picBrick_top23 01-07-07  01:53 pm
Hair Loss No More (?)Anonymous03-18-03  01:04 pm
Ear Moving-Scalp MoversAnonymous03-22-03  12:07 am
Almost there?Ear Wiggler10 03-25-03  05:03 pm
Head HurtsAnonymous20 09-26-05  03:22 pm
Now What?Ben S03-31-03  02:16 am
Entering the 8th monthconfuzzled25 11-21-07  01:13 pm
Working Out My Proper Hair DensityTom Hagerty04-12-03  11:10 am
Question(for mainly Pete or Tom)Freddie04-12-03  02:19 pm
Hair where there was never hair beforeAnonymous14 05-29-03  12:28 pm
A few requestsBon13 08-13-05  02:43 pm
Tom - The Scalp-tension-relaxerpeter05-20-03  04:34 pm
Observations From Watching Tom's VideoLeonardo C20 01-15-08  03:08 pm
Downward incline?peter06-06-03  02:30 pm
Calling all of those who have tried or are doing the scalp exceriseAnthony10 06-11-03  01:28 pm
Pilgrimige to the hair mecca?Tom Hagerty06-07-03  07:50 am
Vellus hair fall offTom Hagerty06-09-03  10:46 am
Help Tom Hagerty06-12-03  08:27 am
Tight scalp and hairlossTom Hagerty14 06-19-03  01:09 pm
Scalp excersise strategy questionTom Hagerty02-22-04  07:27 am
Bye guys.. my thoughts on the exercise.Colm F24 04-25-05  05:13 pm
DHt and bloodflowben06-23-03  02:43 pm
How long of a distance does your scalp move durring excercise?Tom Hagerty04-08-04  06:52 am
I CAN NOT MOVE MY OCCIPITALIS MUSCLES!daver11 06-26-03  05:19 pm
Two questions for those willing to answerJenifer05-20-04  03:25 pm
Is there such thing as TOO MUCH scalp exercise?Tom Hagerty28 10-08-10  10:44 am
I figure this would be beneficial to everyonesd12 07-04-03  03:53 pm
Occip. Muscles - Scalp Not Moving Back When ContractedTom Hagerty37 09-07-03  10:43 am
Scalp exercise and dandruffMarc10 07-15-03  03:56 pm
Call me a cynic but surely it can't be this simple!?Tom Hagerty25 07-15-03  10:03 am
Occipitalis MuscleJulie29 07-17-03  09:45 pm
New regrowth but no stabilization?B07-11-03  10:53 pm
StabilizationAnonymous07-15-03  01:29 am
How do the celebrities do it?sd15 07-13-03  04:48 pm
IT WORKS! hairdude10113 07-25-05  03:15 pm
Thickness of hairEric04-25-05  08:26 am
Sprio and scalp exercise?Tom Hagerty04-08-05  09:11 am
Salt Water and hair stabilization? The White05-11-06  10:22 am
Scalp Exercise: Naqi: Thanks naqi07-23-03  02:40 pm
Some more encouragementAnonymous09-19-03  03:10 pm
Lines Across My Forheadterri10 08-07-03  11:31 pm
A dose of realismTom Hagerty07-25-03  03:22 pm
Vitamins and SupplementsTom Hagerty07-24-03  10:17 am
Advanced Exercise QuestionAnthony07-24-03  01:55 am
The 'burn'B12 08-06-03  07:45 pm
How does one determien how many 'hairs' you are losing in a day?...Anonymous05-21-04  06:38 pm
Lets hear it guysBon08-13-05  03:51 pm
Effect to the quality of the skin?Tom Hagerty08-06-03  10:47 am
Need help again!Tom Hagerty08-08-03  10:27 am
Terri's Exercises really work, I have a new set of nut-hair!!!Tom Hagerty08-07-03  10:09 am
Scalp exercise question for allterri08-12-03  11:45 am
Shedding and scalp exercisesTom Hagerty08-08-03  10:38 am
Do You Smoke - Cigarettessd11 08-12-03  02:04 pm
I can contract my occipital muscles up bot not downward.roger11-25-08  08:49 pm
Question on washing the hair, or lack of..daver10 08-18-03  09:51 pm
To anyone who seems to lose hair while doing SEAnonymous08-11-03  04:46 pm
What should I do?naqi08-15-03  10:00 am
After 5 months SE fuzzy all over my spot and oily dotsTom Hagerty03-25-06  08:38 am
Scalp exercises and weightliftingHair Running Away Fr08-18-03  10:44 pm
Scalp Not Moving Backward When I contract the Occip. MusclesAnthony08-21-03  11:39 am
Ear moving helpAnonymous16 10-25-04  11:12 am
Ok, Tom, I seriously need your help (report after 6 months too!)...naqi13 08-26-03  11:38 am
Scalp exercise and hair shedingAnonymous07-13-06  05:48 pm
To Tom: Concerning Raising of the EyebrowsTom Hagerty09-10-03  09:09 am
Probably just a stupid questionTom Hagerty13 11-21-05  09:03 am
Upside down??Fernando09-23-03  08:27 pm
