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Normal hair fallout
Bald for a long time
Say it isn't so--Do I have to give up smoking?
I'm beginning to look like a "dick head."
Baldness and virility
Oily scalp and baldness
MPB or Alopecia Areata or What?
New Products combating hairloss...
Genes and MPB
Number of times hair can grow:
A cure?
Hairline is receeding
Dandruff and hair loss?
Saini Herbal Scalp & Hair Conditioner
Body Hair and Hair Loss:
Vitamin E intake
Losing hair all over scalp
DHT levels and hair loss
Chewing and Hair Loss
Scalp circulation and hair loss
My progress so far
Hair on pillow
Scalp pain followed by hair loss
Male with female pattern?
Smoking and hairloss
Stopping Propecia
Dutasteride and HM with Dr. Gho:
This could be the cure.
My dad is really bald!
Maintaining what i have
Very young, and very confused
Early 20's and noticable thinning
Thinning in More Places Than My Head
Fight Hairloss!
What will a dermatoligist do?
Hair follicles
Atkins Diet
The norwood scale
Accutane and a receding hairline?
Hair loss shape
AGA diagnose
Hair loss and worry
Tingly itchy scalp - only in regions that are 'currently'...
Water and hair loss
A new theoryabout that homeless wino who has better hair ...
Oxygen and hair loss
Hairloss predominant in certain races?
Insulin and hair loss?
Does it work?
My last ditch plan
Telogen Effluvium or MPB?
Eyebrows and baldness, is there a connection??
Hair Coming Back On It's Own
Is vasolidation the cure?
I REALLY wanna do this exercise
Digestion and hair loss?
Headstand efficacy
Supplementation dosage questions (newbie)
Whats to be done about a greasy scalp
Wearing a hat- good or bad?
Just a thought about MPB and attraction
Study on Mercury in fish and hairloss?
Insulin resistance questio n for everyone
Hair loss below the sock line
L-Glutamine safe to take?
Pretty white teeth=pretty hair?
Tight scalp
Is there anyway to stop frontal baldness??
A quick question for you Tom
Would heat help hair loss
Them white bulbs
More on Them White Bulbs
How Much Brewers Yeast is Enough
Electronic Hair Stimulator Product
Must 5 types of Testosterone be blocked??
Tom and everybody please comment about this
DHT effects
Vellus hairs or new hair growth?
Celebrity Methods
Pulling Hair
Yoga Headstands
The "Naked Ape"
Hello Hello
Washing your Hair (YOUR WAY!)
Acne and Hair loss
Roaccutane and hair loss
DHT article
Shampoo sebum and hair loss connection
Dandruff's Affect on Regrowth
If you were to choose...
Future of hair loss
Theories re: baldness
Early 20's and losing hair
Hair loss myths?
Vitamins and stop smoking.
Interesting Study on Blood Circulation.
Tom, me thinks you know what causeth MPB
Foods to Eat and To Avoid
Minoxidil / Propecia / Procerin / Nisim / Phyto - break i...
Not eating meat contributing to hair loss?
Question about comparisons among products
Normal Hair Fallout, Part II
Back to square one...
Vertex bald spot and going bald?
Black or White bulbs
Vitamin A question
S. Foote's Theory of MPB
It's Been a Year Now of Doing the SE
Hi.. I'm very concerned
Scalp muscule exercise ..... IDIOTIC!!!
Matthew McConaughey mistery ....
University is the catalyst of MPB
Gynecomastia and hairloss
Propecia & nisim shampoo plus extract
Baseball caps
Accutane and thinning hair
Stem cell; hmm...
Nisim vs. Nizoral
Jogging and Boxing - Hair Loss?
How frequently should i shampoo
Coffee or Tea
Help me out please
Not entirely sure if im going bald...
One 22 year old balding man's story
Does brushing make your hair stronger?
Hairs without bulb are falling out
Question about Supplimens/Nutrients
One 22 year old balding man's story, page 2
Balding. or just paranoid?
Brewers Yeast
Vitamin B
Admin,or anyone,please help me,it is important to me!
Male Pattern Baldness and Facial Hair (or lack of)
Minoxidil question
Green tea
Azelaic Acid and Hair Loss
12 days on propecia and growing
First day on indian dutasteride
Stop hairloss in its tracks naturally
Erection Problems Propecia
Brewers Yeast
Scalp exercises and questions for tom
Question for tom about scalp exercise
Tom, Can I pick your brain?
