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Sebum and AATom Hagerty08-02-08  09:53 am
Seborrheic dermatitisMichael Wachel01-27-06  11:41 am
Possible Telogen EffluviumTom Hagerty46 05-06-04  12:47 pm
Hair Loss after AnorexiaTom Hagerty69 10-22-04  10:10 am
Hairloss after Cortisone injections????Tom Hagerty13 11-01-09  08:47 am
PsychologyKatharine M25 08-24-06  04:46 pm
When do women give up and go baldmarc06-08-03  11:25 pm
My hairlossAnonymous41 07-14-06  05:49 am
Telogen triggertony11-09-06  07:45 pm
Pubic hair--how fast does it grow?me man16 02-19-06  01:20 pm
Is this tellogen effluvium?Tom Hagerty15 02-21-08  08:46 am
Sugar and Caffeineruthie43 05-10-05  10:06 am
Dandruff and hair shedding/thinningChief Long Hair20 07-02-06  04:28 pm
Drug-induced TE (prednisone?)tinky12-13-02  11:28 am
49 and no scalp or body hair for 5 years is there any hope?Tom Hagerty02-19-03  08:49 am
Hair Loss from hair relaxerTom Hagerty11 03-23-07  08:08 am
Where's my hair?!Tom Hagerty04-24-04  08:17 am
Is this TE or AGAs m 09-08-07  12:42 pm
So I made a HUGE mistake in pulling my hair out on the sides...plea...Anonymous09-07-05  03:06 pm
Question for TomAnonymous07-14-06  06:41 am
Anyone used Nioxin???Anonymous01-31-05  07:25 am
Chlorine and lots of hairKim G03-21-08  08:53 am
How do you raise your serum ferritin level?itskt2u15 05-16-06  10:47 am
Lichen Planopilaris - Tom, I Could Use Your GuidanceTom Hagerty41 11-04-10  02:58 pm
Hair loss due to trauma from auto accident ?Anonymous07-02-06  06:07 am
SunTom Hagerty02-10-05  02:37 pm
Hair regrowth after Bulimia???Tom Hagerty21 02-19-09  11:31 am
I Sweat - AlotTom Hagerty07-25-03  11:15 am
Am I having TE? Will my hair grow back? HELP!!Eli Hochstetler32 10-30-05  04:49 pm
DHT Contagious?Tom Hagerty04-06-06  08:17 am
Head and ShouldersMarc07-31-03  02:46 pm
Unnatural thinning...or is it?Tom Hagerty05-05-04  06:21 am
Chemical hair losssportsgrl22 06-06-06  11:00 pm
IrritationAnonymous11-18-03  08:28 am
ScalpAnonymous12-16-03  07:13 pm
Sleep Mark10-29-04  04:08 pm
Drug induced hair loss??HELPTom Hagerty75 05-31-05  01:25 pm
Acquired progressive kinking of the hairAnonymous07-13-06  05:06 pm
ANTIBIOTICS AND THINNING HAIR.Tom Hagerty03-14-06  12:55 pm
Interpret my Ferritin Level!agirard17 04-09-06  05:55 pm
Thyroid & HairlossTom Hagerty27 02-11-07  10:47 am
Hair loss in a male pattern baldness distribution and seborrheic de...Mark10-29-04  02:55 pm
Possible Telogen Effluvium: page 2Tom Hagerty32 08-18-04  03:21 pm
Thinning?Tom Hagerty05-19-04  07:42 am
Hair Dye Hair Loss?vicki jones06-14-04  09:36 am
Accutane caused telogen effluvium - please help! mary06-04-04  04:09 pm
Hair pulls off easily.Chris03-20-06  06:37 pm
What should I do? weird hair loss.Jen02-24-05  05:23 am
" 'Cause I'm burning, I'm burning ..."Tom Hagerty10-22-04  03:39 pm
Hair Relaxer is making me BALD!!!ORBIT05-28-06  11:44 pm
Receding Hairlinericho02-11-06  07:54 am
Hyperthyroid and no hair loss?Anonymous07-14-06  12:40 am
Rapid male pattern baldness and other symptomsRyan B.07-30-04  10:20 pm
TE SINCE JANUARY...WHEN WILL IT STOP???????Tom Hagerty08-17-04  11:57 am
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 3Tom Hagerty54 08-13-05  09:07 am
Telogen Effluvium and Hair Shedding - Please Help! page 2Tom Hagerty51 05-31-05  08:34 am
Red Winedaver10-30-04  12:01 am
Hair Loss due to Sunburn (Please Read)tony11-17-06  01:46 pm
Teen Hair Loss (Shedding)?Tom Hagerty14 03-21-07  01:03 pm