Anybody have incrased loss from SE?honest13 10-24-06  12:37 pm
Hey JulieJulie10-06-03  11:43 am
SE While On Slant BoardAnthony10-06-03  01:48 pm
Scalp movement on TV - just trivialAnonymous15 07-02-04  10:16 pm
HygieneAnonymous15 01-16-04  12:32 am
Acne and Hair Loss - POLLChristian10 10-20-03  05:02 am
Increasing Scalp FlexibilityTom Hagerty10-20-03  04:47 pm
4 months +Tom Hagerty10-30-03  02:43 pm
Only advanced exercisesTom Hagerty02-26-04  09:11 am
Well.. after 8 months, I am finally going to the dark side...matt17 12-25-03  06:08 pm
Should I flex up back muscles..please helpJulie10 11-03-03  10:39 am
Working OutAnonymous11-21-03  06:12 pm
SE using weightsRegina12 11-22-03  01:26 pm
Blood flow into galea??Anonymous11-06-03  09:12 am
Has anybody hair got worse since doing the SE?Anonymous11-05-03  10:53 pm
Scalp exercises aiding chemical treatments?Anonymous11-25-03  08:29 am
Wiggling ears - is it enough?Tom Hagerty12 01-20-09  07:46 am
A question about DHTTom Hagerty10 12-19-03  12:56 pm
Tight feeling in scalpdaver12-16-03  04:34 pm
Anybody having sucess?matt01-03-04  11:12 pm
SE results?Tom Hagerty01-21-04  12:52 pm
About Tom's relativesAnonymous11 11-25-05  05:59 pm
When Flexing Occip. Muscle, Scalp Won't Move BackwardsAnonymous01-30-04  06:29 am
After two months' SEdaver02-16-04  05:33 pm
8 months SE opinionsAnonymous07-13-06  05:49 pm
Mineral Oil for foreheadTom Hagerty02-12-04  12:27 pm
How come I can't do it?Bobby02-24-04  04:00 pm
Why does it do this?Jude02-25-04  05:52 pm
Am i dreaming?Yoda of Regrowth03-06-04  08:03 am
Tom this is trouble. Tom Hagerty11 03-02-04  07:10 am
Hair Regrowth... I believeTom Hagerty03-05-04  06:35 am
My experienceTom Hagerty03-01-04  01:41 pm
Single MovementTom Hagerty03-04-04  07:19 am
S.I. foote theoryAnonymous03-03-04  10:35 am
TOM DO AS A FAVORTom Hagerty12 03-06-04  08:50 am
How long does it take for cd to arrive?Tom Hagerty03-03-04  09:01 am
Only one exercise?Tom Hagerty03-20-04  07:26 am
Bottom of ear or top?terri03-29-04  01:11 am
Question for Tom - Flexing Just Occip. MuscleAnonymous03-25-04  09:05 am
Facial Exercisesterri27 04-12-04  12:57 pm
Movement on Sides of FaceAnonymous12-20-04  11:02 pm
How flexible is your scalp?Anonymous04-01-04  09:07 pm
Does this support SE theory?Eb14 10-23-05  01:38 pm
1 year updatedaver22 02-20-05  11:29 pm
Applying Resistance To Forehead During SEann smith04-12-04  11:24 am
Scalp Exercise Success Rate?, Part IIbumblebee45 05-11-06  10:22 am
Slant Board & Scalp Exerciseterri04-21-04  10:01 pm
How long did it take you tom?Tom Hagerty04-25-04  10:51 am
Second hand SE tape?Mickey10-23-10  04:40 am
Why am I losing hair? page 2willow16 03-26-06  03:44 pm
Bought the cd but need a little more helpTom Hagerty05-23-04  08:25 am
So long... My Final ReportTom Hagerty05-10-04  10:13 am
5 months updateL Marshall05-21-04  09:25 pm
Your hairloss?Tom Hagerty05-14-04  08:52 am
Conan o'brienTom Hagerty05-21-04  09:05 am
6 months UPDATE on SEOU student05-30-04  01:20 pm
Not feeling the burnTom Hagerty10 10-05-07  09:56 am
Poll: How Many Have Seen A Facelift from SE?TerriYoung17 03-22-05  08:15 am
SE kicks ass!!l Marshall06-04-04  10:49 pm
Tom - Contracting just the Occiptalis Muscle....Anonymous06-09-04  10:45 am
It aches!Anonymous09-26-05  01:54 am
A few critical remarks from a laymanTom Hagerty06-15-04  02:02 pm
Any Way To Stretch/Loosen Galea?Tom Hagerty06-16-04  02:24 pm
DRAMATIC BREAKTHROUGH!Jenifer06-21-04  03:22 pm
Strange Pattern Baldness?...Help pleasePKA06-25-04  09:19 am
Building up the occipitalis musclesTom Hagerty06-25-04  09:41 am
Has anyone seen stabilisazion in the vertex-area? Tom Hagerty06-27-04  09:22 am
Inflammation + the itchjik15 07-15-04  10:02 pm
A little confused after watching your videoTom Hagerty07-04-04  01:20 pm
Tom - Where are the frontalis muscles located?Tom Hagerty07-06-04  07:40 am
Blood flow in a contracting muscle,,Anonymous07-10-04  01:35 pm
