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Sebum and AA
Seborrheic dermatitis
Possible Telogen Effluvium
Hair Loss after Anorexia
Hairloss after Cortisone injections????
When do women give up and go bald
My hairloss
Telogen trigger
Pubic hair--how fast does it grow?
Is this tellogen effluvium?
Sugar and Caffeine
Dandruff and hair shedding/thinning
Drug-induced TE (prednisone?)
49 and no scalp or body hair for 5 years is there any hope?
Hair Loss from hair relaxer
Where's my hair?!
Is this TE or AGA
So I made a HUGE mistake in pulling my hair out on the si...
Question for Tom
Anyone used Nioxin???
Chlorine and lots of hair
How do you raise your serum ferritin level?
Lichen Planopilaris - Tom, I Could Use Your Guidance
Hair loss due to trauma from auto accident ?
Hair regrowth after Bulimia???
I Sweat - Alot
Am I having TE? Will my hair grow back? HELP!!
DHT Contagious?
Head and Shoulders
Unnatural thinning...or is it?
Chemical hair loss
Drug induced hair loss??HELP
Acquired progressive kinking of the hair
Interpret my Ferritin Level!
Thyroid & Hairloss
Hair loss in a male pattern baldness distribution and seb...
Possible Telogen Effluvium: page 2
Hair Dye Hair Loss?
Accutane caused telogen effluvium - please help!
Hair pulls off easily.
What should I do? weird hair loss.
" 'Cause I'm burning, I'm burning ..."
Hair Relaxer is making me BALD!!!
Receding Hairline
Hyperthyroid and no hair loss?
Rapid male pattern baldness and other symptoms
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 3
Telogen Effluvium and Hair Shedding - Please Help! page 2
Red Wine
Hair Loss due to Sunburn (Please Read)
Teen Hair Loss (Shedding)?
Chronic TE or diffuse AA?
Sudden hair thinning, possible thyroid? Anyone had simil...
How to stop oil exudation on scalp?
Weird looking Kinky hairs...
Hormonal changes and hair loss.
Hair Loss after Anorexia, page 2
OK, Ive been diagnosed with hypothyroid, what now?
Tuna.. is it bad?
Endo said I have a vitamin D deficiency
Hair and nails
Hair Loss due to Weight decrease....Help Tom...
Questions about Traction Alopecia and Pigtails
Drugs that "MAY" cause Hair Loss....
Accutane, a cause of hair loss 7 years after the fact?
BCP hair loss
Experiencing hairloss after undergoing an operation
Still no facial hair, age 19
White dots on nails?
Hair fading
Roaccutane and thinning hair
Psychology and Hairloss - BDD
Does it stop?
Hair with white bulb and hair sticking out
TE ??? Please read and help if you CAN
TOM please help
Tom I could really use the help.
Do effluviums appear in the same pattern as MPB
Traction alopecia ? for Tom
Telogen Effluvium and Hair Shedding - Please Help! page 3
Drug Induced Hair Loss? HELP, page 2
Hair thinning - scalp more & more visible!
Hairloss and poor circulation
Any suggestions...? maybe TE?
Just took out the twists
Something i noticed
Endocrine disorder?
Hair loss from DHEA supplement - HELP
Drug- induced hairloss
Is it MPB or wat??
Weight Gain???
TE.....please help me.....please
Working out and eating right....Am I going about this the...
My thyroid tests...
Wats the cure..?
Does hairloss from thyroid racover
Is this telogen effluvium??
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 4
Hot water OR cold water
My Shampoo is it safe?
Why am i losing my hair? what is my diagnoses?
Tom, do you use hair loss products
Does this mean one is losing their hair
I cant get rid of this psoriasis or itching no matter wha...
Telogen Effluvium!!
Roaccutane triggers MPB ?
Not sure what kind of hair loss I have
Burning Scalp and Hair loss all over
Hair loss and brittle hair shaft
Possible Telogen Effluvium, page 5
Can Anti-Dandruff Shampoo cause worse dandruff?