Chronic TE or diffuse AA?Anonymous07-13-06  05:31 pm
Sudden hair thinning, possible thyroid? Anyone had similar experie...Dave10-16-04  09:53 am
How to stop oil exudation on scalp?pete10-18-04  02:01 pm
Weird looking Kinky hairs...Anonymous09-23-05  11:27 pm
Hormonal changes and hair loss.David10-21-04  08:42 pm
Hair Loss after Anorexia, page 2Andy King16 03-29-10  12:39 am
OK, Ive been diagnosed with hypothyroid, what now?Mr. Charles01-13-05  06:07 pm
Tuna.. is it bad?Becky Harris12-16-04  12:09 pm
Endo said I have a vitamin D deficiencyE.B.13 02-23-05  07:18 pm
Sebum?Eric B. Roberts11-29-04  04:24 pm
Hair and nailsM11-17-04  09:28 am
Hair Loss due to Weight decrease....Help Tom...Tom Hagerty04-28-06  07:55 am
Questions about Traction Alopecia and PigtailsAnonymous12-14-04  05:27 pm
DOES NOT WORK!!!!russ edwards21 07-18-06  12:25 pm
Drugs that "MAY" cause Hair Loss....Tony03-20-05  01:44 pm
Accutane, a cause of hair loss 7 years after the fact?Big Ginn07-11-06  03:19 pm
BCP hair lossAnonymous01-11-05  12:28 pm
Experiencing hairloss after undergoing an operationHaydn18 02-03-05  04:21 pm
Still no facial hair, age 19Reese03-14-06  02:50 am
White dots on nails?Anonymous11 07-14-06  12:51 am
Hair fadingAnonymous07-13-06  06:04 pm
Roaccutane and thinning hairTom Hagerty02-01-06  01:30 pm
Psychology and Hairloss - BDDcinderella05-28-07  02:51 pm
Does it stop?Anonymous03-14-05  08:02 am
Hair with white bulb and hair sticking outTom Hagerty04-06-05  01:50 pm
TE ??? Please read and help if you CANGraeme Australia05-22-05  01:35 am
TOM please help Karen McMillan05-23-05  04:06 pm
TOM HELP ME!!!!Tom Hagerty06-02-05  09:19 am
Tom I could really use the help.KalX05-27-05  12:40 pm
Do effluviums appear in the same pattern as MPBTom Hagerty05-30-05  06:57 am
Traction alopecia ? for TomRyan Fin05-28-05  10:00 am
Telogen Effluvium and Hair Shedding - Please Help! page 3Tilly R54 11-03-09  12:55 pm
Drug Induced Hair Loss? HELP, page 2anastasia21 05-02-08  12:06 am
Hair thinning - scalp more & more visible!Andy King12 03-29-10  12:24 am
Hairloss and poor circulationTom Hagerty06-14-05  01:12 pm
QUESTION FOR TOMTom Hagerty06-20-05  07:45 am
Any suggestions...? maybe TE?Anonymous07-08-05  10:21 am
Just took out the twistsAnonymous07-06-05  11:44 pm
Something i noticedAnonymous07-08-05  02:34 pm
Endocrine disorder?Anonymous07-07-05  05:59 pm
Hair loss from DHEA supplement - HELPHolly07-12-05  06:08 pm
Drug- induced hairlossBon07-16-05  08:39 am
Is it MPB or wat??Anonymous07-26-05  12:03 am
Weight Gain???Anonymous09-07-05  04:38 pm
TE.....please helpRahul08-01-05  11:02 pm
Bleaching....help me.....pleaseTino Bora07-28-05  09:14 am
Working out and eating right....Am I going about this the right way?Anonymous07-31-05  04:34 pm
My thyroid tests...Anonymous09-23-05  03:22 am
Wats the cure..?Ritchie08-06-05  02:36 am
Does hairloss from thyroid racoverAnonymous09-23-05  03:29 am
Is this telogen effluvium??Bon+08-13-05  11:10 am
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 4Tom Hagerty44 11-10-05  12:00 pm
Hot water OR cold waterAnonymous10 09-14-05  04:14 pm
My Shampoo is it safe?daver08-26-05  09:09 am
Why am i losing my hair? what is my diagnoses?Andy King03-29-10  12:30 am
Tom, do you use hair loss productsPete.09-02-05  12:07 pm
Does this mean one is losing their hairBon09-04-05  12:24 pm
I cant get rid of this psoriasis or itching no matter what i doryenzerone10 09-08-05  10:44 am
Telogen Effluvium!!Tom Hagerty10 07-05-08  09:00 am