After 2 months: good newsAnonymous08-07-04  09:20 pm
SE on its own?Anonymous11 07-20-04  10:41 pm
Ringing in the ears from doing the SEsecret_friend07-20-04  02:27 am
It's just not possible!!Arne Nonym07-20-04  08:56 pm
Itchingrosario07-22-04  07:10 am
Only shorter hairs falling off / dandruff goneyerr07-30-04  09:46 am
What if it was this easy?Jenifer08-04-04  05:34 pm
SE 5 and 1/2 months updateFernando08-19-04  08:14 pm
The scalp exercises: general comment 5Tom Hagerty59 03-21-05  09:27 am
Upside down techniqueMarc15 10-19-04  12:18 pm
Muscle Stimulator - Could it Help?Anonymous08-30-04  09:30 pm
TOM-About "WIGGLING" my ears......Mark14 10-30-04  01:36 pm
Tom, Feeling Galea tense with FrontalisAnonymous09-01-04  03:05 pm
Still Trying to Contract Occipitalis MusclesTerriYoung03-22-05  08:17 am
Yikes! My scalp muscles feels buffTom Hagerty09-10-04  09:39 am
How Much Scalp Movement is Enough?Anonymous09-23-04  06:56 am
To TOMTom Hagerty09-26-04  08:35 am
To Tom about exercisesTom Hagerty11-06-04  09:07 am
Tom - Any Way To Get Scalp Muscles To Relax Throughout The Day?Tom Hagerty09-30-04  09:13 am
Frontalis Muscles and Hairline HairsTom Hagerty10-22-04  03:19 pm
1.5 year updatepete10 10-12-04  01:04 pm
I grew a new hair!!! but...Maurice10 02-09-05  01:50 pm
IF you really want to show people how to do the exercisedaver15 03-30-05  12:25 am
Need opinions from allTom Hagerty10-28-04  10:37 am
Tom: A quick input!Tom Hagerty11-10-04  10:22 am
Totally unsuccessfulTom Hagerty11-16-04  03:18 pm
Tight forehead / tight temples = baldnessDownunder10 07-18-05  01:21 am
Sebum and hair loss?pete101-10-06  02:00 pm
DMSO salp peel - yes or no?Anonymous07-14-06  06:59 am
Frontal regrowthlordy19 01-16-06  01:16 pm
Tapping massageSean C10-04-07  02:55 pm
LUFTEK SYSTEM AND SE THE SAME?!Downunder14 01-08-07  05:49 am
Getting new wrinkles - am i doing something wrong?Anonymous12-10-04  12:09 pm
TOM, ordered your cd by MONEY ORDERTom Hagerty13 12-21-04  03:10 pm
Can occipitalis alone remove wrinkles?Peter12-13-04  11:10 am
Solution to the "wrinkle" problemJulie12-21-04  08:01 pm
Face ExerciseTom Hagerty11 12-31-04  08:28 am
On the Exercise AnalogyTom Hagerty01-08-05  02:37 pm
New to SE - learning - need some advicesMerowing701-02-05  09:25 pm
Going to try it!Tom Hagerty01-03-05  10:35 am
Scalp exercises and hairy peopleTom Hagerty12-31-04  01:07 pm
Anybody?Tom Hagerty10 01-18-05  08:07 am
Scalp exercises questionTom Hagerty11 02-10-05  02:54 pm
Scalp ecercises and bloodTom Hagerty01-15-05  09:22 am
My Experience and progress thru the months.Josh24 04-04-05  12:26 pm
I remember the good times...Chalie.14 02-11-05  10:55 am
Veins in forehead - anyone with similar experience?Anonymous04-05-06  08:26 am
Is this correct?Anonymous02-20-05  01:56 pm
Steroids and scalp exercises. Any benefit.Anonymous02-08-05  03:48 pm
Progress Report - Dimitri K 2 monthsEric03-15-05  09:41 pm
Bunching MusclesTom Hagerty02-01-05  04:00 pm
Alternate ProgressTom Hagerty02-08-05  08:10 am
Need help with scalp exercises and other infoWhoamI02-08-05  05:38 pm
Frontal Lossanon02-23-05  06:14 pm
Question tomGunslinger04-01-05  03:24 pm
The SE Statistics- Is anybody keeping count?Tom Hagerty02-21-05  10:46 am
I have been exercising with no resultsAnonymous02-23-05  07:28 am
Permanent Occipitalis Contraction - Contracture?Anonymous03-04-05  09:04 am
Mineral Oil / JajobaTom Hagerty07-30-05  08:02 am
Doing it right?Tom Hagerty03-11-05  09:19 am
Tom, master..Tom Hagerty05-07-05  07:41 am
Too early?cd03-08-05  10:22 am
Excercise success w/o muscular face?Tom Hagerty03-17-05  09:10 am
The scalp exercises: general comment 6Tom Hagerty112 01-06-06  08:27 am
Amount of movementTom Hagerty03-25-05  12:12 pm
Neck mucsles tends to shake when I move the Occipitalis Muscles?Ol Goat, GTO Danny13 04-13-05  07:23 am
Usted es un hombre buenoTom Hagerty11-23-05  09:34 am
Moving occipitalis without ear movement?Ol Goat, GTO Danny04-13-05  07:24 am