Blocking DHT
How long before we have a cure?
The burden of receeding
Head hair loss, legs hair growth
Clear mind and hair loss
Head stands /increasing blood to head
Unusual hairloss?
How vulnerable is hair?
An epiphany/ blood flow scalp
For Pete....How much dosage of these should I take..?
Soy???? Tofu????
Inflammed and itching scalp
The space above my ears
My hair loss
Used Propecia for 2 months
Androgen receptor blocker
Tom, what's new on the STEM CELL approach?
Normal Hair Fallout, page 3
Hairloss products does not work
Bad Soy???
Proscar, Hair Loss And Acne
Scalp pain followed by hair loss, page 2
Hybrid Method: Proscar + Scalp Exercises ???
Diffuse Thinning, Itchy Scalp
Anyone see this when first lossing their hair?
Psoriasis or serboheicc dermatitis
Personal situation
Tom A QUESTION about Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)
Best topical solution
Tom-What shampoo do you prefer?
Effectiveness of minoxidil? Adding something more to boos...
How to regrow YOUR HAIR............. It's simple..
New hair growth from bald scalp of 22 years.
Cure for SD/Psaoriasis
Picture updates should i continue with treatment
My Hair Lost Story
Wine Vinegar
Safe to take hair loss pills at 18??
Minoxidil tolerance
Hairloss Preventions and Solutions BRAINSTORM EXTRACT
Proof that scalp exercises work
Tom - What's Your Family History For Baldness?
Any here in it for the long haul?
MPB / UV Exposure Link?
Chicks dig balding dudes
To Tom - Regarding facial hair
Possible new cure
Great site for hair loss.
Checkered Pattern
Seborrheic dermatitis please help
What is hairs true purpose?
How to "break the news" to family
What are you looking for with a hair-regrowth product?
Really bad dandruff!
Going grunge and shedding
Here it goes.....
Chances for regrowth and should I discontinue using other...
My family history
Styling gels... good or bad for the long haul?
Body Hair- Is this True?
Baseball caps and hairloss
Interesting observation: Jocks vs. nerds
Pictures of my hair, what do you think?
What's a GOOD shampoo
My experience with propecia
Scalp Med
Immune system
Really starting to wonder..
Estoy en un norwood 6
Antihistamine for Hairloss
Lazer light undergoing study in Phila
May I join you?
Diuretics and hairloss..........
Testosterone levels
Observations on Baldness, vested interests and money......
Wall Street Journal: Hair cloning as slilver bullet may t...
How long did it take for u to lose the majority of your h...
L'Oreal's research and another New Medical theory.........
Japanese researchers.......Proanthocyanidin results....
Another great day ruined by hairloss!
Propecia and Male Breast Enlargement??
Minoxodil Dependency...........
Itchy scalp
Normal Hair Fallout, page 4
Xandrox 15, and The Perricone Perscription
Preventing hairloss
Propecia and hairloss
Fast food and hairloss
What about... "the shine" ?
Short tapered hairs along hairline
Hairline is fine???
Tom's Photos
Cortisone too stop hairloss? my dermatologist gave me..
Hormones Causes hairloss?
Could this be accurate?
Non symetrical recession of hairline!-Could this be an in...
I Got A Quik Question On Nizoral!
Sore tender scalp
PplItching, thining & balding
Age of hairloss.
Beginning to Question...
Dermatologist or Doctor?
Hair Cloning
What pattern is mine falling out in??? Please Help :-(...
MY DADS HAIR AND MINE? question for Tom
What are the very early signs?
I know this question sounds dumb, but please help.
Viagra and Propecia
Why my messages were deleted?
Is it the mpb then?
Duast if no response from Propecia
The Cause of Alopecia Androgenetic
POLL - What's your hairloss status today?
The Cause of Alopecia Androgenetica, page 2
Great article on hair cycle.
Dr. Lewenberg's Formula
Should we take Propecia daily?
The Cause of Androgenic Alopecia, The REAL truth....
Updates on hairloss research today...
An Update - A Long Time Coming
Galea Aponeurotica
Question for Anagen
DHT question
Strange Cures and EGF
Matthew McConaughey new observation.