Roaccutane triggers MPB ?Chris10-02-05  11:32 am
Not sure what kind of hair loss I haveBrian14 11-16-05  08:49 pm
Burning Scalp and Hair loss all overDownunder12 10-17-05  06:50 pm
Hair loss and brittle hair shaftTom Hagerty10-26-05  08:22 am
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 5Tom Hagerty51 12-13-05  12:59 pm
Can Anti-Dandruff Shampoo cause worse dandruff?Anagen12-23-05  11:58 am
Losing eyebrows caused by TE ?Anonymous16 07-14-06  12:11 am
Possible telogen effluvium, page 6Tom Hagerty106 06-05-09  09:27 am
Wow, i think im fighting the wrong fight **Seborrheic dermatitis!...Anonymous01-23-06  11:52 pm
First hairloss....now Eyebrow lossSomebody03-14-06  10:35 pm
Thin hair/receding hairline and hyperthyroidismAnonymous03-13-06  01:34 pm
Can TE lead to MPB?Paul z03-16-06  10:02 pm
Hair loss on topAnonymous04-19-06  12:57 am
TE? Seb derm? MPB? Baffled .... any help? Matvei04-29-06  12:40 am
Raised TLCs and neutrophilis level...........anyone around ????Tom Hagerty05-01-06  08:20 am
Question for Tomblackenedanger05-08-06  11:16 pm
TE or Burned scalp - PLEASE HELP, can't figure it outAnonymous05-11-06  03:46 pm
TE - so many trigger factors but none fit the bill exaclty Shania C05-21-06  07:25 am
TE what the hell???bumblebee05-20-06  07:58 am
If I go to..bumblebee05-19-06  08:49 am
After a period of stress i lost a large amount of hairpanos06-16-06  08:45 am
Not shedding anymore but not growing either!Mark06-26-06  02:44 pm
Intestinal dysbosis (antibiotic-induced?) hair lossTom Hagerty06-29-06  08:48 am
You know what other hairloss problem I have?!?!?!Gabe07-05-06  03:46 pm
Hair loss and Retin-A?AmyBee07-07-06  02:30 pm
Diffuse thinning all over no explanation!billy32 08-05-06  11:30 am
Telogen effluvium- possible causes???bumblebee08-02-06  07:35 am
Bilirubin???joe joe08-09-06  09:39 am
Chronic or recurrent TE?momtothree09-25-06  09:10 am
Please HELP .TA? AA? TT + AA or something else johny d 11 09-06-06  09:20 am
Serum Ferritin of 12 and told "not a problem"Gina W10 09-25-06  02:55 pm
How many have SEVERE scalp pain?Gina W09-29-06  07:55 pm
I dont know much at all about this and am a bit worried!Lisamarie 11-25-06  07:38 am
Is this TE? or caused by Accutane. Confusedkelvin01-10-07  05:56 am
Article on Alopecia areataCd101-10-07  10:14 pm
Post accutane hair loss storiesGyan02-22-07  07:04 am
Hair pulled out will it grow?KJ03-23-07  03:08 pm
Post accutane hair loss help!!Andy R14 04-09-07  01:55 pm
Thinning at the sidesKJ03-23-07  03:10 pm
Minoxidil withdrawal effectsJulio G03-25-07  01:25 pm
Stress/headaches/adderall- I think I have TE HELPGyan04-06-07  09:38 am
Survey for Accutane hair loss sufferersjade M04-17-07  05:51 am
Telogen Effluvium??Alex G04-18-07  03:50 pm
ERVAMARTIN Gautam P05-02-07  08:53 pm
Recovery (Advice) How Long Does It Take?cinderella05-28-07  05:46 pm
Hair straightener causing baldness?Mike05-16-07  01:38 pm
What type of hair loss is this (with picture)?Downunder05-29-07  06:07 am
Once the shedding stops (Accutane-related)Tom Hagerty06-07-07  09:07 am
What ferritin level is best for growthcinderella05-28-07  02:54 pm
Hair falling is only 12 months oldTom Hagerty05-29-07  08:52 am
Help With SheddingTim13 07-10-07  02:05 pm
Armour, Hypothyroid, India?Ritchie07-02-07  11:23 pm
Temperature change, thyroid, stress...shed worse than others, any s...Tom Hagerty07-21-07  11:11 am
TE Timeline and questionsTom Hagerty11-29-07  02:25 pm