2 year updateTom Hagerty10 04-15-05  08:50 am
SE and geneticsAnonymous10 06-05-05  04:41 pm
Am I doing it right?TERAR SKWADREN04-17-05  11:40 am
PLEASE ADVISETom Hagerty04-25-05  08:45 am
Well, that's it, no more SE!!!Paul z13 05-12-05  09:36 pm
SE's on my wife. KROW05-10-05  12:30 pm
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, WHY? (from an old pro)...Fernando05-10-05  10:21 pm
About to give up :-(...pete105-06-05  01:24 pm
Someone please help :-(...Tom Hagerty05-22-05  11:56 am
New SE with questionTom Hagerty05-19-05  09:01 am
A few questions..Anonymous06-03-05  07:00 am
The Scalp Exercises Get No Respect La Femme Nikita05-28-05  11:47 am
Effect on water rinsing after scalp exercise.Bradley12 06-12-05  02:01 pm
Why the Scalp Exercises WorkTom Hagerty34 06-08-05  02:23 pm
Why the Scalp Exercises Work, page 2Tom Hagerty45 06-19-05  09:21 am
SE vs. scalp massagesBon07-24-05  06:24 pm
Why the Scalp Exercises Work, page 3Tom Hagerty42 07-01-05  08:25 am
ShampooAnonymous10 08-04-05  05:10 am
Why the Scalp Exercises Work, page 4Bon40 08-29-05  11:47 am
The 'burn'cottonmouth07-06-05  04:09 pm
My Progress With The Scalp Exercise!Tony08-14-05  08:51 pm
Am i doin it right???Anonymous16 08-24-05  10:02 pm
Tom's website is terrific!Tom Hagerty13 10-29-05  09:42 am
What is the most optimized schedule?Anonymous08-02-05  07:38 am
18 month updateColm F08-04-05  10:54 am
Another simple addition to greying/falling hairsColm F08-09-05  06:01 pm
SIXTH MONTHS AS OF TODAY...Arne Nonym10 09-11-05  04:05 pm
A little pain in the back of the headAnonymous08-13-05  12:20 pm
Vellus hairs in the temples. A question for TomTom Hagerty08-13-05  09:30 am
Premature regrowth testimonials.Common sense08-21-05  08:46 am
An essential question about learning the SEBon08-15-05  08:22 am
Hair shaft diameter.Downunder08-22-05  02:47 am
Gaining controlbumblebee21 05-20-06  08:13 am
I'm Convinced Beckham Does the SEJ.P.19 10-05-05  11:34 am
TOM H MOVIE!!!THOMAS HAGARTY JR.09-08-05  06:21 pm
What does this meanBon09-03-05  08:30 am
Tom what do you recomnd?Tom Hagerty09-02-05  11:50 am
Tom, your story delivers hope.Tom Hagerty09-09-05  03:27 pm
Tom how long?Tom Hagerty09-13-05  08:32 am
THESE FREAKIN FORHEAD WRINKLES!!!Barry09-14-05  08:47 am
Finally, I too can do the SE!! Tom, read this!Arne Nonym09-14-05  10:08 am
A little off topic...Arne Nonym11 09-24-05  05:34 am
David Beckham Does do the SE's! Dontel09-23-05  07:45 am
SE and SebumTom Hagerty09-28-05  08:13 am
SE VIDEO PUERTO RICOBradley10-21-05  04:49 pm
Wiggling earsTom Hagerty10-06-05  08:47 am
Please give me your thoughts on the Scalp Exercise TIGHTENING the s...anonymous01-31-06  07:34 am
Could increased blood flow be a PROBLEM?fda approved10-13-05  08:49 am
Best week of life~!Anagen10-27-05  12:38 pm
6 months, and now, 8 months - continued update.Tom Hagerty10-18-05  08:34 am
SE and face toning...Anagen10-27-05  09:34 am
Those of you who have succeded with the SE!Dr. Thomas K14 11-13-05  07:35 pm
Can I send cash?Anagen11-02-05  02:49 pm
Where do I send my payment to?Tom Hagerty11-02-05  11:40 am
Is Beckham's dad bald?Jack Black03-16-06  06:11 pm
Se and zitsTom Hagerty11-04-05  06:57 am
MeiLando11-04-05  03:52 am
Scalp pain caused by excerciseHmm11-05-05  08:21 am
Does SE helps with the sides?Ritchie11 11-10-05  03:23 pm
Resting when doing the exercisesAnagen11-10-05  11:29 am
What does TOm use?Anagen11-11-05  12:43 pm
Question for the man himself.Anon11-14-05  05:49 pm
Aloe Vera?B11-18-05  01:38 am
Help feeling ignorantAnagen11-15-05  11:53 am
Tom: A note about excercises and its effects on the upper faceAnagen35 11-25-05  06:09 am
Try this.Mikhail 18 09-06-10  03:20 pm
Im afraidNuff said16 11-23-05  09:00 am
AnagenAnagen11-21-05  07:25 am
Okay having some duh timeAnagen11-21-05  02:03 pm
Another TestimonialIndia2617 01-31-06  01:27 am
Tom when I watched your cdAnagen11-23-05  06:09 am