Why the direct theory of baldness is CORRECT
Andereans Stem Cell Research home page
Just my opinion
Life Extension Writer Will Brink on Baldness
What are you really angry about?
How as a forum can we educate newbies to hairloss on what...
Accepting hairloss
Minoxdil's FRONTAL scalp performance....
Who are the World's baldest people?
More pictures of my hair, trying to diagnose!
Share your success story here!
Just my opinion, page 2
3 baldness genes discovered---Dr. Christiano
Question about Superoxide
Does MPB effect hair at the back of the head?
If MPB is hereditary then wtf?
Help -> Bodybuilding...
Some awesome information on baldness..........
The greatest hairloss scam
Dr. Robert Bernstein on Cloning....
The effect of hormones on hair
Serb Dem and MPB***
Intercyclex's multiplication factor
Newsweek article on Curis....sonic hedgehog signalling pa...
Will stress neutralize your technique
Whats with the advertisements
Alpecin's response letter to me...
LondonTimes baldness article, Dr. Pickart's response...
Forhead island of hair
Whats the reason for having an oily scalp?
Do you know how good it feels to regrow?
Simple question?
Larger arrector pilli muscle in balding men, Sebaceous gl...
What would you do?
Acupuncture & Hair
Has anyone got the hair restoration DVD from MHR?
Answer to why geneticaly predisposed get bald... associat...
2006 theory of balding process by michael form Poland (eu...
Has anyone tried.....
As good as it gets.....
My iron intake
Quik question about Milk and Calcium
Eventually.....this is the CURE.
Very Interesting.......check it out.
This made me laugh
Picture of mouse in Cloining Experiments----Intercyclex
My hair is growing back... (you might want to try this)...
How long before its too late???
NANO shampoo by Dr. Proctor
All You Need to Know about Baldness-Explained. PHONY forum
Dr. James Hamilton, famous baldness researcher
Beta-sitosterol and Saw Palmetto?
JPJ....a pic of a woman injected with testosterone---NOW ...
By the way....on experiments. Should clear the water....
"Shampoo proboably increases DHT production"---Oscar
Genetic Programming?
Testosterone & DHT Question! + Counter effects of Finaste...
A simple question regarding telogen hair shed
Brewers yeast & L-glutamine
Not only am I growing new hair, but MY SHEDDING STOPPED!
Saw Palmetto
Dont panic you can beat hairloss
Can curbing hormones prevent hair loss?
Side effects of finasteride commonplace
Follicular Neogenesis
Does Shen Min work?
Receding.. the beginning of the end???
JPJ's years worth of advice on Baldness......and how to f...
Bald Rick Tocchet
Has anyone used dusteride(avodart)?
Normal testosterone level?
Misleading infomercials........scam anatomy, ratings....
After Rogaine...
Scalp Med Product?
Genaderm BIO024 - topical anti-androgen lotion in mid Pha...
Question for jpj
Gene therapy article and nice info on future of hair......
The small hairs...
Body hair to head transplants
Propecia and increased testosterone levels
A VERY interesting little note on Saw Palmetto.....
Can propecia have an effect on producing children???
One of the Saddest stories Ive ever heard about the hair ...
Anna Nicole Smith's husband and baldness.....
Finasteride regrowth
No Baldness in family?
Anyone HAVE to shampoo daily?
Hair Loss, body hair growth and ect
Tom, gotta see this man........incredible, interesting, h...
Pubmed, topical finasteride results.....
Dr. Mercola on insulin resistance and baldness
PUBMED cloining study. Good results.
Diuretic Effects and Hair Growth?
Scalp Reduction Failures
Inflammatory component to balding.....
Teenage baldness
Question for people on finasteride
Hair gel
One of the Saddest Stories..., page 2
4th month of dutas and all of a sudden intense hairloss
Does anybody know?
The Hydraulic Influence in Androgen Related Hair Growth. ...
Pictures of men with no type 2 alpha 5 enzymes GENETICALLY
Scalp Exercice is a SCAM
Scalp sweating?
Interested me
Amazing laser comb
14 Years old almost 15, RECEDING HAIR LINE :-(...
Scalp massage?
Minox and fin for 1 year now......
Does people who have acne problem also get hairloss in th...
JPJ-Monkey study. Finas+minox twice as effective as eithe...