Losing eyebrows caused by TE ?
Possible telogen effluvium, page 6
Wow, i think im fighting the wrong fight **Seborrheic der...
First Eyebrow loss
Thin hair/receding hairline and hyperthyroidism
Can TE lead to MPB?
Hair loss on top
TE? Seb derm? MPB? Baffled .... any help?
Raised TLCs and neutrophilis level...........anyone aroun...
Question for Tom
TE or Burned scalp - PLEASE HELP, can't figure it out
TE - so many trigger factors but none fit the bill exaclty
TE what the hell???
If I go to..
After a period of stress i lost a large amount of hair
Not shedding anymore but not growing either!
Intestinal dysbosis (antibiotic-induced?) hair loss
You know what other hairloss problem I have?!?!?!
Hair loss and Retin-A?
Diffuse thinning all over no explanation!
Telogen effluvium- possible causes???
Chronic or recurrent TE?
Please HELP .TA? AA? TT + AA or something else
Serum Ferritin of 12 and told "not a problem"
How many have SEVERE scalp pain?
I dont know much at all about this and am a bit worried!
Is this TE? or caused by Accutane. Confused
Article on Alopecia areata
Post accutane hair loss stories
Hair pulled out will it grow?
Post accutane hair loss help!!
Thinning at the sides
Minoxidil withdrawal effects
Stress/headaches/adderall- I think I have TE HELP
Survey for Accutane hair loss sufferers
Telogen Effluvium??
Recovery (Advice) How Long Does It Take?
Hair straightener causing baldness?
What type of hair loss is this (with picture)?
Once the shedding stops (Accutane-related)
What ferritin level is best for growth
Hair falling is only 12 months old
Help With Shedding
Armour, Hypothyroid, India?
Temperature change, thyroid, stress...shed worse than oth...
TE Timeline and questions
How quick does hair loss begin from taking medication?
Post-Telogen Effluvium Evaluation (Accutane)
For Those Depressed By Hair Loss
Wierd diffuse hair loss - TE??
For Tom
I think I've got TE
Hair to start returning to normal
TE with very little white bulbs
When Hair Starts to Return
Unxplained hairloss
Lots of hair loss and acne due to finasteride use
Grains of Sand in Hair?
Recent hairloss
Strange case of chronic telogen effluvium
Hair loss linked to Accutane... please help !!
Can job termination trigger telogen effluvium?
TE...CTE.. or?
Can Accutane cause Diffuse AA?
Help me out plzz...!
Telogen effluvium after general anesthesia
When to start counting 6 months for regrowth after a bout...
Stress related?
Falling hair with headache issue?
Waterfall ripped off my hair
Sudden hairloss, Thyroid, Stress, Weight Loss, Diabetic m...
Child with T.E.?
Diffuse hair loss from Yasmin BCP
Hair loss with bumps, itching
Double whammy, Seborheic Dermatitis + ET
Is this even possible?
Any success stories?
Excessive sebum production in the eyebrows?
Telogen Effluvium Success Story
Teenage Hair Loss
Is this TE?
Telogen effluvium and birth control pills
TE screws with the nails, right?
Can't find answers searching the net for this question, T...
Hair loss - leggs
Traction Alopecia Resolvable??
Bruised temple and hair loss
White Bulb question for Tom.
Azothioprine related hair loss
Bald spots from hair extensions.
Possible telogen effluvium, page 7
Alopecia Areata
So, wtf is this? ._.
Vitamin D/Calcium and Iron Deficiency
1.5 years. Still shedding.
Teeth & Alopecia
Chronc tellogen
Swine Flu/High Fever and Telogen Effluvium
Hair loss, lack of sleep, stress...I could use some help
I think I have a receding hairline. Wtf gives? Any ideas?
Tingling scalp -- but only on the one side
Hair and period loss caused by anorexia :-(?...
Hair Growth
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