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Normal hair falloutTom Hagerty131 04-14-04  09:00 am
Bald for a long timeBon14 07-19-05  12:56 pm
Say it isn't so--Do I have to give up smoking? Andy King38 03-29-10  12:44 am
I'm beginning to look like a "dick head."Justn Harvey12-01-06  08:54 am
Baldness and virilityAndy King21 03-10-10  03:41 am
Oily scalp and baldnessAnonymous28 01-04-06  07:10 pm
MPB or Alopecia Areata or What?Anonymous13 07-14-06  06:36 am
New Products combating hairloss...Ferret37 07-03-04  01:30 pm
Genes and MPB19 hairs06-23-04  08:29 pm
Number of times hair can grow:Armando10-10-05  10:56 am
A cure?Alexander13 08-21-09  02:22 pm
Hairline is receedingAleixo32 07-23-09  05:28 pm
Dandruff and hair loss?cantreveal26 01-13-07  01:54 am
Saini Herbal Scalp & Hair ConditionerEric06-26-06  05:43 pm
Body Hair and Hair Loss:Guia19 09-19-09  12:56 pm
Vitamin E intakeTom Hagerty07-03-02  08:59 am
Losing hair all over scalpJacob G01-04-09  11:29 pm
DHT levels and hair lossAnonymous46 07-14-06  12:42 am
HEREDITYMichael K23 08-28-10  04:17 pm
Chewing and Hair LossTom Hagerty12 05-16-03  07:12 am
Scalp circulation and hair lossTom Hagerty05-27-04  07:50 am
My progress so farAnonymous13 07-13-06  11:41 pm
Hair on pillowAnonymous07-13-06  11:45 pm
Scalp pain followed by hair lossTom Hagerty45 09-29-04  09:25 am
Male with female pattern?Tom Hagerty05-07-04  07:16 am
Smoking and hairlossAnonymous11 07-14-06  06:50 am
Stopping PropeciaTom Hagerty11 11-15-02  08:26 am
Dutasteride and HM with Dr. Gho:Anonymous28 07-14-06  06:20 am
This could be the cure.Victor Lee 12 05-02-05  10:08 pm
My dad is really bald!Tom Hagerty01-11-06  08:40 am
Maintaining what i haveTom Hagerty01-17-03  11:56 am
Very young, and very confusedPaul z22 06-08-05  08:50 pm
Early 20's and noticable thinningTom Hagerty35 11-15-06  11:38 am
Thinning in More Places Than My HeadPaul z06-07-05  10:00 pm
Fight Hairloss!Lou Gauthier16 04-24-06  02:41 pm
Diet/Excersise/LifestyleAnonymous03-18-04  09:21 am
What will a dermatoligist do?Anonymous16 07-14-06  05:44 am
Hair folliclesTom Hagerty03-21-03  08:04 am
Atkins DietAnonymous19 07-14-06  12:35 am
The norwood scaleTom Hagerty03-19-03  09:00 am
Accutane and a receding hairline?Tom Hagerty53 12-15-06  09:15 am
Hair loss shapeAnonymous04-16-03  10:45 am
AGA diagnoseTom Hagerty04-20-03  09:07 am
Hair loss and worryAnonymous02-25-05  11:59 am
SexDrive/Hairlossjack brown17 10-03-05  03:10 am
Tingly itchy scalp - only in regions that are 'currently' shedding....Paul z19 08-25-05  09:23 pm
Water and hair lossSilvio Dante 10 03-20-05  09:09 pm
A new theoryabout that homeless wino who has better hair than all o...daver11 11-02-05  09:56 am
Oxygen and hair lossTom Hagerty03-02-05  12:24 pm
SuggestionMikhail 11-03-10  03:16 am
Hairloss predominant in certain races?Anonymous15 06-08-04  08:20 pm
Insulin and hair loss?Tom Hagerty46 08-31-08  10:53 am
Does it work?Anonymous11 05-19-03  02:26 am
My last ditch planTom Hagerty10 05-18-03  09:15 am
Telogen Effluvium or MPB?Tom Hagerty10 05-24-03  08:56 am
Eyebrows and baldness, is there a connection??Anonymous10-03-05  09:02 am
Hair Coming Back On It's OwnTom Hagerty12-20-05  07:55 am
Is vasolidation the cure?Ben11 06-22-03  09:52 pm