Saw Palmetto and Brewers yearst...Tom please advise...
SHBG/Insulin Question! (Low SHBG=High Insulin=MPB?)
One of the Saddest Stories..., page 3
Excess Body Hair Growth Theories?
The general increase in Japanese baldness....JPJ
Propecia and proscar
The greatest sushi master of Japan Bald!
Know what bothers me?
The INCREDIBLE shrinking donor area--JPJ
The general increase in Japanese baldness, page 2
Nizoral and Propecia Results
My hair is almost fully recovered thanks to Tom and a cou...
Where can I buy Nizoral 2%...
Anderans to start cloning trials this summer 06'
Body hair theories?
Neutrogena T-Gel - Can too much damage hair?
Re: JPJ's Year's Worth of Advice
Topical Vitamin D3 Treatment for alopecia (Suggestions)...
Pic of excessive hair growth under cast JPJ
19 years old
The Hair Loss Researchers Board (Invitation)
Natural levels of hairloss
Question for Tom
DHT - Why is it produced at the scalp?
Fantastic info on human baldness
Caffeine and globulin-pub med
Acne scars?
Some Epiphany
Heart transplants and hair growth.....
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Male Models
Pictures of early Hair Multiplication from Gho.....JPJ
Mature body hair transplant pics, pretty impressive JPJ
Does this bother anybody???
Kevin McElwee's cloning patent......
So if balding is caused by inflammation....
Stabilization Question For Tom
CAMP, the energy messenger in the DP cells...
Two months in and lots locks
Increased body/ hair less scalp hair
Wow, look at the pics at the bottom of this thread.........
Where can i find Apple Polyphenols?
My hair is almost fully recovered thanks to Tom and a cou...
Dead follicule and sebaceous gland activity
Malassezia furfur
Some Epiphany, page 2
So smoking can contribute to hairloss, what about chewing...
Merck is lying!!
Connective tissue sheath----L'Oreal article.....
The Cause
Proscar (finasteride) six month pictures.....
PUBMED.....Proanthoycanidins from apples.....pretty good
Tom, look at this "hair multiplication" from Arabia.........
Ear and nose hair
Quck question for SpaceCowboy
2 questions for Tom
Sebum different in acne sufferers
Tom, Norman Orentriech active..........
I think it's time to get started
Are the any foods which reduce DHT to an extent
Tom - SE problems - the wonders of technology?
I am about to kill myself
Cyclosporin restores hair in bald rats..............JPJ
Barley extract proanthocyandins, hair growth, JPJ
Icepacks help keep hair during chemotherapy
What's going on with my noggin?
All seems quite pointless really doesn't it?
SpaceCowboys story
Genetics or Envronment?
Anagen and others... do you think there is hope??? pics
Man with FPB?
Starting Propecia... Pics
The great deception
Hair loss since high school graduation
How far off is hair cloning HONESTLY
Marijuana may be causing hairloss??? Please help.
Why the hell is my hair going so quickly?
S.E and diffuse hairloss?
Does the way we sleep affect hair loss?
How to beat hairloss
Cold water and HAIR GROWTH?.....
I need your advice
New machine supposedly regrows teeth......
Tom, your site is great!
Why men's heads?
Male Patern Baldness is a myth!!
Say Your hair actually is growing back... signs
Considering a hairpiece...please help...
Intercytex claims cloning in 2008......JPJ
I think my hairloss is from a skin disorder
EHRS society abstracts......
Do copper peptides really work?
Tom, something I overlooked........
Tom, are your kids bald?
Minoxidil and Xandrox
Beta Sitosterol Could be Dangerous?
Green tea - can it help with MPB
My Story - Your Thoughts
Unique type of hairloss (blonder hair in frontal hairline...
Some Shampoos are Toxic
Nitric Oxide
Good news for minoxidil users
Jpj i need youre help on this!
Fat Under The Scalp
New info,,,,,,,,,good stuff too guys
Saw palmetto
Superoxide Free Radical
Eyebrow loss and itching???
I miss the anonymous posts.
Corn and Prostate cancer (and baldness?)---JPJ
Minoxidil's "offset" of growth J
A new superfood?
The Video
Hamilton study......long term effects of castration on ha...
Need help
Why not that guy
A book -Wall Street: The other Las Vegas..
