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IsoenzymeTom Hagerty07-05-01  10:26 am
Scalp infalmmation and AGATom Hagerty10 10-20-10  03:37 pm
"Free" testosteroneTom Hagerty08-29-03  06:21 am
Stem cell researchAnonymous17 04-20-06  03:52 pm
After follicles shrink is it too late?Andy King03-29-10  12:19 am
Circulation to folliclesRobert M09-27-01  05:05 pm
Different hairs, same body?!Anonymous04-21-06  02:21 pm
New follicles?Freddie03-23-02  11:07 pm
What do all these terms mean?Tom Hagerty06-20-02  10:32 am
A mystery question : see if you can answerTom Hagerty09-12-02  08:13 am
Number of times hair follicle can grow:Anonymous14 07-14-06  06:20 am
Tom... Do you have enough retirement savings?Jorge12-24-03  04:50 am
Alcohol Abuse and Male Testosterone LevelsAnonymous03-20-06  03:18 pm
SCalp Tightnesspeter jason01-12-03  03:44 pm
Muscle Building and BaldnessAnonymous16 04-04-06  02:30 am
Tender and scalp, hair lossAnonymous07-13-06  11:20 pm
Lack of inositol causes loss of hair?Tom Hagerty10-13-03  08:42 am
DHT stabilityTom Hagerty11-18-03  08:13 am
Hair PhasesTom Hagerty28 01-03-05  10:15 am
Hair in Front Won't Grow LongTom Hagerty11-16-04  02:59 pm
Hair Follicle's Maximum Hair Shaft Length?Anonymous01-09-04  09:00 am
Why Would Hair That Grew Long When I was a Kid........Anonymous02-16-04  09:45 am
Why Does Some Healthy/Terminal Hair Grow Longer and Faster than Oth...matt03-27-04  08:10 pm
Weird hair textureBrett08-06-04  02:11 am
Sun DamageTom Hagerty11-16-04  10:04 am
Is smoking reversible?Tom Hagerty12 03-14-06  01:34 pm
My Biopsy-What does it meanTom Hagerty12-23-04  01:41 pm
Driscrimanatory DHTAnonymous04-14-05  02:00 am
Role of DHTAndrew09-19-05  04:27 am
Scalp DHT levels vs blood DHT levelsAnonymous07-14-06  12:13 am
Testerone & Estrogen Question!Anonymous07-14-06  12:48 am
Cold shower beneficialCLK17 10-18-05  10:11 am
Bald HypothesisTom Hagerty26 08-28-10  09:22 am
Article "Looking for the solution to common baldness" Tom and Angen...Downunder12-07-05  03:54 pm
Question about hair diameters/sizes/etcAnagen12-28-05  08:37 am
How important is the Lymph System?S Foote.05-21-06  12:22 pm
Too much DHTRitchie09-24-06  12:59 pm
? for the hair savy- biopsyBaloo H11-12-06  05:33 pm
Insulin?Ray04-03-07  09:54 am
Accutane and hair biologyAndy R04-22-07  11:57 am
Ratio of vellus hairs to terminal hairs (Accutane related)Tom Hagerty05-31-07  10:23 am
Of Telogen Effluvium, Intermediate Hairs, and FinasterideBrick_top01-10-08  11:59 am
Body Hair Thinning Tom Hagerty10-27-08  07:34 am
Thoughts through a couple of glasses of a pleasant BordeauxBob Dylan01-09-09  06:09 pm
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