I REALLY wanna do this exerciseAdrian12 02-28-07  12:40 pm
Digestion and hair loss?ethan shalles04-22-04  02:27 am
Headstand efficacysteven12 11-08-04  12:48 pm
Supplementation dosage questions (newbie)kk03-27-06  11:46 pm
Whats to be done about a greasy scalpAnonymous15 07-14-06  12:48 am
Wearing a hat- good or bad?Pete10 03-31-06  08:55 pm
Just a thought about MPB and attractionJP23 09-24-04  07:44 pm
Study on Mercury in fish and hairloss?marc06-30-03  11:32 am
Insulin resistance questio n for everyonetl06-29-03  07:26 pm
Hair loss below the sock lineAnonymous07-01-03  02:09 pm
L-Glutamine safe to take?Anonymous07-13-06  05:07 pm
Pretty white teeth=pretty hair?mitch04-05-06  02:47 am
Tight scalpAnonymous25 11-10-05  07:28 pm
Is there anyway to stop frontal baldness??Tom Hagerty08-27-03  02:18 pm
A quick question for you TomAnonymous07-14-06  06:50 am
Would heat help hair lossTom Hagerty04-01-04  06:07 am
Them white bulbsAnonymous11 12-19-05  11:48 pm
More on Them White BulbsAnonymous12 05-23-05  08:35 pm
How Much Brewers Yeast is EnoughTom Hagerty27 09-27-06  06:51 am
Electronic Hair Stimulator ProductA02-07-06  04:21 pm
Must 5 types of Testosterone be blocked??Anonymous07-14-06  06:58 am
Tom and everybody please comment about thisAnonymous16 03-30-05  01:42 am
DHT effectsTom Hagerty01-02-04  07:50 am
Vellus hairs or new hair growth?Anonymous10-28-03  10:39 am
Trichagen??Anonymous19 07-14-06  06:48 am
Celebrity MethodsAnonymous77 07-13-06  11:25 pm
Pulling HairTom Hagerty11-05-03  01:13 pm
Yoga HeadstandsOmendra01-01-06  06:26 am
The "Naked Ape"Johhny12-07-03  10:24 pm
Hello HelloJohhny12-19-03  01:16 pm
Washing your Hair (YOUR WAY!)Marc12-20-03  01:08 pm
Acne and Hair lossAnonymous11 03-02-04  09:17 am
Roaccutane and hair lossBon09-02-05  03:03 pm
Monoxidil+Propeciasalman22 03-20-05  11:43 pm
Weightlifting?Tom Hagerty12 04-21-09  08:59 am
DHT articleSteve01-08-04  10:28 am
Shampoo sebum and hair loss connectionChris01-27-04  05:53 am
Dandruff's Affect on RegrowthBon20 09-05-05  08:32 am
If you were to choose...Tom Hagerty17 01-29-04  07:39 am
Future of hair lossAnonymous07-14-06  12:34 am
Theories re: baldnessTom Hagerty32 03-14-06  07:49 am
Early 20's and losing hairAnonymous17 04-01-04  12:48 pm
Hair loss myths?Anonymous03-01-04  02:27 pm
Vitamins and stop smoking.Mr. Smith03-03-04  02:02 am
Interesting Study on Blood Circulation.headstandman11 04-14-04  08:48 am
Tom, me thinks you know what causeth MPBBon05-04-05  02:45 pm
Foods to Eat and To AvoidTom Hagerty12 10-20-05  09:06 am
Minoxidil / Propecia / Procerin / Nisim / Phyto - break it down!Anonymous10 07-14-06  12:46 am
Not eating meat contributing to hair loss?Gabe15 12-22-07  07:58 pm
HOW TO CURE LONG TERM PROPECIA SIDE EFFECTS!!Graeme Australia09-27-04  04:09 am
Question about comparisons among productsAnonymous14 07-13-06  05:09 pm
Normal Hair Fallout, Part IITom Hagerty43 09-12-04  01:51 pm
Back to square one...Tom Hagerty15 10-21-05  07:54 am
Vertex bald spot and going bald?ChicagoJohn04-21-04  12:52 pm
Black or White bulbsTom Hagerty05-17-04  06:32 am
Vitamin A questionTom Hagerty11 04-29-04  07:30 am
S. Foote's Theory of MPBTom Hagerty22 10-02-04  01:15 pm
It's Been a Year Now of Doing the SEAnonymous15 05-06-04  07:22 am