Minoxidol with the SEAnagen12-02-05  06:40 am
This one is for Tom and AnagenDave01-04-06  05:03 am
SE continuityNaqi11-24-05  05:18 am
Forhead or face?Anagen10 11-25-05  06:01 am
Damn, did you know about this? That the SE makes you...sam06-16-06  02:42 pm
Best timings for SETom Hagerty11-24-05  08:11 am
Can't get no burn Anagen11-24-05  04:39 pm
Good resultsEric11 02-10-06  03:55 pm
Scalp excersise and age correlation?Anagen13 11-30-05  12:34 pm
Scalp is becoming more elastic...Gabe12-01-05  05:03 am
2 Questions on Occipitalis FlexingAnonymous12-02-05  09:48 am
Tom - What's Best Thing For Hairline?Anonymous12-02-05  01:37 pm
My shedding stopped...Anagen12-05-05  07:05 am
Question about scalp exerciseanamorphic12-06-05  08:53 am
Questionspeter garret12-06-05  10:23 pm
Tom when I do the SE nowScalpmover12-15-05  10:29 am
A sequel to the SE?styx12-20-05  06:28 am
A thing I noticed about the SEGabe12-16-05  10:20 pm
TOMBlaine12-19-05  08:58 am
I think ive strained my right eyebrowe muscleGabe12-17-05  01:00 pm
Anagen mind giving an update?White Bulb12 11-27-06  12:50 pm
You mentionedPacey18 12-22-05  09:08 am
Which muscles are being worked???!!! (Vortex Area)Tom's 1 fan12-24-05  09:32 am
Tom how long did you say?Ritchie12-27-05  10:10 am
The SE has given me too much hair!fenix12-30-05  02:19 pm
Still not getting itTom Hagerty01-03-06  07:09 am
The rocking back n' forthBama Steve01-04-06  04:47 pm
The scalp exercises: general comment 7Tom Hagerty53 08-15-09  08:04 am
R.I.P. AnagenGabe01-07-06  10:41 pm
Is the advanced exercise nessisary?Ritchie01-08-06  11:28 pm
SE with headphones onGabe01-09-06  11:59 am
Success poleBrian10 01-19-06  10:31 pm
How long before seeing any effect?styx01-15-06  10:22 am
The last comment on the testimonial pagestyx01-21-06  08:46 am
16 Year Old's Results ThreadAceallways10 02-15-06  08:42 am
Alternative to SETianung06-05-06  09:57 am
My head is going to explode!joe joe02-08-06  06:50 pm
You just have too look at this!Tom Hagerty01-29-06  10:55 am
Hagerty 101Gabe10 01-29-06  08:29 pm
Now that I'm doing the SESierra01-31-06  11:06 am
My theory on the scalp exercisesTom Hagerty11 02-04-06  07:50 am
Anyone else?Bille17 01-31-06  08:07 pm
Quick question Tomjoe joe02-04-06  08:14 pm
The SETom Hagerty11 02-08-06  01:11 pm
I don't get...TyphoonTycoon02-08-06  02:51 am
Scalp Exercise.Curious George02-07-06  10:58 am
A couple of question on the exercisesTom Hagerty02-13-06  08:55 am
A question to Tom.Downunder02-24-06  01:50 am
Muscle stimulatorsgeneral zod10 02-19-06  07:30 pm
Not feeling the 'burn' anymore? Try this!FineAgain02-13-06  09:32 am
Please anwser Tom.Eric02-15-06  10:40 am
When Tom?Tom Hagerty02-15-06  11:02 am
Bill NighyTmac15 02-22-06  05:09 pm
Will SE Help Grow Out Shorter Hairs?Tom Hagerty02-17-06  09:10 am
Hello boys and girls!! :-)...Gabe13 02-27-06  09:04 am
Does this work as well for women??SG21 03-01-06  03:29 am
Progress ReportsGabe12 03-02-06  07:50 pm
Move ears???oscar the grunge02-25-06  06:07 pm
If I am able..James02-25-06  10:35 pm
Correlation between degree of scalp movement and regrowth?Brian02-27-06  10:42 pm
On averageAnthony Edwards11 03-02-06  08:09 pm
Dear tom am i doing se rightSpider-Man03-04-06  08:56 am
Some inspirationGabe15 03-07-06  05:00 pm
Eyes?Tom Hagerty03-06-06  08:28 am
2 questionsAnonymous03-05-06  07:48 pm
It feels ok, but is it done right?Andrew03-08-06  03:18 am
Growing hair backbellino14 03-24-06  02:11 pm
Scalp Massage (Read This Tom)Gabe13 03-14-06  08:01 am
Is it just me or do you have it too?Gabe03-12-06  03:43 pm
How Does Hair In Between Back and Front Get Benefits from SE?Paul z03-19-06  06:24 pm
Tom any harm?matt03-16-06  12:35 pm
Tom, have I been contracting the wrong muscle ?Ro03-23-06  11:55 am
Scalp Exercice is a SCAM rufio`14 04-30-06  10:01 am
Please help me...totally confusedSalman03-29-06  10:08 pm
Is this right?Bike13 04-20-06  12:39 pm
