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Vitamins in shampoo?
The perfect shampoo?
Tom - What Shampoo do you use and .....
Skin care Creams on scalp
What effect do dyes have on hair?
Frequency of shampooing + water temperature and type:
Shampoos for hair loss
Anyone else use toppik?
Ginesis? (and non-lathering shampoos)
Olivia by Home Health
1% pyrithione zinc shampoo has positive effect on MPB
Wella's Maxximum Tonic
What type of cosmetics do you use?
Are these ingredients too harsh?
Shen Min products?
Has anybody tried the hairloss kit from Jason Cosmetics?
Does gel hurt hair?
My new shampoo
BEER for the HAIR
Should we be using a conditioner?
Selsun blue shampooo
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Nisim shampoo???
My situtaion...TOM!!!
How often should i shampoo and other questions
Is Head & Shoulders bad for hairloss?
This emu-shampoo?
A mild shampoo?
Tom what do you recomend?
Anyone on Nizoral for a long time?
Giovanni Natural Hair Products
Progaine Shampoo?
Thoughts on "Besan" Flour
Hair Follicle Cleansers
What kind of success have people seen with Nizoral?
Green soap.
Sodium lauryl and/or ammonium lauryl sulfate
To buzz, or not to buzz.
Hair conditioner
Nizoral 1 percent shampoo
Exfoliation of he scalp
Hair washing during TE