Hi.. I'm very concernedThe Orignal Bobby05-03-04  09:33 pm
Scalp muscule exercise ..... IDIOTIC!!!TerriYoung29 10-17-05  02:55 pm
Matthew McConaughey mistery ....Anonymous11 07-13-06  05:57 pm
University is the catalyst of MPBExeterlad10 05-26-04  03:20 pm
SchiztophrenicsAnonymous14 07-13-06  11:44 pm
Gynecomastia and hairlossAnonymous05-17-04  06:43 am
Propecia & nisim shampoo plus extractAnonymous05-17-04  05:30 am
Baseball capsAnonymous22 07-13-06  10:16 am
Accutane and thinning hairAnonymous07-14-06  06:32 am
Stem cell; hmm...Anonymous02-01-05  02:30 pm
Nisim vs. NizoralJacob M10-20-06  06:46 pm
TESTOSTERONETom Hagerty05-19-04  01:11 pm
Jogging and Boxing - Hair Loss?Tom Hagerty16 01-06-06  08:43 am
How frequently should i shampooPKA05-21-04  02:35 am
Coffee or TeaAnonymous40 07-14-06  06:26 am
Help me out pleasemike05-29-04  02:45 pm
Not entirely sure if im going bald...Anonymous07-13-06  05:46 pm
One 22 year old balding man's storyTom Hagerty58 06-16-04  08:30 am
Does brushing make your hair stronger?Tom Hagerty12 10-29-10  09:39 am
Hairs without bulb are falling outAnonymous06-11-04  10:51 am
Question about Supplimens/NutrientsTom Hagerty06-15-04  08:26 am
One 22 year old balding man's story, page 2Tom Hagerty38 02-13-05  10:30 am
Balding. or just paranoid?irie103-07-06  03:03 pm
Brewers YeastJenifer06-28-04  12:09 am
Vitamin BPKA07-03-04  08:10 am
Admin,or anyone,please help me,it is important to me!David07-08-04  12:14 pm
Male Pattern Baldness and Facial Hair (or lack of)Bon08-21-05  07:09 am
Minoxidil questionAnagen17 12-23-05  07:31 am
Green teaJenifer13 07-14-04  10:33 pm
Azelaic Acid and Hair Losshair_tomorrow04-27-06  11:00 am
12 days on propecia and growingIsaac07-19-04  11:47 am
First day on indian dutasteridejerry_pursall41 02-20-06  01:56 pm
Stop hairloss in its tracks naturallykory18 12-07-04  05:54 am
Erection Problems Propeciamark silva07-27-06  11:38 am
Brewers YeastTom Hagerty07-22-04  08:32 am
Scalp exercises and questions for tomTom Hagerty20 08-03-10  08:12 am
Question for tom about scalp exerciseTom Hagerty07-24-04  09:10 am
Tom, Can I pick your brain?Anonymous13 06-11-05  11:50 am
DHTpete30 12-04-04  03:51 am
Blocking DHTmichael12 08-03-04  03:47 am
How long before we have a cure?Arne Nonym22 09-10-04  06:03 am
LASER LIGHT HAIR THERAPYBryan Johnsen12 01-05-07  01:48 am
The burden of receedingTom Hagerty08-07-04  10:23 am
Head hair loss, legs hair growthBon08-18-05  08:09 pm
Clear mind and hair lossmichael08-17-04  03:08 am
EQUOLjefff44 12-29-05  07:45 pm
Head stands /increasing blood to headJenifer08-16-04  02:49 pm
Unusual hairloss?Anonymous32 12-17-04  06:52 pm
How vulnerable is hair? Jenifer08-20-04  02:33 pm
An epiphany/ blood flow scalpcurious20 03-18-06  03:16 pm
For Pete....How much dosage of these should I take..?pete28 10-25-04  12:55 pm
Soy???? Tofu???? Anonymous16 08-15-05  01:08 am
Inflammed and itching scalpTom13 11-05-04  06:17 pm
The space above my earsAnonymous09-11-04  05:36 am
My hair losspleaser09-01-04  03:00 pm
Used Propecia for 2 monthsMichael big M18 07-11-06  09:34 am
Androgen receptor blockerAnonymous09-12-04  12:42 am
Tom, what's new on the STEM CELL approach?Tom Hagerty10 09-14-04  08:15 am
Normal Hair Fallout, page 3Tom Hagerty52 06-20-05  08:34 am