Completed 1 year of scalp excersize: Progress ReportAnagen10 04-17-06  07:31 pm
Marathon training?RHM04-13-06  09:49 pm
Chin exercisesGabe04-18-06  08:29 am
About 5 months in...unregistered 05-14-06  09:59 pm
Short cyclingTom Hagerty04-21-06  07:50 am
Please help me !deperatedan04-24-06  06:29 am
The WORSE shredding of my life because of the SEAnonymous04-30-06  07:19 pm
How I do the Scalp Exercises....Better way to do it?Jules05-01-06  03:46 pm
Strange Side Effect?lahairyguy11 05-31-06  08:29 pm
For those who tried and catch their MPB early...Tom Hagerty05-10-06  08:28 am
Muscles on the side of head above ears...The White05-05-06  07:42 am
Questions about the Exercise...Tom Hagerty16 05-20-06  07:54 am
2 Questions on Scalp ExerciseAnonymous05-13-06  12:17 am
The length of the SEGabe05-13-06  05:29 am
Circular motionfrenchy05-14-06  12:42 pm
New ForeheadAnonymous10 05-19-06  04:20 am
Scalp exercise sellingAnonymous05-19-06  04:04 am
Am i doin right plus TE & SE....Smithers05-18-06  08:26 am
Any treatment?Jim11 05-19-06  09:48 pm
Losing Progress with SE; An Honest Assessmentmrconstantine06-04-06  08:31 am
My results - Now with PICS!!Tom Hagerty05-21-06  08:54 am
How can I treat?bumblebee05-21-06  06:42 am
Does scalp perspiration have an effect too?S Foote.05-21-06  12:35 pm
Tom you familar?Cage12 05-24-06  06:14 pm
Tom just noticingTom Hagerty05-21-06  09:10 am
Testimonialbumblebee05-23-06  08:50 am
Scalp Excercise - How long?White bulb18 06-11-06  08:44 pm
Tom, a question about hair shedding and the SEoscar the grunge05-24-06  03:22 am
Short fringe of hairAnonymous05-23-06  07:19 pm
The advancedThe white bulbs are 05-23-06  08:37 am
2 MONTHS -- RESULTSKishore K08-30-06  02:18 pm
The Pumpjoe joe05-25-06  05:17 am
About the eyebrows....Tom Hagerty01-17-09  07:39 am
The importance of proper breathing and hairgrowtdally D10-06-07  03:45 pm
*News Flash* : Tom does it again!Andrew16 06-08-06  01:28 am
Anyone clamp their hands onto their heads ?Pamper Clamper06-16-06  07:46 am
Templesjoe joe06-13-06  05:13 am
Mineral oil on forehead (to Tom)someone06-15-06  12:47 pm
That damnWhite Bulb06-19-06  07:36 am
Tom a question for youTom Hagerty06-19-06  07:08 am
Tom please respondjoe joe06-19-06  08:01 am
Goosebumps.Tom Hagerty06-20-06  08:17 am
Have I mastered the S.E?White Bulb18 06-28-06  07:16 am
Question for Tom...rufio06-22-06  04:42 am
The SEhaha06-23-06  05:14 pm
Mineral oil on forehead (Tom)Tom Delancy06-23-06  12:59 pm
I am new...what is the SE?Mark06-26-06  02:40 pm
Tom - Any Diagrams of Capillaries In the Scalp?:-) :-) :-) 1106-30-06  08:03 am
Sticking with it for a long timeBrian07-05-06  08:17 am
Dulled hearing as a result of the scalp exercisebumblebee07-03-06  12:18 am
My SE Increased Shedding TheoryJacob M10-18-06  06:03 pm
Anyone Multi-Task While Doing the SE?Brick_top01-03-07  12:05 pm
A Biological Perspective for the SEAnon.07-05-06  10:14 am
Tingling sensationWhite Bulb07-07-06  06:46 am
Scalp exercises for girlTom Hagerty07-07-06  08:00 am
SE and hair loss.Pbody07-11-06  02:58 pm
SE Technique QuestionTom Hagerty07-11-06  12:07 pm
Comment about the scalp exerciseWhite_bulb07-19-06  09:52 am
The Galea TendonTom Hagerty08-01-06  03:20 pm
Another scalp exercise question !Tom Hagerty08-02-06  07:06 am
The Crown?Tom Hagerty08-02-06  06:28 am
Does SE leads to incresed shed???materazzi08-09-06  09:03 am
A different Scalp Exercise?White Bulb08-07-06  10:16 am
Pictures of my progressTom Hagerty08-06-06  01:14 pm
HelpMark H08-25-06  07:42 am
Should i become a rock starWhite Bulb08-30-06  07:35 am
SE MeccaWhite Bulb08-29-06  03:17 am
SE helpChristopher R10 08-31-06  11:13 am
Scalp InflammationBrian Hardaway09-09-06  12:10 pm
Tom a questionbeehive09-11-06  05:54 pm
1 months into it...D09-15-06  09:14 am
Tom another couple of questionsTom Hagerty09-17-06  07:49 am
2 month update (with Finasteride)Jake Wellington09-25-06  01:00 pm
