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Losing itJenifer66 05-29-04  02:26 am
Funny businessBryan J01-08-07  08:46 am
"borderline" anemia and hair lossTom Hagerty70 08-24-04  11:36 am
General anesthesiaAnnie 34 10-08-07  09:17 am
Losing lots of hairTom Hagerty49 08-18-04  02:17 pm
Female with male pattern baldnessTom Hagerty12 05-06-09  08:48 am
Chemical AlopeciaAnonymous26 02-20-06  07:57 am
Hair loss and HRTJenifer05-24-04  12:21 am
Nizoral twopercent shampoo ryan10-31-05  03:00 pm
Hair loss doctorsTom Hagerty16 11-13-08  09:30 am
HELP!!!! VERY noticeable hair loss - and I'm ONLY 21!!! Tom Hagerty15 12-08-05  07:46 am
Hair loss that started at 24pete137 03-11-06  12:56 am
Hair Loss - permanent/temporary dyesj clark32 06-07-06  11:00 am
Scalp exercisesAnonymous54 07-13-06  11:39 pm
Hair loss at 23 years oldLeeAnn Cohen23 04-21-06  08:43 pm
Birth Control Pill?KM115 02-18-10  09:20 pm
ConfusedMaryam65 02-28-05  02:07 am
MY DHEA LEVEL IS 809Lisa B09-02-09  06:51 am
But I'm only twenty...!Emily04-25-03  10:40 pm
Several Hair Loss QuestionsAnonymous13 09-13-05  05:55 pm
Female pattern baldness and aging. Those over 50.Sian04-13-06  06:16 am
Question for Tom - Please Help if You CanTom Hagerty13 05-31-09  02:54 pm
Stress Related Hair LossAnna Bunna03-22-06  06:19 pm
Inherited hair lossAnonymous10 07-13-06  11:43 pm
Any recommendations on shampoos/ conditioners for thinning hair?candy dalton03-21-05  08:37 pm
Question for Tom Re Hair Loss on Side of HeadAnonymous16 07-08-04  09:51 pm
Anti Depressants... Rufus HD15 09-23-06  11:00 pm
Underweight with hairloss HELPminnerds11-04-03  12:37 pm
Major hairloss 29yr old, from low dose betablocker? help Anonymous07-14-06  12:30 am
My dermatologist "pooh-poohed" low ferritin levelAnonymous07-14-06  12:06 am
Aldactonejanet..for kris06-03-04  07:49 am
Progesterone Restores Hair GrowthAnonymous07-14-06  06:21 am
Traction alopecia -- will hair regrow...? Jenifer11 07-07-04  07:52 pm
Question about TE or FPHAnonymous07-23-04  04:56 pm
Low Thyroid and Hair Lossotheranonymous09-26-05  04:49 pm
Losing Lots of Hair, page 2Tom Hagerty44 06-25-09  08:41 am
"Borderline" anemia and hair loss, page 2Tom Hagerty41 02-07-05  01:59 pm
Is this Te AGAIN?Anonymous20 11-05-05  09:38 am
Help, hair thinning, and i've only turned 18!!!Tom Hagerty10 01-30-05  08:28 am
BCP hair loss recoveryKM11-04-09  09:30 am
"Borderline" anemia and hair loss, page3Tom Hagerty36 07-14-05  07:41 am
Hair loss in young women -- help!!!Tom Hagerty08-19-06  07:44 am
Hair extensions question for Tom and/or female postersAngel10-16-05  09:36 am
"Borderline" anemia and hair loss, page 4Tom Hagerty55 06-11-06  07:53 am
Hairloss coeralation with low labidoeleanor09-18-05  02:35 pm
Does Botox cause female hair loss ?eleanor09-18-05  03:36 pm
Melatonin increases anagen hair rate in women with androgenetic alo...Gabe07-05-06  05:07 pm
Help!!! Differences in CTE vs AGA? How do Drs. differentiate betwee...Ritchie17 01-11-06  01:35 pm
Is it CTE or female AGA? Don't know which Drs. to believe.pauline03-19-06  04:28 am
Can an IUD cause hair loss ? amyjean198312 06-21-06  01:33 am
PLEASE HELP I'M DESPERATE!Gabe02-01-06  01:27 pm
Low Ferrititn/Hair lossAnonymous04-10-06  03:33 pm
Tom-question on Scalp Biopsies...Tom Hagerty02-21-06  08:05 am
I'm 16 and thinning hairhonest04-04-06  02:16 pm
Will TE show minaturization?Joe09-07-06  09:37 pm
PERMANENT Telogen Effluvium?? HELP!Tom Hagerty08-02-06  07:29 am
Soy- hair loss link?Holly07-03-06  10:23 am
Short hairskC11 06-20-10  12:32 am
27 year old with hairloss nightmare/ seeking holistic curesmomtothree09-25-06  09:05 am
Coming out fast, so freaked outCS09-19-06  01:13 pm
Hair and Scalp ClinicDownunder09-27-06  07:24 pm