Hairloss products does not workyhi35 03-07-06  08:40 am
Bad Soy???Anonymous10 12-30-05  01:55 pm
Proscar, Hair Loss And AcneAnonymous07-14-06  06:59 am
Scalp pain followed by hair loss, page 2Tom Hagerty38 07-27-08  08:32 am
Hybrid Method: Proscar + Scalp Exercises ???PKA10-05-04  06:28 pm
Revivogen?HereIam11 07-01-05  03:15 am
Diffuse Thinning, Itchy Scalpkory12-07-04  05:53 am
Anyone see this when first lossing their hair?jtkwn10-29-04  02:45 pm
Psoriasis or serboheicc dermatitisDylan11-04-04  03:54 pm
FOODSmiki20 12-20-05  04:50 pm
Personal situationTom Hagerty12 01-24-05  10:10 am
MEDICATIONS THAT CAUSE HAIR LOSShair_tomorrow12 05-03-06  07:20 am
Tom A QUESTION about Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)Tom Hagerty12-12-04  09:26 am
Best topical solutionmichael ftcop12-07-04  08:10 am
Tom-What shampoo do you prefer?pete26 12-15-04  01:30 pm
Effectiveness of minoxidil? Adding something more to boost it...Anonymous12-13-04  06:14 pm
How to regrow YOUR HAIR............. It's simple..irieone19 01-05-06  04:24 pm
MUST READ!!! SCIENTIFICAL BREAKTHROUGH PREVENTS HAIRLOSS!!!!look at an asian wom12 03-07-05  06:07 pm
New hair growth from bald scalp of 22 years.Anonymous08-18-05  05:41 pm
Cure for SD/PsaoriasisMichael big M12 02-21-05  10:49 am
Picture updates should i continue with treatmentucsbguy12 12-30-04  01:50 pm
My Hair Lost StoryAnonymous06-20-05  01:47 pm
Wine Vinegar mitch13 06-22-05  02:15 am
Safe to take hair loss pills at 18??Anonymous12-27-04  05:39 pm
Minoxidil toleranceTom Hagerty01-08-05  08:50 am
Hairloss Preventions and Solutions BRAINSTORM EXTRACTAnonymous07-14-06  06:51 am
Proof that scalp exercises workdaver15 01-15-05  07:17 am
Tom - What's Your Family History For Baldness?Henry01-20-05  06:23 am
Any here in it for the long haul?Michael big M19 06-28-05  11:50 pm
MPB / UV Exposure Link?Freddie11 02-05-05  12:24 am
Chicks dig balding dudesAnonymous10 09-02-05  10:15 pm
To Tom - Regarding facial hairM02-15-05  01:21 pm
Possible new cureangel48 07-21-05  01:12 am
Great site for hair loss.Tom Hagerty02-03-05  09:50 am
Checkered PatternLEO02-14-05  10:42 am
Seborrheic dermatitis please helpZ02-23-06  02:07 pm
What is hairs true purpose?Merowing18 02-15-05  02:00 pm
How to "break the news" to familyArne Nonym11 02-10-05  02:45 pm
What are you looking for with a hair-regrowth product?Merowing16 02-16-05  02:20 pm
Really bad dandruff! JC02-16-05  06:28 pm
Going grunge and sheddingdaver37 06-21-05  03:44 am
Here it goes.....Michael big M19 02-21-05  11:02 am
Chances for regrowth and should I discontinue using other products?Paul02-26-05  02:34 pm
My family historyPaul34 03-26-05  09:01 pm
Styling gels... good or bad for the long haul?Greg12 03-14-05  05:51 pm
Body Hair- Is this True?wolfman20 03-14-05  04:33 pm
PUBIC HAIRMichael big M10 04-12-05  02:05 am
Baseball caps and hairlossPaul03-11-05  10:45 pm
Interesting observation: Jocks vs. nerdsArne Nonym03-28-05  01:24 pm
Pictures of my hair, what do you think?daver49 05-07-05  08:10 am
What's a GOOD shampooAnonymous14 06-02-06  04:24 am
My experience with propeciaT14 02-17-06  11:48 am
Scalp MedDeniseDuncan14 06-29-06  10:03 am
Immune systempete04-02-05  01:40 am
Really starting to wonder..Anonymous11 04-18-05  11:38 am