6 month update (SE)confuzzled17 10-02-07  08:37 am
Something strange I just noticed...........Jacob M16 11-26-06  05:50 pm
SheddingKishore K12 10-12-06  02:22 pm
Signs of moving the occipitalisJacob M16 10-18-06  05:38 pm
Self imageTom Hagerty11-03-06  07:32 am
Confusionbumblebee11 11-04-06  10:51 am
The Advanced SE, and magnifiedMikhail 09-04-10  01:52 am
TOM: What if you just moved the occipitalis musclesbumblebee16 11-30-06  04:27 pm
TechniqueTom Hagerty14 12-21-06  08:09 am
Headache or muscle pump?Ritchie12-25-06  04:57 am
Progress ReportTom Hagerty25 08-27-07  09:52 am
The Scalp Exercise CDTom Hagerty01-01-07  07:30 am
Still cant controlTom Hagerty19 01-08-07  04:21 pm
SE Better for face?bumblebee02-02-07  05:53 pm
SE's working...Joe20 02-01-07  05:50 pm
13.5 monthsKiel J P01-09-07  11:39 am
19... I never thought it would happen already.bumblebee11 01-15-07  01:13 pm
Questions/Comments for TomUnknown01-16-07  03:48 pm
Losing HopeJoe02-01-07  05:22 pm
New exercise variationTom Hagerty23 02-19-07  09:31 am
Bulging Veins While Doing the Scalp Exercise?Tom Hagerty01-30-07  09:59 am
The vertexBrian Hardaway02-05-07  10:20 pm
The SE and Scalp Absorbancy?Tom Hagerty02-19-07  09:34 am
Regrowth?Klaas H02-22-07  03:19 am
Smoking and scalp exercisesNick03-05-07  05:46 am
SE VIRGIN...!Richard H03-06-07  11:01 am
UpdateBrian Hardaway25 03-12-07  09:07 pm
Technique to avoid Wrinkles?KJ03-21-07  09:15 am
A New HopeJacob M15 03-17-07  10:18 am
Exclusivity:Joe04-01-07  11:56 pm
SE helpsBrick_top04-01-07  06:39 pm
Results in 3 months...confuzzled15 10-22-07  01:48 pm
A few questions for the SE GuruSabre03-27-07  03:54 am
Just a thoughtPete B03-31-07  08:28 am
SE Update for hair and face.Jordan 04-15-07  03:18 pm
Daily scalp excercise all at once?Scott F04-25-07  05:37 am
8 1/2 month updateD11 05-04-07  12:10 pm
The SE Techniquecantreveal05-29-07  07:18 am
Forehead wriklesR H M05-17-07  10:41 pm
Advanced SE ExerciseTom Hagerty06-12-07  01:20 pm
SE progress patternTom Hagerty10-28-08  09:47 am
Scalp Exercise Video (Hasson & Wong Scalp Exercises)Tom Hagerty06-29-07  07:44 am
When doing the scalp exercises...Joey 08-16-07  01:22 pm
Connection between Masterbation and HairlossRitchie07-29-07  02:52 pm
Technique commentZach08-03-07  09:21 am
Isometrics versus isotonicsSean C10-04-07  02:46 pm
Scalp exercise cdJames W08-10-07  09:21 am
Just My Imagination?Joey 08-31-07  11:49 am
Difficulty isolating occipitalisRay09-17-07  09:21 am
UpdatePete B10-17-07  03:19 pm
Direction the ears move?Lan10-31-07  04:28 pm
SE cause increased growth rate on sides of head?Joey 10-30-07  02:23 pm
Biofeedback/EMG SELan11-02-07  08:34 pm
HOw's this routine?Tom Hagerty12-22-07  07:39 am
Facial YogaTom Hagerty04-09-08  10:11 am
Neck muscle movementTom Hagerty12-02-07  12:23 pm
3 month updateTom Hagerty11-29-07  03:39 pm
Wiggly earsKatharine B11-29-07  03:36 pm
Please post your updates?Tom Hagerty16 02-19-08  08:41 am
Certain muscles of the scalp contributing to MPBTom Hagerty12-30-07  10:35 am
Occipital neuralgiaconfuzzled01-02-08  04:31 pm
1 year updateanonymous01-10-08  02:36 pm
Tom whats the name of this muscle?Leonardo C01-18-08  12:16 pm
Difference between the basic and advanced SETom Hagerty01-09-08  10:53 am
4 months and no scalp movementSirius01-21-08  11:13 am
Tom, question about eating and chewing..Leonardo C02-17-08  01:10 pm
An observationTom Hagerty03-12-08  03:07 pm
Still pumping! : )Downunder03-25-08  06:36 am
Folligen & the Scalp Flex ExerciseSean C04-01-08  10:47 am
Hollywood Celebs to prevent baldnessSean C03-29-08  06:24 pm
TechniqueRicardo G05-07-08  01:13 pm
QuestionsTom Hagerty05-21-08  08:37 am
Tom - What's the latest on daily regimen?Tony 06-29-08  08:52 am
QuestionsTom Hagerty07-04-08  06:54 am
Curl the noseTom Hagerty07-07-08  09:32 am
Sanford BennettCARLOS 08-27-08  07:38 pm
Visualising the Occ's contraction (diagram inc)Mark Law29 01-18-09  09:47 am
