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Paula Begoun's Hair Book

Paula Begoun is not news because many people, especially women, have been aware of her articles and books for many years. But she's news to me. A woman who posts messages on the Discussion Forum suggested that I read Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me. Thanks Terri. This book is excellent because Paula is absolutely honest in giving in-depth evaluations of hair-care products and hair-care ideas. She is a hard-working writer who is not afraid of the toil it takes to get truthful answers to tough questions. Her writing also has a voice, and that voice is unmistakably her own - caring, intelligent, energetic.

You can order the completely revised and updated 3rd edition from by clicking - Paula's books . It costs about $15 - not bad for 706 pages of solid information.

In the sample page that follows, Paula lists some of the myths many people accept as true.

Here are some of the major myths I hope you will let go of as you read Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Product Without Me.

Expensive hair-care products are better than inexpensive ones. (VERY FALSE)

Inexpensive hair-care products are watered down, while expensive hair-care products are more concentrated. (FALSE)

Solon products are better than drugstore products. (FALSE)

Natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones. (Completely FALSE)

Silicone is bad for hair. (1,000 percent FALSE)

You can repair damaged hair. (not humanly possible)

You can perm and color hair without causing more damage if you wait a few weeks between treatments. (FALSE)

Hair-care products can protect your hair from damage caused by blow-dryers or styling tools. (FALSE)

Dyeing hair is dangerous and can cause cancer. (controversial but not substantiated)

Inexpensive hair-care products can strip hair color. (FALSE)

There are hair-care products that can protect from sun damage. (FALSE)

Sodium lauryl sulfate and other hair-care ingredients can cause cancer. (FALSE)

Cosmetic hair-care products can grow hair. (ALMOST FALSE - cosmetic companies can't, but pharmaceutical companies with FDA-approved drugs can.)

Men and women who are serious about doing what's best for their hair will not be able to stop reading this book till they reach the final page because every paragraph is full of useful information. The first nine chapters are about general hair-care topics; the last chapters are product reviews and recommended best products for the hair. Don't go shopping at a bookstore without getting this one.

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