Estoy en un norwood 6Ronaldo G22 09-23-05  09:50 am
Antihistamine for Hairlossmb12 05-01-05  09:56 am
Lazer light undergoing study in PhilaPaul10 04-21-05  08:40 pm
May I join you?Anonymous15 06-03-05  09:44 pm
SIDE EFFECTS FOR MPBSpaceCowboy57 09-03-05  02:54 pm
Diuretics and hairloss..........Anonymous07-13-06  04:29 pm
Testosterone levelsAerosmith05-04-05  09:03 am
Observations on Baldness, vested interests and money......Tom Hagerty19 05-19-05  08:50 am
Wall Street Journal: Hair cloning as slilver bullet may take awhile...Anonymous05-22-05  01:41 pm
How long did it take for u to lose the majority of your hair?Michael big M10 05-11-05  11:19 pm
L'Oreal's research and another New Medical theory......michael ong13 08-26-05  11:51 pm
Japanese researchers.......Proanthocyanidin results....bh26 05-25-05  08:47 pm
Another great day ruined by hairloss!Anonymous15 07-13-06  05:39 pm
Propecia and Male Breast Enlargement??Andrew16 09-15-05  05:24 am
Minoxodil Dependency...........Adrian14 02-28-07  12:15 pm
Itchy scalpMichael big M06-05-05  01:15 am
Normal Hair Fallout, page 4Andy King23 03-24-10  05:22 am
Xandrox 15, and The Perricone PerscriptionAnonymous10 07-14-06  12:27 am
Preventing hairlossPaul z09-05-05  07:28 pm
Propecia and hairlossKorilian10 07-19-05  11:51 am
Fast food and hairlossTom Hagerty11 07-03-05  07:45 am
What about... "the shine" ?Downunder08-01-05  02:39 am
Short tapered hairs along hairlinewatch out07-08-05  09:42 pm
Hairline is fine???Anonymous10 07-21-05  07:38 am
Tom's PhotosTony10 07-26-05  10:26 pm
Cortisone too stop hairloss? my dermatologist gave me..KURTIS BLOWER08-01-05  02:48 pm
DHT AND HAIRLOSS! thekid729 08-30-05  01:35 am
Hormones Causes hairloss?Anonymous39 07-14-06  06:20 am
Could this be accurate?Anonymous10 08-20-05  05:25 pm
Blood Firebreathin' dragon08-20-05  08:17 am
Non symetrical recession of hairline!-Could this be an indicator of...Mikhail 12 10-08-10  03:31 pm
I Got A Quik Question On Nizoral!GarK12 09-04-08  05:24 pm
Sore tender scalpAnonymous07-13-06  11:37 pm
PplItching, thining & baldingRahul13 09-08-05  06:32 am
Age of hairloss.Anonymous09-06-05  08:20 am
Beginning to Question...Anonymous09-06-05  08:20 am
Dermatologist or Doctor?Anonymous09-07-05  02:52 pm
Hair CloningAnonymous09-08-05  11:32 pm
What pattern is mine falling out in??? Please Help :-(...Katelynn10-06-05  08:42 pm
MY DADS HAIR AND MINE? question for Tomcaver10-18-05  02:00 pm
What are the very early signs?Downunder18 10-11-05  06:02 pm
I know this question sounds dumb, but please help.Michael Jerkson15 10-15-05  05:18 pm
Viagra and PropeciaMichael big M13 10-18-05  06:29 pm
Why my messages were deleted? Concepion10-27-05  06:22 am
ThymosinMr. Clean10-27-05  12:59 am
Is it the mpb then?mike11-05-05  01:57 pm
Duast if no response from Propeciajpj21 11-24-05  11:14 am
The Cause of Alopecia AndrogeneticTom Hagerty53 11-10-05  11:43 am
POLL - What's your hairloss status today?tony12-14-05  05:08 pm
The Cause of Alopecia Androgenetica, page 2Anagen34 11-17-05  12:15 pm
Great article on hair cycle.Anagen10 11-15-05  10:43 am
Dr. Lewenberg's FormulaAnagen11-21-05  01:50 pm
Should we take Propecia daily?jpj11-20-05  09:24 pm
The Cause of Androgenic Alopecia, The REAL truth....jpj20 11-24-05  11:21 am
