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Article in the June 2001 Scientific American

The eight-page article in Scientific American covers the latest research into "...the molecular controls on hair development." These are the molecules that signal the matrix cells to start producing keratin. "Hair: why it grows, why it stops" by Ricki L. Rusting presents an optimistic view of the direction of this research. "...much of the information that is needed to understand the complex controls on hair manufacture will probably be in hand within the next five years."

The article also takes a look at Vaniqa for people with too much hair and dutasteride for people with not enough. Dr. Marty Sawaya says of the latter, "We don't have a product yet that's going to be wow! for over 50 percent of people. I do think that dutasteride will be that product."

Comment: The article is well-written but a little technical. Readers with a vague recollection of biology 101 should have no trouble with it. There are many graphics and sidebars to liven it up. Certainly this is the best article about hair loss and hair regrowth that I've read in a non-technical magazine.

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