How quick does hair loss begin from taking medication?Meckert07-25-07  02:39 pm
Post-Telogen Effluvium Evaluation (Accutane)Tom Hagerty08-01-07  09:35 am
For Those Depressed By Hair LossTom Hagerty08-12-07  10:46 am
Wierd diffuse hair loss - TE??Tom Hagerty08-27-07  10:00 am
For TomTom Hagerty08-18-07  02:53 pm
I think I've got TETom Hagerty08-30-07  05:16 pm
Hair to start returning to normal Sean C09-27-07  01:24 pm
TE with very little white bulbsJack N08-31-07  12:22 pm
When Hair Starts to ReturnSean C09-13-07  01:18 pm
Unxplained hairlossTom Hagerty09-10-07  01:38 pm
Lots of hair loss and acne due to finasteride usejoshua07-23-10  10:02 am
Grains of Sand in Hair?Hair Tomorrow09-19-07  12:07 pm
Recent hairlossTom Hagerty01-12-08  09:41 am
Strange case of chronic telogen effluviumTom Hagerty02-28-09  04:07 pm
Hair loss linked to Accutane... please help !!Alex82 11-18-09  10:24 pm
Can job termination trigger telogen effluvium?Tom Hagerty02-07-08  08:55 am
TE...CTE.. or?mp03-24-08  06:24 pm
Can Accutane cause Diffuse AA?Tom Hagerty04-24-08  08:44 am
Help me out plzz...!Jack N05-14-08  11:00 pm
Telogen effluvium after general anesthesiaTom Hagerty05-24-08  08:10 am
When to start counting 6 months for regrowth after a bout of TETom Hagerty06-20-08  02:09 pm
Stress related?Tom Hagerty06-21-08  09:48 am
Falling hair with headache issue?kumar07-31-08  08:47 am
Waterfall ripped off my hairKJ08-03-08  06:22 am
Sudden hairloss, Thyroid, Stress, Weight Loss, Diabetic med combo?Jeanie 21 10-02-08  10:46 am
Child with T.E.? Tom Hagerty08-24-08  12:33 pm
Diffuse hair loss from Yasmin BCPHelen S11-24-08  08:37 am
Hair loss with bumps, itchingHolly M11-04-08  02:56 pm
Double whammy, Seborheic Dermatitis + ETadam paul14 06-02-09  12:43 pm
Is this even possible?Jacob G02-15-09  06:12 am
Any success stories?Scott F01-13-09  04:15 pm
Excessive sebum production in the eyebrows?Jacob G01-10-09  10:47 pm
Telogen Effluvium Success StoryJacob G02-01-09  04:16 am
Teenage Hair LossMichael C02-07-09  01:32 am
Is this TE?Graham N02-05-09  12:07 pm
Telogen effluvium and birth control pillsKM08-17-09  08:37 pm
TE screws with the nails, right?Christine S07-27-09  08:37 pm
Can't find answers searching the net for this question, TOM please ...Christine S15 07-18-09  01:50 am
Hair loss - leggsMickey H03-05-09  10:57 am
Traction Alopecia Resolvable??Jacob G03-25-09  08:56 am
Bruised temple and hair lossAsh03-31-09  10:13 am
White Bulb question for Tom.Tom Hagerty05-01-09  09:20 am
Azothioprine related hair lossTom Hagerty05-01-09  09:51 am
TETom Hagerty10 06-06-09  08:02 am
Bald spots from hair extensions.Tom Hagerty06-05-09  10:33 am
Possible telogen effluvium, page 7Tom Hagerty47 01-30-10  09:43 am
Alopecia AreataTom Hagerty07-15-09  08:19 am
So, wtf is this? ._.adam paul10-23-09  03:41 am
Vitamin D/Calcium and Iron DeficiencyTom Hagerty10-17-09  03:20 pm
1.5 years. Still shedding.Tom Hagerty12 03-31-10  12:44 pm
Teeth & AlopeciaBelinda D11-21-09  06:35 pm
Chronc tellogenNeal L12-14-09  12:57 pm
Swine Flu/High Fever and Telogen Effluvium Tom Hagerty04-06-10  10:59 am
Hair loss, lack of sleep, stress...I could use some helpTom Hagerty07-05-10  07:27 am
I think I have a receding hairline. Wtf gives? Any ideas?David R07-17-10  04:26 pm
Tingling scalp -- but only on the one sideDavid R08-01-10  12:45 pm
Hair and period loss caused by anorexia :-(?...Tom Hagerty10-31-10  02:21 pm
Hair GrowthTom Hagerty11-11-10  09:15 am
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