Updates on hairloss research today...Gabe11-22-05  09:29 pm
An Update - A Long Time ComingDownunder26 12-01-05  10:17 pm
Galea AponeuroticaDownunder22 11-28-05  07:44 pm
Question for AnagenAnagen11-24-05  04:10 pm
DHT questiondaver11-27-05  03:14 pm
Strange Cures and EGFmr. clean11-26-05  02:09 pm
Matthew McConaughey new observation.Anonymous16 07-14-06  06:18 am
Why the direct theory of baldness is CORRECTAnagen12-01-05  02:34 am
Andereans Stem Cell Research home pagejpj12-05-05  07:44 pm
Just my opinionTom Hagerty50 12-09-05  12:18 pm
Life Extension Writer Will Brink on Baldnessjpj12-06-05  03:53 pm
What are you really angry about?Tom Hagerty12-04-05  08:43 am
How as a forum can we educate newbies to hairloss on what questions...damo12-11-05  06:31 am
Accepting hairlossGabe12-04-05  09:28 am
Minoxdil's FRONTAL scalp performance....Michael big M12-12-05  12:37 am
Who are the World's baldest people?Downunder12-08-05  05:07 am
More pictures of my hair, trying to diagnose!mrconstantine11 01-10-06  11:56 pm
Share your success story here!joshua13 09-02-08  01:25 pm
Just my opinion, page 2jpj23 12-13-05  07:00 pm
3 baldness genes discovered---Dr. Christianomarkus12-11-05  09:44 pm
Question about SuperoxideTom Hagerty12-14-05  08:00 am
Does MPB effect hair at the back of the head?BC23 01-07-06  05:41 pm
If MPB is hereditary then wtf?tinfoil hat12-18-05  09:24 am
Help -> Bodybuilding...Tom Hagerty15 12-21-05  08:02 am
Some awesome information on baldness..........jonathanprycejellome12 12-23-05  02:32 am
The greatest hairloss scamjoshua09-24-07  03:48 am
Dr. Robert Bernstein on Cloning....jpj17 01-02-06  05:56 am
The effect of hormones on hairGabe14 12-30-05  07:09 pm
Serb Dem and MPB***styx01-02-06  02:16 pm
Intercyclex's multiplication factorstyx01-03-06  08:34 am
Newsweek article on Curis....sonic hedgehog signalling pathwayAnonymous01-05-06  05:03 am
Will stress neutralize your techniquethe_white01-05-06  03:05 am
Whats with the advertisementsTom Hagerty01-06-06  08:54 am
Alpecin's response letter to me...Anonymous07-13-06  11:50 pm
LondonTimes baldness article, Dr. Pickart's response...jpj01-07-06  04:35 pm
Forhead island of hairRitchie01-07-06  12:34 pm
Whats the reason for having an oily scalp?Stefan05-05-06  01:19 am
Do you know how good it feels to regrow?Tom Hagerty18 03-25-06  08:09 am
Simple question?Tom Hagerty10 01-11-06  12:46 pm
Larger arrector pilli muscle in balding men, Sebaceous gland shape ...jpj01-11-06  03:23 pm
What would you do?Tom Hagerty14 01-13-06  02:39 pm
Acupuncture & HairGabe12 01-13-06  08:37 am
Has anyone got the hair restoration DVD from MHR?jpj01-12-06  06:22 pm
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Advanced Hair Nutrition - anyone?KJ03-03-07  05:58 am
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Dietary and Environmental Factors?Tom Hagerty03-06-07  08:17 am
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15 years of finasteride, intermittent dutasteride. PicsBob Dylan05-06-07  02:58 pm
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17 Years Old and Very DiscouragedTom Hagerty05-14-07  08:52 am
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For Tom from JPJ.spearmint06-02-07  01:55 pm