Scalp Exercise throughout the day?Marcus Learner07-31-08  10:00 am
Your eureka! moment...?Marcus Learner08-12-08  10:08 am
Doing the SE Correctly. Marcus Learner08-15-08  12:54 pm
Scalp exercise and lasers: parallels?Lawrence08-24-08  09:43 pm
SE progressLawrence08-26-08  01:48 pm
SE progress and questionMarcus Learner09-11-08  10:28 am
The scalp exercise and fibrosisTom Hagerty09-03-08  10:29 am
Still losing hair after 2 years on SEjack15 10-01-08  10:09 pm
Question for Tom regarding his progress in the early days.Marcus Learner09-12-08  01:17 am
Im not sure if this is a dumb quetion or not...Tom Hagerty10-03-08  02:15 pm
Occipitalis and frontalis movementAleixo09-27-08  06:52 am
I'm not sure if I'm moving my occipitalis musclesTom Hagerty03-03-09  08:58 am
Applying Mineral Oil....Tom Hagerty10-05-08  09:16 am
First 2 daysMarcus Learner10-07-08  02:49 am
A small observationMarcus Learner10-18-08  06:12 am
Moving scalp foward difficulty (Frontalis contraction?)roger11-24-08  11:02 pm
Scalp exerciseMickey H10-22-08  11:13 am
2 questionsRedd10-22-08  02:38 pm
PicMarcus Learner10-25-08  04:29 am
Advanced ExercisesTom Hagerty10-27-08  07:26 am
Help with scalp exerciseTom Hagerty10-30-08  09:59 am
1 ear moves the other doesntTom Hagerty11-07-08  08:53 am
CreationBen A03-14-09  10:41 am
Moving both muscles together?Tom Hagerty11-25-08  09:27 am
MassageTom Hagerty12-02-08  10:08 am
An Observation from a Medical StudentCARLOS 12-17-08  04:46 pm
Question regarding SEroger10 12-23-08  08:29 am
Scalp exercise questionBen01-15-09  01:17 pm
Quick questionTom Hagerty12-28-08  08:45 am
Another quick questionScott F01-06-09  12:56 pm
So if increased bloodflow is good for hair follices...Tom Hagerty01-11-09  10:51 am
Learning to move the Occipitalis MuscleR Greaney02-26-09  12:33 am
Getting rid of dandruffroger01-21-09  08:49 pm
How to get the burning in frontalis musclesJonathan 06-16-09  09:45 pm
I think I found something better than using a pillow.Jacob G02-01-09  09:18 am
Hemp oilTom Hagerty03-10-09  10:07 am
A must read!!Leonardo C03-20-09  05:00 am
Is it supposed to hurt?Jacob G03-13-09  02:53 pm
Moving scalp back with auricularis and not occipitalisTom Hagerty03-13-09  08:35 am
Massage using one of those handheld thingsBen A03-15-09  11:24 am
Getting your cdTom Hagerty03-17-09  11:08 am
Can the scalp exercise help with seborrhea?Jacob G03-25-09  03:25 am
Severe acne on the forehead and the SETom Hagerty04-04-09  10:52 am
Scalp exercise can knock out any remaining hair?Tom Hagerty04-09-09  09:02 am
Soft scalpRicardo G04-28-09  09:17 am
Occipitalis : How far can <i go ?Tom Hagerty05-13-09  07:36 am
Closing eyes during SE, placebo effectTom Hagerty05-23-09  10:57 am
SE progressTom Hagerty14 06-22-09  08:49 am
My Situation (young, genetic, any pics?)Mehtab12-07-10  12:14 am
Thoughts from a long time SE'erMikhail 10-26-10  06:37 pm
Hello tom Nadav D08-14-09  12:06 pm
Question to TomAlexander08-22-09  04:57 pm
My progressTom Hagerty12 05-06-10  12:02 pm
Just. Cant. Do. It !!!!Tom Hagerty24 12-29-09  10:40 am
Others teory..Tom Hagerty11-03-09  10:48 am
Two questions about the scalp exerciseTom Hagerty11-14-09  09:09 am
Scalp exercise questionTom Hagerty12-06-09  11:56 am
Conan knows how to do the SE'sTom Hagerty01-19-10  11:51 am
Gaining control of the occipitalis muscles !Anika01-24-10  06:02 am
Observationjack02-17-10  10:39 am
YawningJonathan 03-12-10  11:15 pm
A Cure for Facial Nerve TwitchingMichael K08-03-10  11:08 am
Good News for Catholic Hair Loss SufferersTom Hagerty08-03-10  08:40 am
A few questions about the scalp exercises?Andrew08-31-10  02:45 am
A couple of questions regarding the scalp exercies..Ahmad K09-03-10  11:33 am
Ordering the CDDan H09-07-10  09:42 am
3 month resultsTom Hagerty10-31-10  02:32 pm
Progress or just wishful thinking...?Tom Hagerty10-03-10  09:13 am
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