Help! my hair is loosing density
When I Lived in Mexico...
What if I increased DHT in my body ?
Why do virtually all athletes have great hair ?
Got there an answer?
Start Propecia after TE??
Concerning the MPB article
Shall we take oral Flutamide ?
Ascorbic Acid 2-Phosphate?
The Truth About Propecia
DHT and T kills hair cells DIRECTLY---pubmed
What role does Estrogen have to play in hair loss ?
Sources of beta sitosterol
Dont get too excited, but............
Some bad news on the cloning front
This is worth it to read the study links at the bottom
Inhibition of DHT and Height (A real concern?)
New study........estrogen causing hairloss?
Copper gluconate--JPJ
Evening primrose oil precurser to prostaglandin e-1
Elton John's hair
Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt green tea connection
STRESS first thing to avoid!
They can grow teeth in you, but not hair........article
Is it really MPB or something else?
DHT and Hair Growth
Green tea inhibits angiogenesis-study
Jpj what do you know about nettle root extract?
Pictures a'plenty. Baldness on National Soccer teams
New androgen study.....................and a countermeasure
Progesterone cream
Another Dermal papilla hairgrowth inhibitor
What should I do?
My situation - what do do??
Topical Avodart
Phase II trials at Intercytex have begun
For Tom-----JPJ
Dr. Paul Kemp Interview, phase 2 discussed
Can anyone explain why is that!??
Baldness and the Immune System
Your opinnion
Edema Associated Hair Loss?
Acne, Androgens, Articles and Hair
Tom, good stuff.....................
Some good news on the cloning front --JPJ
Great article about antigens from MPB-research
Does Working Out Increase Baldness
Needs help
Still under a big impression of Jack Daniel's hair stimul...
Beta sis topical results................
A little more gold from Doc ............
More gold----really good stuff too.
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
More gold - really good stuff too, page 2
What really helps? (Tom, or JPJ)
Hair multiplication
Increased Dandruff
Waseda's suggestions
Another observation.
Some of the best stuff Ive ever seen-JPJ
Hamster organ tea and curcumin anti-androges
Side effects with finasteride after 4 years
Hair structure
Hops and other possible topical phyto-estrogens
Homocysteine, Baldness, and Mr. Foote's Theory?
Accutane and a receding hairline, page 2
Hair and goatee starting to gray
The beach and hair
Propecia/Nano Shampoo etc
Teen Has Some Questions
Scalding the Scalp Leads to Baldness?
What is the Profound Factor at Puberty?
Nizoral, better than we even thought????
New (strange) alopecia patent
Whats really bad about High Fructose Corn Syrup
Sorry I know this is probably isn't really a suitable que...
A little more genetic proof....................
3alpha-hydroxysteroid reductase?
Oral Ketoconazale study..........good results
Galeatomie...loosen the galea surgically to prevent hairl...
Slim like back in the seventies? Article
Curcumin essential oil
Excess shedding when first using Nizoral?
Potential anti-androgens?
Study: FInger length ratios and baldness
3 fluridil photos
Potential aid to stopping hair loss
Went to a dermatologist today...
PICTURE!!!! of Tricomin trialee w/more hair
Pictures of lasercomb "results"
Thought this Doc info was interesting.....
No baldness and coronary artery disease link in F to M t...
Pubmed test.................
Androgen Receptors?
Something quite interesting about DHT
Dermal papilla growth factors and inhibitors
Regrow fingers, but not hair.................
MAG-gro, can we believe them?
Minoxidil and Tightness of the scalp
Spearmint tea, interesting article on hirsuitism
Sodium Hydroxide?
Gene Theory
Is Nizoral seeking FDA approval?
Androgens and "General" Health Problems
Pubmed, ketoconazole is receptor blocker
Flying the skin off
Baldy desperately seeks help - probably in the wrong sect...
Scratching head
Advanced Hair Nutrition - anyone?
Pirictone olamine shampoo's increase haircount
New anti-androgen....looks very promising
Dietary and Environmental Factors?
Where can I get Nirozal?
Have you ever heard about HORSERADISH ?
Regime advice?
For Tom from the cutting edge................
Minox method of action
Finasteride, stronger than Nizoral
High fructose and collagen-crosslinking.....
Tom, some very interesting ideas from Doc....must
Is Papain an Antifibrotic Agent?