Low Ferritin levels, post partum, runner and stress!!Tom Hagerty11 03-05-07  08:17 am
? For Tom- Dr. WhitingTom Hagerty10 11-08-06  08:40 am
Hair thinning and dandruff...?jade M01-01-07  05:24 pm
Low SF and Birth controlGina W02-01-07  06:32 pm
Diffuse alopeciaTom Hagerty09-13-07  11:37 am
RogaineTom Hagerty01-14-07  09:01 am
Going completely bald?Gina W02-17-07  08:30 pm
Igf-1Tom Hagerty02-18-07  08:15 am
Miniturized follicles gina02-17-07  09:07 pm
Pernicious anemia?Gina W13 03-16-07  09:24 am
Tom?Gina W03-21-07  03:14 pm
Email that I sent to Florisene - wondering what your thoughts areGina W03-28-07  03:25 pm
What other problemsbesides hairlossGina W04-07-07  02:51 pm
Now what?beehive05-07-07  05:03 pm
New Growth or Breakage?Tom Hagerty05-01-07  08:23 am
Thinning hair and positive ANA...that's itE. Ham05-18-07  03:45 pm
Can prolonged excessive scalp heat cause hair loss??Ritchie36 07-09-07  01:12 pm
Question for Tom re: Synthroid & hair lossTom Hagerty06-26-07  02:36 pm
Losing hair in 2 areasShametrice07-05-07  04:26 pm
Female pattern baldnessRitchie07-29-07  02:32 pm
HormonesGina W09-04-07  03:24 pm
Loss of and thinning hairJC08-03-07  05:52 am
Question about AGAGina W09-05-07  02:01 pm
First Time Posting-Losing my hairCheryl24 01-02-08  11:18 pm
ORAL Nizoral Gina W12 11-09-07  07:47 am
Can one recover from multiple hair loss triggers? HELP!Jeanie 71 02-01-08  05:35 pm
Question for Gina WKatharine B11-28-07  03:03 pm
Dr. Geoffrey RedmondTom Hagerty11-19-07  10:51 am
DHEA and DHT levelsGina W11-28-07  08:26 am
Low ferritin levels slowly rising- hair loss accellerating!Jeanie 16 01-29-08  12:41 pm
Laser therapyTom Hagerty12-15-07  08:19 am
DHT TESTTom Hagerty12-14-07  02:08 pm
How do you raise Ferritin levels without getting serum iron levels ...Tom Hagerty03-18-08  11:11 am
Synthroid/Hair Loss/RegrowthJeanie 01-21-08  01:22 pm
Hair relaxer turn to a disasterTom Hagerty04-21-08  02:46 pm
Reductil/ Meridia URGENT PLEASE HELPMr. MA05-22-08  03:58 pm
Questions about accutane and chronic telogen effluviumB. Avi08-19-08  05:56 pm
Another Ferritin/Iron QuestionJeanie 09-30-08  03:51 pm
Advice pleaseMelissa09-30-08  01:41 pm
Telogen Effluvium- Is it?Tom Hagerty10-24-08  12:46 pm
Hairloss and burning sensation on scalpTom Hagerty11-18-08  07:56 am
Hairloss and the Flu VaccineTom Hagerty11-21-08  01:12 pm
Androgenetic AlopeicaKM12 12-21-08  12:50 pm
Hair loss patternKM12-18-08  08:18 am
Shedding or thinningTom Hagerty07-08-09  08:27 am
TomKM12-29-08  09:23 am
Need Tom's adviceKM01-13-09  02:36 pm
Lyme'sKM02-05-09  04:15 pm
Tom help!KM02-11-09  12:09 pm
Barbara HKM02-16-09  07:27 pm
Damage due to stylingKM03-01-09  07:45 pm
30 year old losing hair...help!KM13 07-20-09  08:27 pm
Ferritn levels going DOWN? What's the deal?Tom Hagerty03-19-09  01:44 pm
UPDATEKM04-26-09  01:31 pm
GardasilKM05-18-09  02:55 pm
Help!Tom Hagerty06-02-09  11:40 am
Tom help!KM06-30-09  11:29 am
Coming off birth control pillKM08-02-09  05:00 pm
39 and Losing hair after yaz.Tom Hagerty08-10-09  10:41 am
Question for TomTom Hagerty09-23-09  11:00 am
Losing hair of different lengths, is it AGA or TE?Tom Hagerty10-14-09  12:29 pm
Apple polyHT10-19-09  09:07 pm
Testosterone LevelsTom Hagerty10-31-09  08:30 am
BCP cycle changes & Hair lossHeidi P11-18-09  12:08 pm
My Continuing Hair Loss JourneyJeny 02-27-10  03:03 pm
Tom, please help! Advice is needed!Julia N08-12-10  11:38 am
Frustrated About Hair ThinningTom Hagerty04-03-10  12:44 pm
18 yr. old with thin hairKM07-23-10  12:54 pm
Topical retinoidsTom Hagerty06-09-10  08:34 am
Scalp SweatTom Hagerty07-19-10  01:37 pm
Androgenic alopecia or effluviumTom Hagerty12 08-08-10  01:50 pm
When will my hair grow back?Tom Hagerty10-22-10  09:27 am
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