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Dandruff on ScalpArmando Jose06-22-07  03:44 am
Counterclockwise hairwhorl and gayness: correlationArmando Jose06-23-07  03:36 am
Baldies have 3X scalp DHT, and more androgen receptorsArmando Jose13 06-26-07  04:05 am
Possible miracle-type cure.....ACELLDownunder06-23-07  10:11 pm
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Intersting Videos, treatment experiencesArne Nonym05-15-08  05:10 am
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Tom,.. If you were in your late twenties now...Redd10-18-08  11:55 am
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Natural Remedies - Mixed EmotionsJohn12-24-08  11:39 am
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How can I tell which direction these hairs are going in?Jacob G01-28-09  11:03 pm
Stages of baldnessTom Hagerty02-01-09  09:05 am
My dermatologist just told me AGA can affect the eyebrows.Jacob G11 02-20-09  03:37 am
Baldness and Brain GrowthScott F02-09-09  12:40 am
Advice neededKamisama14 03-04-09  07:56 am
So, the whole dandruff thing.Jacob G02-12-09  04:28 am
Any diffuse thinners out there seeing success?Kamisama02-15-09  08:37 am
Can the pillow you use affect your hairloss?Redd02-16-09  09:18 pm
Laser Therapy: Opinions WantedDave James Herold02-24-09  10:48 pm
Lifting weights and accelerated baldness?Tom Hagerty03-03-09  08:45 am
Occipitalis musclesTom Hagerty46 08-18-10  11:43 am
Hair styles???Tom Hagerty06-02-09  09:38 am
Sun Exposure and Hair LossTom Hagerty06-19-09  09:59 am
Am I Foolish to Put Faith in This Breakthrough? To Good to be True?junior roberts08-04-09  01:12 am
Fincar questionTy R07-21-09  11:53 pm
ExerciseMickey H08-07-09  07:48 am
Good read on MythsCraigy08-04-09  03:15 pm
Some QuestionsNed L08-06-09  03:00 pm
Placebos and Hair LossJohn M08-06-09  08:56 pm
Yeesh, Flax Seeds Apparently Ain't All ThatTom Hagerty08-08-09  08:37 am
Choline & Inositol to prevent baldingJohn M08-12-09  07:40 pm
Procerin, sounds great because its natural (no loss of libido)Craigy08-27-09  10:12 pm
Hair – how many times can it really grow?Tom Hagerty10-28-09  09:05 am
Specific QuestionsTom Hagerty11 09-07-09  09:28 am
Nioxen advice and commentsScott F09-05-09  02:12 pm
Itchy scalp Question And Shower question with regards to baldingTom Hagerty11-15-09  08:03 am
Brief History and Regimen - Any Advice?Tom Hagerty10-10-09  08:23 am
Regrowth PatternTom Hagerty10-25-09  09:06 am
Hairl Loss and Working OutTom Hagerty11-19-09  08:10 am
HairLoss from MPB vs Thyroid Disorder?Jeremy K22 11-03-10  12:14 am
Degree of RegrowthTom Hagerty12-13-09  08:49 am
Advanced S.E.Brian N12-26-09  09:23 am
One Last ThreadJon J01-14-10  04:29 pm
My game plan........sunny kade24 03-15-10  07:25 am
MPB may more likely be attributed to LOW testosterone...Tom Hagerty02-23-10  12:37 pm
Bad Dandruff (Should I use an anti dandruff shampoo or not?)Tom Hagerty06-16-10  08:02 am
Green Tea and SoyTom Hagerty07-23-10  09:30 am
Hair Density vs. ThinningMichael K07-30-10  10:41 am
Indole 3 Carbinol and Dermal Papillae CellsTom Hagerty11 09-14-10  10:31 am
Generic PropeciaSirius20 08-12-10  04:01 am
Ancient Notice about mobility of scalp Mikhail 08-09-10  12:09 am
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