15 years of finasteride, intermittent dutasteride. Pics
Quercetin for Hair?
Lymphedema and Fibrosis
Tom - Minox & Tightness + Improvement
The best alpha five inhibition article Ive ever seen
How Much Hair Washing is Too Much?
Pic of a woman before and after testosterone injects
Long time listener, first time caller
MPB hypotheses…
Are hair follicles ever truly "dead"?
Toms Bodybuilding
Quercitin and androgen receptors---the connection
Hair Survey
Ketoconazole (nizoral) cream pictures and study
Diabetes and Male Pattern Baldness
My nizoral 'test' results........jpj
Shedding - Thin all over low hair count - Pictures inclu...
17 Years Old and Very Discouraged
My lavendar/tea tree results........................
TGF beta article from MPB-research
Sebum Plug on end of Hair
Multiple hairs in one "white bulb"
BBC: Gene find triggers baldness hope!
How To Properly Wear A Hat?
Interesting internal spiro result. Regrowth after 4 decades
White bulb?
Hirsutism study with fluridil, pic included....
Female alopecia study with Fluridil
For Tom from JPJ.
Pictures of proanthocyandin results on mice
Question For Tom & All About The Occipitalis Muscles
Soy article on baldness
Squelch the Libido to Save the Hair?
The "gene" found?
More TGF_beta dermal papilla proof.......
Another danger of total suppression of tgf-beta 1 bodywide
Japanese researchers article on baldness
Lecture schedule at the latest hair pow-wow
Dandruff on Scalp
Counterclockwise hairwhorl and gayness: correlation
Baldies have 3X scalp DHT, and more androgen receptors
Possible miracle-type cure.....ACELL
Steroids claim another life..........Chris Benoit
Irreversiblility of hairloss after 30
Topicals, JPJ or anybody.
Proscar may NOT effect sex drive-----study
Strange new hairs...
Contact Inhibition, Mechanical Stress, and Balding?
Does the Scalp Exercise Up WNT Signaling
Garlic and Vitamin C increase Nitric Oxide Levels by 300% ?
Allergies and MPB: Human reactions to spotless lifestyles
18 and thinning out!
Flax lignans: a cure for hair loss?
Does Scalp Brushing Help Lymphatic Drainage?
Well this sucks
Scalp Odor causing hairloss?
Question about the production of DHT
Can Endurance Training Halt Further Hair Loss?
Scalp Muscles, an Idea
Intersting Videos, treatment experiences
Hair Lost due to pullout
Emu oil
What are your forehead wrinkles like when you raise your ...
What can you tell me?
New Hair Growth?
Follica News -- The Research Continues!
Anybody taking INHAIRIT?
Progress Report
Tom,.. If you were in your late twenties now...
Vacuum treatment for hair regrowth
"new" to the forum and a question
Natural Remedies - Mixed Emotions
Questions For Tom
How can I tell which direction these hairs are going in?
Stages of baldness
My dermatologist just told me AGA can affect the eyebrows.
Baldness and Brain Growth
Advice needed
So, the whole dandruff thing.
Any diffuse thinners out there seeing success?
Can the pillow you use affect your hairloss?
Laser Therapy: Opinions Wanted
Lifting weights and accelerated baldness?
Occipitalis muscles
Hair styles???
Sun Exposure and Hair Loss
Am I Foolish to Put Faith in This Breakthrough? To Good t...
Fincar question
Good read on Myths
Some Questions
Placebos and Hair Loss
Yeesh, Flax Seeds Apparently Ain't All That
Choline & Inositol to prevent balding
Procerin, sounds great because its natural (no loss of li...
Hair – how many times can it really grow?
Specific Questions
Nioxen advice and comments
Itchy scalp Question And Shower question with regards ...
Brief History and Regimen - Any Advice?
Regrowth Pattern
Hairl Loss and Working Out
HairLoss from MPB vs Thyroid Disorder?
Degree of Regrowth
Advanced S.E.
One Last Thread
My game plan........
MPB may more likely be attributed to LOW testosterone...
Bad Dandruff (Should I use an anti dandruff shampoo or no...
Green Tea and Soy
Hair Density vs. Thinning
Indole 3 Carbinol and Dermal Papillae Cells
Generic Propecia
Ancient Notice about mobility of scalp
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